You Hired Her? ➳ H.S.

"Want go see mama Lux?" she squealed with happiness I giggled and picked her up walking through all the people getting ready for the concert till I found Harry's dressing where Lou was preparing him for the show. I stopped outside the door when I heard Lou raising her voice "Harry you need to tell Klover!" Harry gave a huge sigh "You dont think I know that I just can't tell her yet I dont want to lose her!" Lou huffed "Well you should have thought about before now you better tell her after the concert!" she said lowering her voice I slowly opened the door Lou and Harry's eyes connecting with mine. "Tell me what?" I said with a whisper.
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3. Waking up early.

Harry’s p.o.v

I leaned in closer and closer towards Klover’s face when my lips meet hers they were so plump and she definitely knew how to kiss. I put my hands on her waist as she put her arms around my neck and I slide my tongue across her lips asking for entrance. Which she granted our tongues meeting and moving in sync was interrupted by a cough we both looked up to see Niall starring at us. Klover’s cheeks turned pink “Well goodnight Harry!” she said grinning “Goodnight Klover I’ll text you later!” she smiled and walked into her room closing the door. As I was about to turn to Niall, Klover’s door opened as she pecked my lips “I had an amazing night!” she closed the door once again and left me standing there with the biggest smile plastered across my face she was so beautiful.

I turned around to see Niall walking back to his bedroom with his fist clenched “Wait Niall! What the hell was that for?” he didn’t even turn around to answer me “I’m sorry I was going to talk to Klover and catch you two making out and it not be awkward!” he barked “Whoa I was just asking calm down mate!” Niall huffed and walked into his room slamming his door. Well that was weird it wasn’t like Niall at all! I just shook it off walking to my room opening the door and getting changed into sweatpants. I lay down on my bed and grabbed my phone clicking on Klover’s name “Goodnight Klove xx –Harry!”

I set my phone down on the bedside table not expecting her to answer since I figured she was already asleep. *DING* I picked up my phone and found s text from Klover “Goodnight Hazza xx –Klover!” I smiled and placed my phone back where it was and rolled over and went to sleep.

Klover’s p.o.v.

I woke up at seven in the morning and I couldn’t sleep anymore so I got up picking out an outfit for the day and heading towards the shower. I sat under the water for a while just relaxing till finished up exiting the shower and getting ready for the day. I really needed cappuccino so I grabbed my purse, phone and room key closing the door.  

“You’re up early!” they chuckled from behind me I turned around to meet Niall’s crystal blue eyes. I giggled “I couldn’t sleep so I figured I would go to Starbucks! Do you want to come with?” I asked, Niall smiled “I’d love to!” so we set off to the lobby and out the doors. I kept laughing a Niall’s ridiculous disguise “Stop laughing!” Niall said while laughing himself. We finally entered the Starbucks ordering our drinks and taking out seats. “Thank god no fans notice me!” Niall laughed “I love them it’s just I want to be seen as normal guy not just the one from One Direction!” he half smiled “Aw Niall I know what you mean even if I’m not famous!” I giggled, Niall just smiled at me. “So you and Harry?” Niall asked looking me dead in the eyes “Um I mean were not dating besides I’m not sure if I want to date right this second.” Niall looked kind of relieved “But that was a pretty intense kiss last night!” I blushed “Well I like him it’s just I don’t seen anything happening I mean he could have anybody he wanted why would he choose me?” Niall frowned “Klover your beautiful he’d be crazy not to pick you!” I blushed slightly and shook my head “Well we better get back!” I stated so Niall wouldn’t go deeper into the conversation.

We were heading up the elevator and Niall still hadn’t taken his disguise off so I started laughing uncontrollably at how silly he looked “Oh you think this is funny? I’m going to show you funny!” the elevator ding so I took off running down the hallway Niall hot on my tail before I knew it his arms were around my waist twirling me around sending me into fits of laughter “Put me down!” I squealed and laughed at the same time. Niall was laughing uncontrollably to he finally set me down I was trying to regain my balance my head still dizzy before I knew it I tripped over my foot I seen the ground coming at my face until Niall’s strong arms caught me. I giggled as his eyes meet mine “Sorry I’m a klutz!” Niall chuckled “Well you’re a gorgeous klutz!” he winked *Cough* we both turned ours heads to see Harry starring at us Niall lifted me up standing me up straight letting me catch my balance this time before letting go of my waist.

“Well I’ll see you later Klover!” Niall said smiling walking to his room “Bye Niall!” I said. I turned around to meet Harry giving me a weird look I shook it of going towards my room hearing Harry right behind me “What was that all about?” Harry questioned “Oh nothing Niall and I were just messing around after getting a coffee!” I smiled. Harry furrowed his eyebrows at me as he sat on the couch “Why didn’t you ask me to get coffee with you?” I walked over sititng next to him on the couch “I woke up really early this morning so I figured you were asleep so I was just going to go alone but Niall ended up being awake so he came along!” Harry sighed wrapping his arm around my waist “Well just wake me up next time babe I won’t mind!” I giggled and laid my head on Harry’s chest “So I want you to come to our first concert tonight.” I looked at him confused “But I have to watch Lux!” he chuckled “She can come to there’s a special place for you guys!” I smiled “Well then I’d love too!” Harry smiled showing his dimples “Great!” he said pecking his lips against my cheek.



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