Taking a wrong turn

Hiii There This is my first fan-fic so don't send any hate! This story is about a girl and lol I am not gonna say you gotta read for yourself c; I hope you love it! <3


2. Phone Number

Louis's P.O.V

"Good-bye London!" The show was finally over. I couldn't wait for Sydney and Amanda to come backstage. I am gonna make my move. "Louis are you coming?" I realized I was still on stage. I walked off the stage and ran backstage. I was to excited.

~10 girls later~

I saw her. She was walking in. I was frozen. I think Niall was too. She walked in and started hugging all the boys. Then she got to me. "Hey Amanda, How was the show today?" I shyly say to her. "It was amazing! Best night ever!" She started to jump all over the place. "Hey Amanda can I ask you something?" I ask her quietly. "Sure what is it?" She responded. "Can I have your number?" I started to blush.

Amanda's P.O.V

"Can I have you number?" Louis asked. He started to blush.  "Sure," I gave him my numbers and Louis and I sat by the boys. "So, You guys got 10 minutes left, What do you guys wanna do?" Liam broke the silence. I look at Louis, I knew he wanted to do something. "Truth or dare!" Louis screams loudly. I started laugh. We ended up playing Truth or Dare. 

"Liam, Truth Or Dare?" Harry asked Liam. "Dare," Liam said proudly. "I dare you to ran outside," Harry said to Liam. "Easy!" Liam shouted. "I'm not done Liam, With no pants on," Harry started to laugh.Liam took his pants off and ran outside. All I heard was screaming. Everyone was laughing and couldn't get up.

The 10 minutes were up and Sydney and I had to go. "Louis, Text me when you done," I whispered to Louis. "Why are we whispering!" Harry shouted. "No keeping secrets!" Niall shouts. "It's none of you business," I said to the boys. Sydney and I started to walk back to the car. "Guess what!" Sydney shouted and couldn't stop smiling. "O.M.G, Was it Niall?" I asked her. "Maybe, But your were blushing, Was it Louis?" She smiled back happily. "Maybe, But you were blushing too," I snapped back at her. That was the best day ever.

Next Day~

Louis's P.O.V

~To: Not my Beautiful Girlfriend Yet~

~ Hey Amanda, Wanna go to Starbucks later, Already Noon maybe?~

~From: Not my Beautiful Girlfriend Yet~

~Sure, That would be great! I'll meet you there.~

I started to get ready. I put on a black and red striped shirt and red suspenders. I ran to the bathroom and brushed my teeth. Then I fixed my hair so it looked like I just woke up. Like always.


Mhk so I know it's been awhile.. Sorry xxxx

But i left it has a "Cliffhanger" I guess o; So yeahhh.. I'm a really bad writer x3


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