Wipe Your Eyes

Hey you, come over and let me embrace you
I know that I'm causing you pain too
But remember if you need to cry
I'm here to wipe your eyes

Tonight before you fall asleep
I run my thumb across your cheek
Cry 'cause I'm here to wipe your eyes
I know I made you feel this way
You gotta breathe, we'll be okay
Cry 'cause I'm here to wipe your eyes


2. 2

4 years later

The song of ringtone interrupted my thoughts of life. I looked at the caller ID and noticed it was my mom. I picked up.

"Hey Mum." I said.

"Hi Mel, you need to go to the hospital right now! A old friend of yours is hurt." She said I froze.

"Which one?" I asked while grabbing my keys and purse.

"Your famous one, um... Zayn I think. Yeah Zayn." She said I froze on the spot. I ran out of my apartment and ran to my car. 

*Skip to the Hospital*

I hurried to the room number that my mum gave me. 4 teenage boys were sitting outside of it sobbing their eyes out. I walked up to the one with blonde hair. 

"Umm is this Zayn's room?" I asked. 

"Who are you?" He asked. 

"Mel. Can I see him?" I asked. A boy with deep chocolate brown eyes and short brown hair stood up. 

"You're Mel?" He asked. I nodded. He pulled two pieces of paper out of his pocket. 

"Here read these." He mumbled handing them off to me. I nodded not wanting to argue. 

"What happened to him?" I asked quietly. 

"He cut himself too much, he overdosed and then he hung himself. Just read the bloody notes." He said his voice wavering. I looked down at the two notes. 

Dear whoever cares,

I wish I could say I'm sorry..... but I'm not. I'm doing people favors here. If you want to know what then I will tell you. I can never be loved, the first girl I ever loved broke me. I ran from Bradford to the X-Factor in hopes that I could get away from the pain, from the heartbreak. Truth is, is that I did. I was happy.  I had two girlfriends which we decided it would be best to stay friends. I was okay with that. I had 4 best friends that turned into brothers. Then came Perrie. I loved her so much, so much that I almost forgot my first girlfriend. Perrie lit up my life. She made me smile, she made me trust again. Our relationship last two years then their album reached number 1 in the usa and uk. I was ecstatic for her. Until that night. She came home to our apartment. She looked me dead in the eyes and told me it was over. That she only used me for publicity, for her band. That she never loved me. She ripped open an old wound that I was trying to heal. 

Thats when the hate started.... People telling me that I'm worthless, that I'm nothing. That I should die. That I'm ugly, too skinny, too fat, too brown. That I'm a terrorist even though I was born in England. People told me to cut, to kill myself. Soon enough it started to get to me. I thought that if I cut it would make people happy, I didn't want to do it at first but soon it became my addiction. At that point I couldn't leave my room without a sweater. My arms and sides and stomach and hips and legs covered with marks. I stopped eating then, I stopped feeling the necessity to live. It really went downhill from there. The worst I got the worse the hate. I remember the words that Mel said to me when she left me alone, broken and crying in that hallway.

"No... I didn't. I didn't want you at first. Amber picked you for me. She wanted to see if I could deal with being with you. Her and Ivy thought it would be funny." She told me. I yelled at her, she then told me that I was perfect, and that I should never think otherwise. That I would find the 'one'. The one thing she didn't know is that she was her. I loved her, sadly enough I still do. Liam please find her for me, please tell her that I love her. That I forgive her. That if she had turned around and walked back to me I would have taken her back, that I would love her better. I love you all, but I can be here anymore. It hurts too much. 

I finished the note. Tears flooded my vision. I ran for the door to his room. I was instantly pulled back. 

"Mel no. He needs time thats what the doctor said." The boy told me. 

"Fuck the doctors." I spat. Once out of his grip I opened the doors and stepped in. The bed was disheveled and empty. I looked around the room and noticed the bathroom door was open a crack. I looked in to see a tall guy maybe in his twenties staring into the mirror. Tears streamed his cheeks. His body was covered in tattoos. His hands shakily grasped a piece of broken glass. He moved to cut across his side. I silently stepped in and gently took the glass from his hand. I looked up into his eyes. I knew them so well. 

"Zayn...." I whispered. His lip quivered. He collapsed into my arms. Sobs wracked his body. 

"Mel...." He cried. I rocked him gently. He was so different. He was so skinny, scars lined his body. His crying slowly subsided. And his breathing evened out. The door opened and Liam walked in. 

"Can we put him back in bed?" I asked. Liam nodded before he bent down and picked the thin boy up in his arms. As he sat Zayn on his bed he woke up. 

"Mel?" He whispered. Tears sprang from my eyes.

"Yes, Zayn?" I asked grasping his hand.

"Don't leave me....please." He pleaded. 

"I'm not going anywhere. I'm right here Zayn. Right here." I whispered. He pulled me onto the bed. I laid his head on my lap. He quickly fell asleep. I ran my fingers through his dark hair. Tears streamed down my face. While he slept I bent down and kissed his forehead. I slight smile spread across his face. 

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