No Excuses (Third book to Can't You See it Doesn't Matter to Me?)

Three weeks after the girls and Ben went home from surprising the boys, they were packing their bags ready for a six month vacation. Traveling the world is tiring, but that doesn't give you the excuse to mess up so many times. Zayn, Louis, Liam, Niall, and Harry get into some messy situations with their girlfriends, Sam, Brooke, Ryan, Mollie, and Brianna. Will things get so crazy that the girls leave? What about Zayn and Sam? Will they end up married in the end of the day? A sixth month tour with the boys was supposed to be fun, but when the fun goes to far, people get hurt. Be careful what you wish for. Get ready for bombs and grenades to be dropped everywhere. Get your tissues ready, you'll need it. Hang on tight as you will be twisted and turned into the life of five girls and six boys on two buses. *THIS IS THE THIRD BOOK TO CANT YOU SEE IT DOESNT MATTER TO ME, SO READ THE OTHER ONES FIRST PLEASE OR YOU WON'T UNDERSTAND WHAT'S GOING ON!!!*


6. Chapter Six

Louis' P.O.V.

    Zayn, Liam, and Harry walked in with Brianna, Sam, and Ryan. I knew exactly what was going on when Brooke and Mollie weren't there. Only Ryan, Brianna and Sam were taking back Liam, Harry, and Zayn. Niall and I were out of luck. "What are you girls doing here?" I asked even though I knew the answer already. Everyone was silent. "Louis, Niall, we need to talk to you." Sam said, breaking the silence. "You don't need to." Niall choked before leaving the room. "Niall, wait!" Sam yelled as she broke her grasp on Zayn's hand to follow him. I just looked at my hands silently. A minute later, I felt someone sit next to me. I looked to my right and Harry was looking at me. I turned and hugged him tightly. "She'll come back. She doesn't know what she's missing if she doesn't." he whispered. I nodded. "I'm just going to go to bed. I'm beat." I said and stood up. They nodded sympathetically as I left the room.


Sam's P.O.V.

    Niall calmed down after a few minutes, but he was tired and wanted sleep. So he crawled in bed and I pulled blankets on him. I kissed him forehead. "She'll come back after she realizes what's missing." I whispered. He nodded and hugged me tightly. "Thank you." he whispered. "You're welcome. I'm always here." I replied and smiled. He smiled weakly back. I left as he was already beginning to fall into a deep slumber.

    I found everyone but Louis out back on the patio. Zayn scooted over so I could sit next to him. His arm immediately found it's normal place around my shoulders. "We need to talk to Mollie and Brooke." Brianna said. "Well that will be really easy since they hate us now." I said sarcastically. "Hey, Louis is rubbing off on you!" Harry exclaimed. I chuckled. "I guess so, but we can't really talk to them. They don't want to hear from us." I said. "Well we'll figure something out in the morning. Right now, we're going to bed." Zayn announced and stood up. "Why do I have to?" I whined. "Because," he said as he lifted me up bridal style, "you are warm and cuddly." I rolled my eyes. "Well I guess goodnight guys." I said. "Night." they replied. "Use protection!" Harry yelled as we went through the door. I felt my cheeks redden as I buried my head in Zayn's chest. He chuckled. "You're adorable." he said as he started up the stairs. I shook my head and felt myself being laid down in a bed. I scrambled up under the sheets as Zayn joined me on the other side. He pulled me close and we fell in a deep slumber. Two days left until we travel the world for six months.



A/N: Sorry another short chapter! But at least it's something! :) Anyways, I have some fanfiction ideas and I want you guys to vote on them for which one I write first! If you already voted on a different movella, you DO NOT have to vote again! :)


I Hate That You Hate Me-

    Isabella Bennett's best friend, Christine Jones, is having her eighteenth birthday next week. There is a new girl, Jazmine Miller, that christine is getting closer to. Jazmine is trying to replace Isabel by getting Christine tickets to One Direction. How will Isabel win Christine over if Jazmine is getting her the best present ever? Think bigger, Isabella. Think bigger.



    Breaking news! One Direction's Zayn Malik has been kidnapped! News are all over the place. Jessica Fields is watching the news as she waits for the child's mother to return. She gets a little money babysitting every now and then. When the mother comes home, Jessica has to walk home in the dark. Is she going to be safe?


Overprotective- Zayn Malik Fanfiction

  Abigal  and Hailey Jensen are twin sisters who are both in love with One Direction.  Tomorrow is their birthday and their older brother, Luke, wants them to have the best present ever. That means Abby and Hailey get to meet their idols. When One Direction wants to get closer to them, will Luke want to keep them away from his little sisters? *Main Character is Abby*  

Must Find You- Harry Styles Fanfiction

    Kristina Johnson was just a normal girl at school. She wasn't unpopular, though she wasn't popular either. The school's biggest dance is coming up and the theme is a masked ball. So somehow you need to hide your identity. All the girls are so excited to try and figure out who Harry Styles and his four best mates are. Who will Kristina dance with?     Broken- Niall Horan Fanfiction   Niall Horan is walking one morning, when he meets another beautiful girl, Halle Brandon, along the sidewalk. Halle seems to like him, although she won't admit it. Niall finally tells her how he feels, but Halle doesn't feel the same. Something tells Niall different, and he's going to try and find out how to make her admit it all.  

I Won't Let Go- Louis Tomlinson Fanfiction

    Louis Tomlinson would do anything to save her. He loves her. Kayla Salver was kidnapped two years ago from her backyard. Louis and Kayla were best friends. Secretly, Louis loved her. He was devastated when she was snatched while he was inside getting them snacks. He never stopped looking for her and he doesn't plan on it until she is save in his arms.    


Can You Keep My Secret?- Niall Horan Fanfiction

    Niall Horan may be some famous singer from the boy band, 'One Direction', but don't mess with yourself. He wants privacy too. His girlfriends that he's had before were chased away by fans. He wants another one, but he isn't telling anyone. Anna Heartman meets Niall at a store. She doesn't have a great life. Her parents care for her, but they're always gone for work. Niall likes this girl, but doesn't want anyone to know about his 'secret'. What if it's too hard for Anna? Will she be able to hold it in?     Please comment which you want to read most! Thanks! <3



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