Lost in Your Eyes

Mariah was a normal girl, she had a boyfriend, her drivers license, good friends. The only thing that isn't normal is she's dating a big celebrity, Niall Horan. The Irish boy in One Direction. But when a new member joins the band. He turns her world upside down.


1. My Perfect BF, Or so I thought.

I look at a picture of Niall and me, and smile. I get a text, it's him. 

'Come over 4 dinner?' 

"Mom, I'm going to Niall's for dinner!" I yell.

I text back 'Yeah. Ill b there' 

I grab my bag, and head straight for the door. 


|At NiAlLs HoUsE|


I arrive at Nialls' house. There is someone I don't know there. Brown curly hair, a nice snails, blue eyes, and very young. 

"Hey Niall!" I say cheerily. 

"Hey!" He smiles at me cutely. 

The guy I don't know is staring at me. I look at him awkwardly, and he looks away almost instantly. We all sit down and eat, as the silence fills the house

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