You Hired Her? ➳ H.S.

"Want go see mama Lux?" she squealed with happiness I giggled and picked her up walking through all the people getting ready for the concert till I found Harry's dressing where Lou was preparing him for the show. I stopped outside the door when I heard Lou raising her voice "Harry you need to tell Klover!" Harry gave a huge sigh "You dont think I know that I just can't tell her yet I dont want to lose her!" Lou huffed "Well you should have thought about before now you better tell her after the concert!" she said lowering her voice I slowly opened the door Lou and Harry's eyes connecting with mine. "Tell me what?" I said with a whisper.
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10. You and I forever.

Klover's p.o.v.

"Yes tell me anything love!" He whispered pulling me closer.

"I-I-I think I'm pregnant.." I whispered. I felt his body tense up.

"Harry please don't be mad!" I said turning to face him.

"I'm not mad Klove! I guess I get you forever now!" He said smiling I felt butterflies swarm around my stomach. I gently pecked his lips.

"So when will we know for sure?" He asked. 

"Well Lou was taking me to the hospital today." I said.

"No need I'll take you babe!" He said pulling me closer and kissing my forehead. 

* 2 hours later* 

Harry and I were walking through the doors of the hospital when I felt nausea I ran to the bathroom landing on my knees in front of the toilet letting all of it come out. I felt Harry behind me rubbing circles in my back.

"Harry you know this is the ladies room right?" He chuckled.

"Babe you ran in to the men's." He chuckled louder. I felt myself go red at the cheeks I flushed the toilet and exited the bathroom with Harry right behind me. Harry signed me in and I  took a seat on Harry's lap as he finished. 

"Look babe everything will be alright!" He whispered into my ear nuzzling his head my neck.

"Klover Styles?" A nurse called out I looked at Harry as he got up without even paying attention that he put down his last name as mine. Harry grabbed my hand pulling me the doctors room.

"Okay Klover were going to draw some blood and with in a half hour we should have the results telling us if you're pregnant!" She smiled as I just nodded my head. I held on to Harry's hand as she put the needle in to my skin. 

"All done I'll be back in awhile with the results!" She quickly said as she walked out of the room.  We waited and waited. I felt myself getting more jumpy I just wanted to know. Finally the nurse walked back in.

"Okay we have the results! Congratulations you're pregnant!" She smiled. I felt over  whelmed I was scared and happy at the same time. I felt Harry wrap his arms around me as he kissed my lips smiling into the kiss. 

"Looks like we have some news to tell everyone!" He smiled. I smiled back as we walked to the car to get back to the bus.

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