No Excuses (Third book to Can't You See it Doesn't Matter to Me?)

Three weeks after the girls and Ben went home from surprising the boys, they were packing their bags ready for a six month vacation. Traveling the world is tiring, but that doesn't give you the excuse to mess up so many times. Zayn, Louis, Liam, Niall, and Harry get into some messy situations with their girlfriends, Sam, Brooke, Ryan, Mollie, and Brianna. Will things get so crazy that the girls leave? What about Zayn and Sam? Will they end up married in the end of the day? A sixth month tour with the boys was supposed to be fun, but when the fun goes to far, people get hurt. Be careful what you wish for. Get ready for bombs and grenades to be dropped everywhere. Get your tissues ready, you'll need it. Hang on tight as you will be twisted and turned into the life of five girls and six boys on two buses. *THIS IS THE THIRD BOOK TO CANT YOU SEE IT DOESNT MATTER TO ME, SO READ THE OTHER ONES FIRST PLEASE OR YOU WON'T UNDERSTAND WHAT'S GOING ON!!!*


17. Chapter Seventeen

Liam's POV

    I watched my phone impatiently. I don't want to miss a call if it's Ben. Zayn mentioned to me that he wanted to fly him here to visit Sam. So I did. Ben could be landing any second. And I have to let Zayn know when to pick him up. Sam sometimes goes on Zayn's phone, so we didn't want Zayn and Ben contacting each other in case she looked.

    We're all backstage on the couches, waiting until we have to start getting ready for tonight's show.

    "So have you called the doctors at all for an appointment?" Louis asked Harry and Brianna.

    "Yeah, she has one tomorrow in Salt Lake City," Harry answered. Louis nodded and sat back.

    "Are you going to know if you're having a boy or girl?" Ryan asked.

    "I think they'll tell us if we want to know," Brianna said.

    "Do you want to know?" I asked. Brianna looked at Harry.

    "Do you?" Harry asked her.

    "I wouldn't mind going either way. It might be easier to buy things and get ready in advance if we know though," Brianna said.

    "Yeah, that's true. So yeah, we'll want to know," Harry said, nodding his head.

    I felt my phone vibrate and looked down. Ben had just landed. I looked up at Zayn to give him the signal, but he was sucked into his own world laughing with Sam. I threw a pillow at him and it missed hitting Louis.

    "Hey!" he yelled and threw a different so it hit me straight in the face.

    "Sorry, mate! It was meant to hit Zayn!" I said.

    "Hey!" Zayn said.

    "Well maybe if you weren't so wrapped up with Sam then I wouldn't need a pillow to get your attention," I pointed out. Zayn just rolled his eyes and I nodded at him. Realization flashed in his eyes and he nodded back.

    "Um, Sam I'll be back in a little bit. I'm going to run and get us all some Starbucks," he said.

    "Oh, well I'll go with you," Sam said. He leaned down and kissed her forehead.

    "That's okay, babe. Liam is going too. You can stay and chat with Niall," he said, gesturing to the blonde boy next to her. She nodded and sat back, already beginning to talk to Niall and Mollie.


    "Good to see you, lad," Zayn said and hugged Ben.

    "Yeah, good to see you too. And you Liam," he said, smiling at me.

    "Sam is going to be so excited you're here," Zayn said. I could see the excitement he had to see his fiancé so happy.

    "Yeah, I'm excited to see her. Too bad it's only for four days, but I really am already missing a lot at college," Ben said.

    "Alright, well let's get going. Sam thinks we're getting Starbucks, so she's probably questioning it now since we've been gone forty five minutes," I said. They nodded and we went back to the car.


    "I'll go in first and wave for you to come in behind me," Zayn told Ben. Ben nodded and Zayn walked into the room, over to Sam.


Zayn's POV

    Sam smiled at me when she noticed my appearance.

    "What happened to Starbucks?" she asked.

    "I got something you'll like better then Starbucks," I said, smiling. She half smiled, half frowned.

    "What do you mean?" she asked. By now everyone else in the room was listening as well.

    "Stand right here and face the wall," I instructed. She did as I told her and I told Ben to silently enter. He went up behind her and put his hands over her eyes.

    "Guess who?" he said. She was quiet for a minute, but it wasn't long for her to recognize her older brother's voice.

    "Ben!" she squealed and turned around so she could hug him.

    "Hey sis, how you been?" he chuckled.

    "How are you here?!" Sam asked, still tightly hugging him.

    "Why don't you ask Zayn and Liam," he said. She smiled and let go of him, turning to Liam and me.

    "You two did this for me?" she asked, not believing what she heard. We nodded. She smiled and gave us huge hugs.

    "You are the best, thank you," she said and kissed Liam's cheek and came over to kiss me.

     "So what have I missed in the past months?" Ben asked.

     "Actually, a ton. I have so much to tell you. It didn't feel right telling you over the phone," Sam said.

     "Great, I'd love to tell you some stories myself," he chuckled.

     "You can do that during the show, because we've got to go now that Liam and Zayn have returned," Harry suddenly appeared.


Sam's POV

     "Have fun, I love you," I said and pecked Zayn's lips when he said goodbye.

     "Love you too!" he yelled as he ran off to catch up with the four boys already turning the corner at the end of the hall.

      "Well, let's sit down," I said and we walked over to sit on the couches.

       "Hey, girls," Ben said to Brianna, Brooke, Mollie, and Ryan, who were quietly chatting on the other couch. They smiled and continued talking.

    "So, where do I even begin?" I laughed.

    "Wherever you feel best," Ben said, taking a drink from his water he got.

    "Well, I guess the most important is that Zayn and I are engaged," I said, smiling at the thought. Ben spit his water back into the cup he was drinking out of.

    "Are you serious? Why didn't you tell me sooner?" he asked.

    "I am dead serious, and like I said some things just didn't feel right telling you over the phone," I said.

    "Well that's amazing! I'm so happy for you! He better take care of you," he said and hugged me. I giggled.

    "Of course he will," I said.

    "So any other life changing events I still need to hear about?" he asked.

    "Um, Brianna's pregnant," I said. His eyes widened.

    "I've missed so much!" he exclaimed. I chuckled, nodding.

    "Yeah, you have. Just wait until you hear the story of Zayn and I getting engaged," I laughed as I told him everything that happened.


    "You boys were great!" I said as the boys ran off stage towards us. Zayn's arms found their way around me and pulled me into a tight hug.

    "Thank you, baby," he said and kissed my cheek.

    "Well let's go. I just want to sleep, I'm exhausted!" Louis exclaimed. We all nodded in agreement, heading to the buses. Today we aren't as fortunate to have a hotel, and we're sleeping in the buses.


Harry's POV

    I woke up and remembered I have to take Brianna to the doctor's.

    "Baby, wake up," I whispered, gently shaking her. She frowned and rolled away.

    "We have to get ready for the doctor's," I quietly reminded her. She whimpered and scooted against me, wrapping her arms around my waist.

    "Can't we just lay here all day?" she whispered, still half asleep.

     "That would be nice, but we need to go see how our baby is," I whispered back, kissing her forehead. She whined, but got up anyways. Thirty minutes later we were on our way.


    "Okay, I'm going to put this gel stuff on you. It may be a little cold, but it will show us your baby on this moniter," the nurse said, opening the gel stuff. She began spreading it out on Brianna's stomach.

     "Okay, this has to sit for a few minutes, and then we can see your ultra sound. The doctor will come in when it's ready," the nurse smiled and stood to leave.

     "Let me know if you need anything," she said as she closed the door.

     "Harry, I don't want to wait," Brianna complained.

     "Shh, I know you're excited. So am I," I smiled, thinking about our baby appearing on the screen. Minutes turned so they felt like hours, until the door finally opened and the doctor entered.

     "Hello, I'm Dr. Heart. I understand you are first time parents?" she smiled and we nodded.

     "Well, let's take a look at your baby!" she said and sat down in front of a computer. She clicked a few things and turned to the screen, pressing the power button. The screen soon came to life and a small figure appeared. She smiled and looked at us.

    "This is your baby," she said, pointing. I smiled and looked to see Brianna smiling as well.

     "That's our baby, Harry," she whispered and looked up at me. I smiled and nodded.

     "Yeah, it is," I said, looking back up at the monitor.

    "Would you like to know if it's a boy or a girl?" Dr. Heart asked.

    "Yeah," I nodded.

     "Okay, you're having a baby boy," she said after checking on the screen. I couldn't help but smile. A little boy running around us and playing. Watching Brianna help him learn simple tasks. Taking him places. Showing him my job.

    "Would you like some copies of the ultra sound?" the doctor questioned.

    "Yes, please," Brianna answered.

    "How many would you like?" she asked.

    "Does your mom want one?" she asked me. Oh. I hadn't really mentioned that to her...

    "Yeah. She would," I replied.

    "Okay, well probably just go with five then," Brianna told her.

    "Alright, I'll go get those. In the meantime, you can wipe off the gel," she said and walked out.



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