2032:The Lost Chapters

Sequel to 2032 this story will be told by the character Mark.The difference between this story is that it will be from different views of other characters. there will also be a chapter in which it is told by a braindeads pointo of veiw.


1. The End continues

I then hear a gunshot. The braindead then falls off me and I look at Jane. I then take the shot and jab myself in the arm and i try to patch up all the wounds."I was going to say the cure is H1N1." She then smiles and I say,"I think its time to find the others." I pull her up and we walk out of the city.

We enter the woods, I see all of the dead corpses and i keep on walking. i reach our abandon car to a note that says,"We have left north-Penny." I then fix the car and Jane gets inside, I start it up and head north. Eventually I find a factory and I go inside. I see Jeff with a beer in his hand. I go up to him and take it,"This shit is bad for you." He then say,"Your alive!" He then yells to Penny. Penny comes out screaming. I then tell them the whole story and about the cure. Jeff then says,"You are one bad ass son of a bitch." I then say,"Where is M?" Jeff says,"We parted,we dont know where she went." I then stand there. I then say,"Any survivors you found?" Jeff says,"I actually found my brother,Stephan." "Where is he?" I say."He is outside shootin'!" I then sit there. "We have to unite ourselves with M." I say. "If i have to go alone, I will."

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