Emily Johnson is 21 and is the new/upcoming model. She is gorgeous and has no flaws even though she is still insecure. The main reason is because of 4 horrid years of her life... High School. what happens when she gets a highschool reunion letter, will she decided to go? Maybe to see some old faces and not even realize that someone famous went to the same highschool as her?


8. The First Night



Chapter 6


Tonight's the night that everyone will finally know who I am! I am restless the whole rest of the evening and couldn't stop moving. Me and Tyler were eager to send my parents out on their date early. I decided to treat them out by arranging and paying for a whole date night, Its the least that i can do for the people who raised me. And plus they won't have to sit around the hotel and wait for me and Tyler to come back most likely drunk. 

Once my parents step out of the room Tyler and I head straight to the bathroom to get ready. Tyler is straightening my long brown hair while i add on my finishing touches of my makeup. Tyler has on dress pants with a blue and red plaid button down. I have a short tight fitting black dress with the sexiest pair of red heel stilettos i own. Tyler turned me around in the chair, "You look gorgeous!"

"You aren't too bad yourself" i winked

"Are you nervous at all"

"Not really, i'm just so excited that i might pass out but i will be fine" we both smiled at each other with huge grins both knowing that this night is going to be fantastic.

I left Tyler in the bathroom and went to my bed, picking up all the things i needed in my purse; lip gloss, lotion, backup perfume, gum, phone, wallet and ticket. Where's my ticket?! i heard a knock on my bedroom door, "yes Tyler?"

i turn around to find him leaning against the door frame holding up 2 tickets, "looking for these?"

I just smiled snatching my ticket out of his hand, as i walked by i gave him a kiss on the cheek, "Ready?"

"I'm ready- but are you?" he asked me with concern

"You already asked me this" i giggled, "I am ready, and besides nothing could be worse than what high school was like, hopefully this time it's better."

I look at the time on our watch right before we are about to leave the room, "6:02" i say.

"We are always fashionably late" Tyler smirked. We opened the door at the exact same time as the suite next to us opened their door, both closing at the same time making an even louder noise than usual. I looked over and saw the one and only Niall Horan jumping from the noise looking all frazzled.

"Fancy meeting you here" i said with a smile which seemed to calm him down a bit.

"Yeah funny. but we need to hurry, we are late for the reunion" he said nervously.

"Oh boy, has no one ever taught you the definition of being fashionably late" i smirked the way Tyler did.

"we can all go together!" i grabbed both of their hands heading towards the elevator. We head out across the street to where to reunion is held. I was walking a couple paces in front of Niall and Tyler because they were held up in some conversation about soccer.

In front of the Hotel there was a couple guys joking around but stopped when they saw me walking by. They looked at me up and down with big eyes and a little bit of drool coming out of there mouths. I chuckled as i walked past them saying, "Take a picture, it will last longer." As i open the door and went inside i took a deep breath and smile wide. This was gonna be way more exciting then i thought it would be.

I continued walking down the long hallway to a table where you are suppose to sign in and get your name tag. There were 5 fake blondes, cheerleaders, or at least they use to be, sitting and laughing their asses off at something on their phones. They are all laughing and talking to each other when i walk up. "uh hem..." i coughed as i stood in front of them. Their eyes shot up at me, glaring.

"Sorry this is a Green Grove High Reunion, I think you're in the wrong place," said one of the girls who still wears to much makeup, umm Rebecca i think?

"Umm i'm here for the reunion" i snapped back

They all looked at me a little bit more in detail, "I knew everyone that went to our school sweetie and i don't remember you." This girl was really starting to piss me off, so i decided to ignore her and start to make myself a name tag.

Right before i put it on i snapped at Rebecca, "does valedictorian ring a bell." They all froze staring at me.

Niall and Tyler showed up right behind me as the blood started to come back to the girls heads. Niall grabbed my hand looking at the girls. They looked at Niall then at me then at our hands and they obviously know who Niall is. One tried to speak but i cut her off saying, "Their with me." I gave them a fake smile before turning around heading for the door. They instantly started whispering, "Oh my god! That cannot be her, Harry is going to be so surprised! Is she with Niall? Someone text Harry" those were the last things i heard before taking a deep breath and opening the doors to the party. A couple people in the front looked at me up and down but they froze at my name tag. Niall took Tyler and slipped behind me into the room. 

I saw my 2 friends from high school in the back, Sadie and Peter. They still kinda looked the same. Peter is in a tux but still has his hair slicked back and his glasses on, the same way he had it in high school. Sadie I guess never really could have changed she matured a bit, losing a bit of her baby fat in her face. She has a little bit of makeup on and her hair is cut right about her shoulders. She curled it into loose waves even though her black hair is naturally straight. As I walked through the room to them, guys were whistling at me and i just smirked.

"Hey guys" I said shyly to Peter and Sadie

"Ummm do i know you?" peter asked practically drooling, while sarah actually looked at my name tag.

Her eyes got super big, "Oh my god! Emily! What happened to you?! You look so good" 

"and so hot" peter mumbled but it could easily be heard. Sadie hit him in the back of the neck. I giggled at Peters reaction.

Emily reached her hand out and ripped my name tag off smiling, "I don't think you need that. Let it be a mystery"

"okay, that's actually a good idea..." there was a short silence until i asked"Did you guys keep in touch after high school?"

"uh yeah, we went to the same college. Don't you remember?" sadie said bluntly

"I guess not, i was probably more focused on leaving" i frowned

peter spoke up "oh yeah, you actually never told us where you went?"

"Well i kinda went to New york" I felt arms snake around my waist. I looked up and saw tyler, "and met this weirdo" i said laughing and turning around lightly punching him in the shoulder,

"Shes a crazy one"he laughed back,"I'm Tyler and you must be emily's only friends" he extended his arm out for a hand shake from both of them.

"I'm Sadie,nice to meet you"

"I'm Peter" 

"sooo" i said "Are you 2 together?" i smiled winking. It looked like peter was about to faint when i did that.haha

"No" sadie said looking at Peter, "We are actu-" she froze staring at something behind me. I turned around to see a big group of the populars walking towards me, or at least used to be.

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