One direction: Forward.

Two band members fall in love through a competitive singing show, and this is their life through it all. Will their band succeed, and will their relationship succeed?


1. The Audition.

Christina P.O.V

Long lines, lots of singers, and nerves. The line for x-factor auditions were incredibly long, but they were worth the wait. I am 15, and I have waited years for this audition. I waited alone, for my parents thought my dream of being a singer was pointless. I sat in the incredibly large waiting room with the many other hopefuls. People from all over the world audition for this. All of our stories were different, but our dreams were the same. I say lonely and bored, except for the several good lucks my close friends had sent me. After waiting what seemed like an eternity, they called my name. I shakely stood up and walked to the worker. She led me backstage and handed me a microphone. I was just about shaking now, and she noticed. She told me her name, which was Diane. 

D: Nervous huh?

C: Yeah a little bit. 

D: Well dont worry. Everything will be fine. 

I could tell she was trying to make me feel better, but it wasn't working.

D: Want to get in on a little secret? I can tell when there's a star nearby, and you? You can be a star.  

This made me smile and I calmed down a little bit. I practiced my song in a mirror. Then, Diane led me to the stage. I walked in front of the overwhelming crowd, and more importantly, the judges. I was so nervous. The lights, the cheering crowd, the stage. I thought I was going to trip, so I had to say left, right, left, right over in my head. I walked to the center of the stage and just stood there. Several cameras zoomed in on me. The applause died down and the judges spoke. Simon cowell was the first. 

S: Hello and welcome to x-factor. 

C: Hi

S: What's your name, love? And how old are you?

C: My names Christina and IM 15 years old.

S: Wow, 15? Pretty young eh?

C: You could say that.

This made the crowd laugh and I smiled. 

S: Well I can't wait to hear you sing.

The lights dimmed and the track to When IM gone began playing, and I started singing.

C:   I got ma ticket for the long way round. 

Two bottle whiskey for the way. 

And I sure would like some sweet ccompany. 

And IM leaving tomorrow what do you say?

When IM gone. When IM gone

Youre gonna miss me when IM gone. 

Youre gonna miss me by my hair 

youre gonna miss me everywhere, oh. 

You're gonna miss me when IM gone. 

I held the last note for a few seconds and ended. Everyone clapped and a few people even stood up. I was a good singer, but probably not the best. The applause died down and Simon spoke, yet again. 

S: Well Christina, who's with you today?

C: I actually came alone today. 

S: Alone? You're only fifteen?

C: Yes. 

S: Wow. Well I happen to really love your voice and I am going to miss you when you're gone because I could hear you sing all day. 

The judges agreed, except for Louis. His reason? He feels I am too young and that song didn't show all my talent. This made my heart sink ad I got scared. It just hit me that I could go home. And I just might. 

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