Infinite Love

Brooke Elisabeth and her best friend, Sarah, are two normal girls moving to London in search of fun. Little did they know, they're whole lives would change in a matter of minutes. Are Brooke and Harry meant for each other, or is she just another girl? Are Sarah and Niall meant to be, or just short time lovers? Love, Drama, hate, friendships, and enemies. Read to find out. (a Harry Styles FanFic)


1. Moving!(:

*Author's Note*

Hey, guys! Thank you so much for checking my Movella out! This is actually my second one. I deleted the first. I'm going to try my hardest to update often. Please please please like, comment, and share! I would really appreciate it! Kik me if you have thoughts or...issues...about my Movella. (brooklyn4722) Below I put some pictures up of the main characters. I know your mind paints a mental picture, so if you don't think this is what the people should look like, don't pay any attention to the pictures.( I'm not doing one of One Direction. I hope you already know what they look like.)

Alrighty then.








Gabby- (Brooke's sister. She's 9)


Luke- (Brooke's brother. He's 16)


Jennifer- (Brooke's mom. She's 42)


Mark- (Brooke's dad. He's 46)


Angie- (Sarah's mom. She's 44.)


Jeff- (He's 47)



  It's finally here. I've been waiting for this moment since I was like 8. The day I, Brooke Elisabeth Miller, and my best friend, Sarah Jane Jensen, move to London, England from our little town in California. We're in search of fun. And we're going to get it. 

  I went into my closet to pack the rest of my things. It is June, so it's rather hot. I left out a cute, yet comfortable outfit to wear on the 10 hour plane ride. It looked like this:


  After I crammed the last shirt into my last suitcase and got dressed, I took one final look around my, now bare, room. The screaming turquoise walls. The purple, fuzzy bean bag with the hole in the side. The one out of four lights that was busted from the time Sarah and I played indoor baseball. Not our best idea. She was at my house a lot. Wait, that was an understatement. She was ALWAYS at my house. Being an only child, she got lonely a lot. She isn't my best friend. She is my sister. "I sure am going to miss this place." I whispered to myself.  

  A few moments later I walked into my bathroom. I brushed my teeth and threw my hair into a messy bun. I added another layer of deodorant and plucked an out of place hair in one of my eyebrows that was driving me insane. I put on some light make up and took one last look in the mirror. 

  Pleased with my appearance, I stuffed the items I had just used into one of my many suit cases. Walking back to my room, I noticed Luke leaning against the wall in between his and Gabby's rooms. My house was two story. Upstairs was (from left to right) Luke, Gabby, and my room. There was also two bathrooms. Gabby and I shared one while Luke had his own. There was also an extra room which we called the 'Game Room'. It's where the Xbox and stuff like that is.  Downstairs was the kitchen, living room, my parents room and bathroom, and a dining room. 

  I walked over to Luke and said, "What's wrong?" Luke and I were very close. Being the two closest in age, we understood each other. Don't get me wrong! My whole family was very close, but me and Luke just had a special bond. 

  "It's just... your my sister..and you're moving halfway around the world." I understood what he meant. "Well I wouldn't say halfway. Maybe a quarter way." He laughed and said, "You know what I mean."  "Yeah. I know. But you know what?" "What?" He asked. "You wont even hardly know I'm gone. I'll come visit often and we can Skype anytime you'd like. And you know to just shoot me a text if that dreadful Ben messes with you again and I'll be here in a flash to beat him up." Ben had messed with him a couple months ago for 'messing with his girl'. More like 'saving the girl Ben was trying to harass'. Ben was the school's old quarterback and thought every girl was obsessed with him. Luke laughed and said, "I don't think Ben will be a problem anymore." He was speaking about how Ben was forced to transfer schools after beating up the principle. He ended up moving to Ohio. 

  "I guess your right." Luke said. "I know I'm right." I replied. "Now come here." I said pulling him into a hug. "Let's go, Brooke! You're going to be late meeting Sarah at the airport!" Mom yelled from downstairs. "Come help me get all my stuff!" I shouted back. 

  A few moments later the rest of my family came up the stairs. We all went into my room to grab my luggage. I had 8 huge suit cases. It wasn't all just clothes. It was basically everything I wanted to put in my flat. Me and Sarah both bought one right next to each others.   

  My dad walked up to the pile and grabbed three of the largest ones. After he lugged them out of the doorway, Luke grabbed two and pulled them behind him. I went next. I picked up a hot pink one and a cheetah print one. I limped out the door and mom grabbed the last two. Talking to Gabby she said, "Why don't you get those carry on's?" Gabby did as told and threw the carry on's over her shoulder. 

  By the time I got to the top stair, dad and Luke were already at the car putting the suit cases in the trunk. We have four cars (one for me, Luke, mom, and dad) and we were taking mom's. She drove a black Tahoe Hybrid.

  My car was shipped over to London three days ago. It should be waiting on me in the complex's parking lot. I drive a white Toyota car. It was like my baby. The front tag had my initials on it and the back windshield has our school's logo. 

  A few minutes later, I made it to the bottom of the stairs and drug myself to the door. Luke came over and grabbed a suitcase. We both walked to the car and placed the suitcases in the trunk.

  A few minutes later mom and Gabby appeared through the door. After the last suitcase was settled, mom joined us in the car. We all have our places in the car. Me, directly behind the driver's seat with my sparkly lanyard with all my many keys, a mini tube of lip gloss, a mini flashlight, and Mini Mouse from our trip to Disneyland looped around the head rest. Gabby, with her One Direction headphones laying in the seat and a car charger for her iPod. Back on the One Direction thing, I listen to they're music, but I don't fangirl about them. Luke, his ear buds in the floor, and a phone charger. Upfront either mom drives and dad sits in the passenger seat or dad drives and mom sits in the passenger seat. In this case, dads driving. 

  We pulled out our drive way and I looked back at our house one final time. I silently whispered "Bye, house." I know I'll be back to visit, but it wont be the same. I'm just glad I have my best friend to go with me on this new chapter of my life.   


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