No Excuses (Third book to Can't You See it Doesn't Matter to Me?)

Three weeks after the girls and Ben went home from surprising the boys, they were packing their bags ready for a six month vacation. Traveling the world is tiring, but that doesn't give you the excuse to mess up so many times. Zayn, Louis, Liam, Niall, and Harry get into some messy situations with their girlfriends, Sam, Brooke, Ryan, Mollie, and Brianna. Will things get so crazy that the girls leave? What about Zayn and Sam? Will they end up married in the end of the day? A sixth month tour with the boys was supposed to be fun, but when the fun goes to far, people get hurt. Be careful what you wish for. Get ready for bombs and grenades to be dropped everywhere. Get your tissues ready, you'll need it. Hang on tight as you will be twisted and turned into the life of five girls and six boys on two buses. *THIS IS THE THIRD BOOK TO CANT YOU SEE IT DOESNT MATTER TO ME, SO READ THE OTHER ONES FIRST PLEASE OR YOU WON'T UNDERSTAND WHAT'S GOING ON!!!*


10. Chapter Ten

Zayn's P.O.V

    "So did you really give in because of my eyes?" I teased. "Zayn just go to sleep already." she replied, annoyed. Obviously she did. "Sam just answer the question already." I responded in the same mocking tone. She glared. I smirked and kissed her lightly. "Fine. Yes." she admitted. I smiled. "You're adorable." I chuckled. She rolled her eyes.

    For the next four hours, we just laid there talking, kissing, and laughing. To be honest it felt good to be alone with her. Just us two together having a great time was all I could ask for.

    "I love you." I said out of no where. She looked in my eyes. "I love you too." she replied. I smiled and kissed her softly. "Go to sleep now. You're tired." I whispered. She smiled and snuggled in to me. I stroked her hair for a minute before faint snores were heard and I knew Sam was sleeping. I laid there and looked at her beautiful face. She looks so peaceful. I soon felt tired myself and let sleep take over me.


Brianna's P.O.V.

    This is bad. This is really, really bad. How do I tell Harry? Should I go talk to the girls? I don't even know what to do about this! What if Harry doesn't want this and leaves me? What if the girls agree with him too and don't want to talk to me anymore? I'm in the bathroom crying. Hard. I don't know how to tell anyone, especially Harry. Harry, Harry, Harry. I love him so much. I don't want to loose him.


Sam's P.O.V.

    I woke up the next morning and everything was silent. I guess everyone else is still sleeping. I slipped quietly out of bed, avoiding waking up Zayn.

    As I walked down the hall, I noticed a foot hanging off the couch. I frowned and went around to see who it was. Brianna? What's she doing out here? Did she and Harry have a argument or something? I gently shook her and whispered her name, until her eyes opened. "Brianna? What are you doing out here?" I asked. She started crying. Did I say something? "Brianna, what's wrong? Did you and Harry have a fight?" I asked, concerned. She shook her head. "No, no. We didn't have a fight, don't worry. There's just something going on that I found out last night...and I'm just so scared. I don't know what to do or how to tell anyone." she cried. I sat next to her and hugged her. "Tell me what's going on. I'm not going to judge you or tell anyone if you don't want me to, okay? I promise." I said. "I can't tell you. I wouldn't even know the first thing of how to tell you. You all will think I'm horrible and not want me around anymore and-a-and I just don't know what to do, Sam!" she cried. "Brianna just tell me. I'm not going to think you're horrible. You're one of my best friends, I wouldn't do that to you." I said. "Sam, I'm pregnant!" she said so faintly I barely understood. My eyes widened. "What? You cheated on Harry?!" I asked. "No, no, no!!" she objected. "Then who- Oh, no you didn't!" I exclaimed. Her cheeks turned red and she looked away. "So it's Harry's?" I asked. She nodded. "Oh my gosh! This is great, Brianna!" I said. "But we didn't even talk about a baby! We used protection so I don't know how this happened! But what if he didn't want it to and now I'm pregnant with his child, so he want's nothing to do with me anymore?!" she cried. "That's not true. Harry may not have expected this but he wouldn't just abandon you like that. And he may not be ready, but we're all here and we can help." I said. "Well how do I tell him?" she asked. "Honestly, I don't know. But I can come with you if you want." I said. "No, that's okay. Thanks. But I'm going to go tell him now." she said. I nodded and gave her a small smile for confidence. Hopefully it will go well.

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