No Excuses (Third book to Can't You See it Doesn't Matter to Me?)

Three weeks after the girls and Ben went home from surprising the boys, they were packing their bags ready for a six month vacation. Traveling the world is tiring, but that doesn't give you the excuse to mess up so many times. Zayn, Louis, Liam, Niall, and Harry get into some messy situations with their girlfriends, Sam, Brooke, Ryan, Mollie, and Brianna. Will things get so crazy that the girls leave? What about Zayn and Sam? Will they end up married in the end of the day? A sixth month tour with the boys was supposed to be fun, but when the fun goes to far, people get hurt. Be careful what you wish for. Get ready for bombs and grenades to be dropped everywhere. Get your tissues ready, you'll need it. Hang on tight as you will be twisted and turned into the life of five girls and six boys on two buses. *THIS IS THE THIRD BOOK TO CANT YOU SEE IT DOESNT MATTER TO ME, SO READ THE OTHER ONES FIRST PLEASE OR YOU WON'T UNDERSTAND WHAT'S GOING ON!!!*


23. Chapter Twenty Three

Zayn's POV

    Today we are leaving from England to go back into the tour in the United States. Over the break Sam and I planned the wedding. It's in three weeks, when we'll be in Florida. We'll have a break after our show there. After the wedding we're flying to Paris for our honeymoon.

    Everyone argues over Levi. Especially the girls. Sam somehow wins a lot, or she just snatches him and runs. Its pretty funny actually. Brianna and Harry are as tired as ever, but somehow manage. They still are awake in the day with smiles on their faces.

    "Sam, wake up," Harry said when we got to the airport to get on the plane.

    "Nah, mate. I got her," I said. I climbed out of the car and lifted her out bridal style, kissing her nose. Her eyes opened a tiny bit before she buried her head in my neck. I chuckled.

    "Baby, I have to get the bags," I said. She opened one eye and peeked at me.

    "Louis can get them," she said.

    "He has to get his!" I said. She whined but got out of my arms. I kissed her head before going to get our bags.

    It took a while to get past all the fans outside, but we still made it to our flight on time. Harry's mum was sad to see us go, especially Levi, but Harry and Brianna promised to bring him back soon.

     We all got on the plane and everyone fell asleep but Sam and me. We decided to watch 'Pitch Perfect' on my phone. It's Sam's favorite movie. During the middle of the movie, I laughed and looked at Sam, only to find her sleeping. I paused the movie and put my phone in my bag before getting out a blanket. I pulled it up on Sam and me and wrapped my arms around her, falling asleep myself.

     Later I woke up, and Sam wasn't next to me.

     "She said to tell you she went to the bathroom," Louis said from behind me. I nodded.


Sam's POV

     I woke up and Zayn had the blanket around us. As comfortable as I was, I needed to pee. I unwrapped myself from the blanket and stood up.

     "Louis, can you please tell Zayn I went to the bathroom if he wakes up?" I asked. He nodded and I went down the aisle.

     As I was walking, a young brunette stopped me.

     "Aren't you the girl that's dating Zayn?" she asked. I nodded.

     "Well in the case, you're pathetic. Zayn deserves better then you. You're fat and ugly and you don't deserve Zayn at all," she said.

     "I don't bother with girls like you. You're just jealous because I have what you can't," I replied, holding back tears. She rolled her eyes.

     "Please. Once Zayn opens his eyes and realizes how fake and ugly you are, he'll find someone much better," she said. I just ignored her and quickly walked to the bathroom. This is the second time a fan has attacked me on a plane.

     I started crying as soon as I locked the door and quickly tried to fix my make up so that nobody could notice. I had to hurry and get myself under control before Zayn came looking for me if he woke up.

     Except I couldn't stop crying. I know Zayn loves me. It's the insults that hurt me. The "you're ugly" and "Zayn deserves better" that I always get.

     Someone knocked on the door. Great.

     "Sam? Are you okay?" Of course it's Zayn. I've been gone for almost twenty-five minutes.  I would come looking for him after ten.

     "Yeah, I'm good. I'll be back in a second," I said.

     "You sound upset. What's wrong?" I knew he'd noticed.

     "I'm not upset. It's okay, I'll be out in a minute. I'm just messing with my hair," I lied.

     "Sam, open the door. I want to see," he said. I'm screwed. He's not going to leave until I opened the door. There's not even a point in trying to fix my make up. I opened the door.

     "Baby, what's wrong?" I was immediately wrapped in his arms. It just made me start crying all over again. He closed the door and just held me.

     "I don't want to tell you," I said.

     "Sam, you know you can tell me anything," he replied and kissed my head.

     "A girl out there just said something and it hurt," I said. He frowned.

     "A fan?" he asked. I shrugged.

     "Just a girl a little bit younger than me," I told him.

     "What did she say?" he questioned.

     "Zayn, it's okay. Let's just go sit back down," I said. He sighed.

     "It's not okay. Someone said something to you that made you upset. I want to know what they said. And I also want to know who it was," he responded.

     "I don't' want you to go say anything to her. Really, Zayn, you're comfort was enough. Can we please just go sit back down?" I said.

     "Fine, but at least show me who she is when we pass her?" he asked.

     "Fine, but don't say anything to her," I said.

     We walked back out towards our seats. I pointed at the girl while we were right behind her. We walked past and Zayn put his arm around me.

     "I love you," he said loud enough for the girl to hear. I smiled, looking at her out of the corner of my eye.

     "I love you too," I replied and he kissed my cheek.



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