You Hired Her? ➳ H.S.

"Want go see mama Lux?" she squealed with happiness I giggled and picked her up walking through all the people getting ready for the concert till I found Harry's dressing where Lou was preparing him for the show. I stopped outside the door when I heard Lou raising her voice "Harry you need to tell Klover!" Harry gave a huge sigh "You dont think I know that I just can't tell her yet I dont want to lose her!" Lou huffed "Well you should have thought about before now you better tell her after the concert!" she said lowering her voice I slowly opened the door Lou and Harry's eyes connecting with mine. "Tell me what?" I said with a whisper.
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2. Just promise you wont leave!

Klover’s p.o.v.

Harry lightly nudge me waking me up telling me we had landed I jumped up “Whoa I slept the whole time?” Harry chuckled “Yes!” I furrowed my eyebrows together “Wasn’t that uncomfortable for you? You could have woke me up!” Harry laughed lightly “I didn’t mind plus you look really cute when you sleep!” I could feel my cheeks burning up. I followed behind the boys and walked next to Lou to the car that was waiting for us to take us to the hotel. 

When we arrived I took off to my hotel room to shower up and change I was finishing up when I heard a knock on the door so I headed towards the door to open it to meet his emerald green eyes with Lux in his hands “Hey Klove, we have an interview in a hour so Lou needs you to watch Lux!” he smiled “Klove? And of course come here Lux!” I said smiling and extending my arms “Yeah it’s my nickname for you if that’s okay?” I giggled “Yeah its fine!” Harry chuckled “Good but hey would you like to go out to dinner with me after?” I smiled wide “I’d love to!” Harry smiled wide showing his dimples “Great see you then!” he said while exiting my hotel room shutting the door.

I turned around to Lux playing with her toys smiling I sat in awe for a couple minutes before running over to her and tickling her sending her into fits of laughter. She was so adorable and I loved my new job and I actually had a date tonight well at least I think it’s a date which reminds me I need an outfit for tonight! I scoop Lux in my arms and walk in to my sweets bedroom placing her on the bed throwing my suitcase on the bed next laying various outfits and accessories on the bed. I was thinking about which outfit to pick when I looked up to see Lux with my snapback on and bracelets all up and down her arms. I was laughing at how cute she was and took out my iPhone snapping and a picture posting it to twitter adding the caption “What a cutie trying on my stuff!” tagging Lou in the picture. I sat my phone for a second until it started buzzing like crazy so I picked it back up checking my twitter I got 5,000 new followers, 900 favorites, and 1,000 retweets. Whoa that’s crazy I laughed talking to Lux “Look how famous you are you cutie!” she started giggling.

I finally chose my outfit changing into it and sitting on the bed with Lux till the boy’s interview was over.

 After about a half hour a knock on the door I pick up Lux putting her on my hip opening the door “Hey Lou!” she smiled “Just here to get Lux I can’t thank you enough for taking the job and by the way you look gorgeous where you going?” I smiled “It’s my pleasure and Thank I’m actually going out to dinner with Harry!” Lou looked kind of frightened when I said the words going to dinner with Harry. “What’s wrong?” I questioned. She sighed “Look I love Harry to death his one of my closet friends and your one of the best babysitters I’ve ever had and Lux loves you! I’m not going to stop you from seeing Harry but he has a reputation of breaking girl’s hearts and I don’t want to lose you so please just promise me if anything goes wrong you won’t leave!” I sat there for a second absorbing the entire words she had just said until I exhaled “I Promise!” she smiled.

Lou left right after I told her I promised, my phone buzzed so I picked it up to read the text “Hey love, meet me in the lobby now! –Harry xx” I smiled and grabbed my purse and room key taking the elevator down when the doors opened I was greeted by Harry’s lovely smile “Wow you look gorgeous Klove!” I blushed “Thank you! You don’t look bad yourself!” he chuckled “Thanks! Ready to go?” “Ready as I’ll ever be!” he smiled taking my hand leading me to the back of the hotel to an exit where there was a car waiting for us! Probably so we wouldn’t get mobbed by fans! The car came to a halt stopping outside a very elegant Italian restaurant.

We walked in the doors stopping at the host “Reservation for two.” The man smiled “Name?” “Harold Styles!” “Ok Mr. Styles we have the whole garden reserved for you! Follow me!” Harry grabbed my hand as we followed the man to the back of restaurant we entered the garden filled with lights hanging along the ivy on the wall leading to a path with flowers up and down both side leading you to table with one red rose in the middle and a mini water fountain behind it. My mouth drooped open on how beautiful it was “You might want to close your mouth you know so flies don’t get in!” Harry chuckled. I giggled along with him playfully punching his arm “This is beautiful Harry but why?” he furred his eyebrows as we sat down “Why what?” he asked confused “Why do all this for me?” he gave a side smirk “Why not? A beautiful dinner for a beautiful girl!” my cheeks were flushing red at his comments. Before I could answer Harry our waiter was there to take our order “Chicken Alfredo please.” I said polity “Make that two thank you!” the waiter took our menus and walked off. “So Klove, tell me about yourself!” he smirked. So we sat talking about each other’s lives and getting to know each other. I told him all the basic stuff about me like my favorite color and animals and stuff like that and about how my parents split up and I couldn’t choose between them so I moved into a flat by myself. After having our meal we headed back to the hotel Harry walking me to my room since we all were on the same floor reserved for us.

When we reached my room “631” I pulled out my room key sliding unlocking the door I turned to Harry “Thanks for tonight I was amazing!” I smiled “Your welcome love maybe we could do this again sometime?” he asked looking down on the ground I took my hand under his chin raising his face so his eyes meet mine “Of course!” I smiled looking into his memorizing emerald green eyes. He gently licked his lips taking his bottom lip between his teeth his face only inches from mine getting closer as he started leaning in and feeling myself lean closer in our lips crashing together! His lips were perfectly soft and he was quit the kisser. His tongue slide across my lips asking for entrance which I quickly granted putting my arms around Harry’s neck. *cough* we both looked up to see...

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