Wipe Your Eyes

Hey you, come over and let me embrace you
I know that I'm causing you pain too
But remember if you need to cry
I'm here to wipe your eyes

Tonight before you fall asleep
I run my thumb across your cheek
Cry 'cause I'm here to wipe your eyes
I know I made you feel this way
You gotta breathe, we'll be okay
Cry 'cause I'm here to wipe your eyes


3. 3

I woke up in the hospital room with Zayn. He was still asleep on me. I started to play with his hair again. 

"Mel?" He asked in a husky morning voice. 

"Yeah... i'm here Zayn." I said quietly. 

"Can you stay with me?" He asked. I wasn't sure what he meant by it but I knew that being anywhere with him was what I wanted. 

"Yes." I told him. I saw him smile. "I love your smile. You should do it more often." I told him. He turned his head more so I couldn't see him. I ran my hand up and down his torso and arms. Everything with Zayn was natural. With him I felt so human. 

The door to the room opened. A doctor walked in. His face was expressionless but I knew he did not like the fact that I was in there. 

"Miss you need to leave. I need to talk to Mr. Malik in private." He said. I felt Zayn tense. 

"Whatever you say to me she can hear." Zayn spat. The doctor nodded. 

"Alright Zayn it seems that you vitals are fine. You didn't consume enough pills to damage your liver and your oxygen supply wasn't cut off long enough to cause brain damage. The one thing we are still concerned about is your blood. We managed to get a blood donor at last minute. We would like to ask that while you blood cells are bonding with the new blood that you try not to bleed at all. The next thing that we are concerned about is you going home. We need to see if you are a hazard to yourself or anyone else." He told Zayn. 

"I'm not a fucking psycho killer." He spat.

"I know Zayn, we are more concerned that you will go home only to go back to your old ways. We want you see you out in the streets happy and healthy not on a metal slab in the morgue." The doctor said. Zayn shook his head.

"I'm not gonna end up killing myself." He mumbled. The doctor was about to say something when I gave him a look to shut up. 

"But Zayn, you almost did! You almost fucking killed yourself and 4 boys out there. Do you realize that being like this is hurting the people that you care about and who care about you! The doctor is right, you need help. Professional help." I told him in an urgent tone. 

"That's the fucking thing Mel! No one cares anymore! Nobody gives a shit, if you think that I can walk out of here and not have my heart broken or not get hate then show me the door because right now this is perfect! I don't see what millions of people are saying about me, I don't hear the assholes asking me about private shit and I don't have people judging me on every fucking thing that I do!" He yelled. 

"Zayn I care, don't you see that? I fucking care about you." I said. 

"No you don't. You never did, first was a bet, now its a fucking pity trip." He said. Tears forming in his eyes. 

"Ok then why am I still here. If I am taking a fucking pity trip on you then why am I still here? Zayn I have always cared, I still do." I told him. He shook his head no. I saw a tear slip from his eye. "Why is it so hard for you to see you have people who love you?" 

"Because no one can ever love me....." He whispered. 

"Zayn, your parents love you, your sisters love you, Liam, Niall, Louis, and Harry love you. Simon loves you, paul loves you, your fans love you.... I love you Zayn." I told him. He started to sob. I held him in my arms.

"I'm so sorry..." He cried. 

"I know, I know." I soothed. The doctor stood up. 

"He can leave today if he wants to." He said before leaving. I nodded. Soon Liam came in. He had a set of clothes. 

"Here get him changed. Mel thank you...." He said.

"Yeah....It's fine. And when we go to Zayn's do you want me to follow you in my car?" I asked. 

"Yeah. Sounds good see ya in  a few." He said before leaving. 

"Zayn are you ready to go home?" I asked. He nodded. 

"Ok now get changed. You are going with Liam and I am taking my car." I told him. He wrapped his arms around me. 

"Don't leave....please." 

"Zayn I'm following Liam to your place chill I am not going anywhere." I told him as I hugged him back.

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