No Excuses (Third book to Can't You See it Doesn't Matter to Me?)

Three weeks after the girls and Ben went home from surprising the boys, they were packing their bags ready for a six month vacation. Traveling the world is tiring, but that doesn't give you the excuse to mess up so many times. Zayn, Louis, Liam, Niall, and Harry get into some messy situations with their girlfriends, Sam, Brooke, Ryan, Mollie, and Brianna. Will things get so crazy that the girls leave? What about Zayn and Sam? Will they end up married in the end of the day? A sixth month tour with the boys was supposed to be fun, but when the fun goes to far, people get hurt. Be careful what you wish for. Get ready for bombs and grenades to be dropped everywhere. Get your tissues ready, you'll need it. Hang on tight as you will be twisted and turned into the life of five girls and six boys on two buses. *THIS IS THE THIRD BOOK TO CANT YOU SEE IT DOESNT MATTER TO ME, SO READ THE OTHER ONES FIRST PLEASE OR YOU WON'T UNDERSTAND WHAT'S GOING ON!!!*


18. Chapter Eighteen

Sam's POV

    "Are you serious? That guy was going to tell you to break up with Zayn?" Ben exclaimed.

    "Yeah! But Niall heard and Zayn beat him here," I said.

    "So Zayn freaked out basically?" Ben asked.

    "Yeah, but I wouldn't have left Zayn just because the guy came and told me to. He isn't in charge of me. And I love him. I wouldn't be able to," I smiled at my own words.

    "You really love him, don't you?" Ben said.

    "Yeah, I love him. A lot," I said, nodding.

    "I love you too," someone whispered and I felt two arms snake around  my waist.

    "How was the show?" I asked.

    "It was good, some girl tried to climb on stage," Zayn laughed. I giggled, shaking my head.

    "Well I'm exhausted. Let's get going," Niall said as him and the others entered the room.

    "Me too, let's go," Louis agreed and we all started towards the door. Tonight we're stuck in the bus again. Ben will have to either sleep on the couch or someone else will. He can have my bunk, I'll go stay with Zayn. I always end up there anyways.

    "Alright, well goodnight guys," the others say as they climb into their bus. We get in ours and immediately head to the bunks. Niall mostly snuck into Mollie's bunk also so we have another empty bunk.

    "Ben, you can have that bunk," I say, pointing to mine.

    "Whose is it?" he asked.

    "Technically nobody's," I replied. He nodded and climbed in. I climbed in Zayn's since he was already comfortable and half asleep. I leaned over and gently kissed him before laying down next to him. He pulled me closer to them and I soon heard faint snores. I fell asleep right after.


A/N: This chapter is HORRIBLE! but yeah....

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