2032:The Lost Chapters

Sequel to 2032 this story will be told by the character Mark.The difference between this story is that it will be from different views of other characters. there will also be a chapter in which it is told by a braindeads pointo of veiw.


3. Jane

Jane's POV

I was the type of person who wanted to be dead center in the action. I loved action films and hunting, so, I guess I could take care of myself but I needed Mark. I had slipped off on my own to go find food, or what we really needed, a boat. I kept my shotgun on a strap on my shoulder. I found a boat and went exploring. Four braindeads in the cabin areas. I found some acid and threw it in their eyes. they chased after me and I made sure they were against the railing of the boat, I shot them in their heads and they fell off the side. I had cleaned the beds and I checked the cabinets, stocked full of food.

I found my way back to where they were and brought them to the boat. I guess being pregnant was..different. I was really tired now and now I could not afford to rest. In the morning, we headed off to England.

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