Emily Johnson is 21 and is the new/upcoming model. She is gorgeous and has no flaws even though she is still insecure. The main reason is because of 4 horrid years of her life... High School. what happens when she gets a highschool reunion letter, will she decided to go? Maybe to see some old faces and not even realize that someone famous went to the same highschool as her?


7. Stranger



Chapter 5


I slept outside my hotel room until i felt someone shaking me. I slowly open my eyes letting them adjust to the light. I was hoping it was Tyler but instead i saw some boy with blond hair. "Hellooo? Can you hear me?" the blond boy said with an Irish accent, "Are you dead?" I almost let out a laugh but i was awoken from some pretty peaceful sleep. I ended up groaning to signal that i was not dead. "Oh my god, you better not be a zombie" he gasped backing away. I started to chuckle at that one which caused him to do the same.

I sat up rubbing my head, asking "who are you?"

"I should be asking you the same," he chuckled, "Why are you sleeping outside my room?" 

"I'm Emily and actually my room is right there" I point at the door near my feet

"Thank god, i was scared that you were some fan that already found out where we were staying" he sighed

"Fans you have fans? i was scared that you were one of my fans creeping on me" 

"You don't know who i am do you?" he questioned and to be be honest i had no clue.  just shrugged. "Well i'm just going to keep it a secret them, I'm Niall by the way," he smirked.

"Nice to meet you Niall! I guess i'm won't tell you my occupation either then" i was actually kinda glad we did that cause people usually look at me differently after I tell them I'm a model. I talk to me like i'm some dumb blond, which by the way I am not a blond, I'm a brunette.

"Nice to meet you too. Anyway why are you sleeping out here and not in your room?" he asked politely.

"Well you see, i kinda, sorta locked myself out" I frowned looking at my hands

He chuckled again, his laugh was cute, "That sounds like something i would do" I'm glad he said that instead of making fun of me. I think that him and I are going to get along real well. 

"Yeah i didn't really feel good so i order room service, i decided to put the tray outside. then the door shut..." I giggled at my own stupidity. 

"Well you can hang out in our room while you are waiting for your friends to get back?" he smiled

"Yes please, a couch sounds more comfortable then a hard floor" He helped me up and opened his suite. "Haha this is the suite that i wanted to get but i guess you got it before me" 

"So you've stayed here before? this is quite expensive" he asked

"Well my..." i was about to say agency but i didn't want to tell him yet, "job shipped me out here in the spring"

"You must have a nice job, me and the lads came out here for some reunion thing" he said sitting on the couch.

"The Green Grove High Reunion?!" i asked surprised that he went to my school, I don't remember an Irish person.

"I think that is what he called it?" he looked confused trying to think making the cutest face ever.

"Wait who is he?" i asked.

"Its one of my bandmat-" he quickly covered his mouth.

"aha so your in a band?" i smiled mischievously. 

"You got me" He put his hands up, "I'm in the band One Direction" One Direction? they've come to New York a lot and Harry's in that band. I never really paid attention to it except for things about Harry. I never realized that had a hot blond boy in it.

I decided to joke around and say, "Oh that boy band with 5 gay guys"

His eyes widened and his jaw dropped, "What are you assuming?" he scoffed.

"I'm just joking," I playfully punched him in the arm

"You better be" he smiled reaching out to tickle me

I burst out laughing, "Niall!! Stop!" i laughed gasping for air when i heard the door open. 

"What's going on in here?" someone said from behind us. I turned around to see 3 boys none of which was Harry. "We leave you here for 10 mins and you are already fucking a girl" he shook his head looking at us. I started to giggle looking at Niall whose cheeks were redder than a tomato. 

"We were doing no such thing" I said back to him. 

"Ooo Niall you got pretty one" the taller one said.

I rolled my eyes, "Okay so who are you guys?"

The one who first interrupted us walked towards me, "I'm Louis and this is Liam" he said pointing towards the one who called me pretty, "and that's Zayn" he pointed at the hottest one out of all of them. 

"Hi, I'm Emily" Louis eyes grew wider .

"Boys can i talk to you for a second" Louis said signalling all the boys to come towards him. The made a little circle whispering which i could obviously hear. "Do you think that's Harry's girl? The one he's been going on and on about?" Louis whispered

"She did say she was here for the reunion" Niall shrugged back. They all turned and looked at me.

"But Harry said she was really nerdy and had glasses and stuff" Liam questioned

"You know i can hear you" i decided to speak up, "and people can change, its been 5 years" i snapped back, mad that harry described me as practically ugly to his friends.

"Oh sorry about that, its just that Harry said-" Liam started but Louis hit him, whispering for him to shut up.

"And why is Harry talking about me? I thought no one would ever remember me after high school especially Harry" Even though i already knew the answer, I asked because i wanted to act clueless and i also wanted to hear it again. 

"ummm" Louis put his hand behind his neck, "well we were just talking about people he use to go to school with and he just said that you were his tutor, that's all" why was he lying? but i decided to brush it off, i just can't wait to surprise harry tonight.

"How about we just forget this ever happened okay?" i asked

"Why?" Niall said hurt

"Well i was going to surprise everyone tonight with the new me so please don't tell Harry" i pleaded

"Okay" Louis agreed and the other boys nodded. Niall looked sad though

"I should get going, are you guys going to reunion?" i asked heading towards the door

"Well we weren't planning on it" Liam said

"But i think that we will go, see you there!" Niall said bye before closing the door after me. 

"Niall what the hell?!" i heard Louis say through the really skinny door

"What? Why can't we go?" Niall asked innocently.

Louis grunted, "Niall i know what you are doing, she's Harry's childhood crush for like ever. Harry would kill you if he knew about this... which he won't, okay?"

"Okay" Niall sighed, "but we are still going right?" 

"I guess we have to now since you told her we were going" Liam replied and with that i decided to go back to my room.

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