Emily Johnson is 21 and is the new/upcoming model. She is gorgeous and has no flaws even though she is still insecure. The main reason is because of 4 horrid years of her life... High School. what happens when she gets a highschool reunion letter, will she decided to go? Maybe to see some old faces and not even realize that someone famous went to the same highschool as her?


10. something stupid



Chapter 8


"Emily i would forget Harry and go get Jake" Tyler smirked

"Yeah, i know. I've had a crush on Jake since freshman year but i want to know why i'm 'Harry's Girl' "I said.

"Okay just let it all play out, you've got all week" Tyler added,"I'm going to go to the restroom, meet you in there. Don't do anything stupid"

"Okay" i smile at him and walk towards the door. Calm, cool and collective I told myself. I was scared for what was going to happen but i was just happy to make the appearance that i wanted. No one is going to forget who Emily Johnson is now. As i was talking to myself i wasn't paying attention and right before i walked in i tripped over my own foot accidentally pushing the the door in front of me open with my body. I probably would've face planted if i didn't catch myself with the door handle. I looked up and noticed everyone was staring at me, great. I notice jake to the side chuckling at me. Everyone was now whispering about me. I straightened myself up and fixed my dress walking down the steps. I smiled ignoring everyone's stares and headed straight for the bar.

I plopped down with a huff and was greeted with a familiar pair of blue eyes staring at me.

"I didn't know you were also the bartender" i smirked.

"I just decided to help, the party was boring without you" he chuckled. Niall had taken off his coat and was just wearing a white dress shirt with the sleeves rolled up. "What would you like miss?"

"Well I would love to have your best mixed drink sir" i giggled trying acting all fancy. I watched him as he made my drink, staring at his muscles flexing under that tight shirt. He glanced up at me and i knew i was caught.

"Here's your drink ma'am" he smiled at me but it surely faded when he looked up. 

"Niall i don't think she needs another drink after that exciting entrance" i heard him chuckled. My body tensed, this was the guy I've been waiting to meet.

I turned around to face him picking up my cup and taking a sip from it, "This is actually my first"

"I don't beli-" His eyes got big, "Don't I know you from somewhere"

I smirked, "Does New York ring a bell?"

"Yeah didn't you have an american accent" He eyed me down.

"I like to be a character sometimes" i smirked not knowing if i meant for that to be dirty but by harry's grin i think he took it that way.

He chuckled, "Weren't you the girl that i thought was Emily Joh-" he froze realizing that I was Emily.

I chugged the rest of my drink down, "Thanks Niall" i yelled.

"Its on me" he yelled back. I walked into the crowd leaving Harry at the bar. I didn't know where i was going but I just hoped Harry wasn't following me. I couldn't do this. I saw Tyler walk in and sit at a table with Jake. That was not a good combination. I strode over to them just as the light dimmed and our class president, phoebe, walked on to the mini stage. 

"Hi everyone welcome to our classes first high school reunion" everyone clapped, "As president I will be conducting this whole week and for tonight, the old cheer team created a slideshow of our high school memories. Please take a seat at the tables in the back and enjoy."

I sat next to jake, giving him a smile. "Shouldn't you be sitting with your old buddies?"

"Nah, i don't really have the fondest memories with them in high school. And plus i'd rather be sitting with you" 

"Are you sure i won't be ruining your reputation?"

We both chuckled, "We aren't still in high school Emily"

"No we are not" I smiled.

"Eh-hem" Rebecca came to the mic to speak, "We used all the photos that you guys sent to us, which means that not all of them with be appropriate" a table in the back full of dudes, including Harry, started laughing, "but they are memories none the less"

I glanced back at the table again and caught Harry staring at me, not breaking his stare. I turned back around at the sound of music playing. The slideshow started off by listing major events that happened, like our futbol team making it to state and someone winning the country science fair. Then came just shots of friends at parties and drinking. Jake was actually in quite a couple with the popular crowd and there was one of Oliver, futbol player, streaking in a park and Chloe upside down on a keg. But then came a photo of Harry making out with Jessica and then one with Ella then Rebecca then Isabella and one with basically everyone on the cheerleading team. I rolled my eyes, of course the cheerleaders would do this, it's bullshit. The slideshow finished with photos of everyone in the yearbook including my ugly face pausing there for a little bit longer than everyone else's. 

Phoebe finally took the stage, "Thank you everyone for coming, this concludes tonight but you are welcome to stay here as long as ya'll would like. But first here are some reminders, remember to text me a photo of you now and a paragraph about what you have done over the last 5 years. My number will be found  at the top of this weeks schedule, which can be found at the front table. Remember that tomorrow we have a small group brunch at 11. We grouped together people that hanged out with each other during senior year of high school. If you go to your email you will find it. Thank you again and if you have any questions, feel free to contact me." 

I turned to Jake, "That was an interesting slideshow."

"Yeah but there was not one photo of you besides your yearbook photo." 

I shrugged, "I mean i didn't really do anything in high school besides read so it's not a surprise."

"I know, I wish i would've hanged out with you more in high school. You seem chill"

We both smiled, "I wish you would've too"

We sat their for a moment before tyler coughed, "hey em are we still going to that club like you promised?"

"yeah" I paused looking at Jake, "Do you have any plans for tonight?"

He smirked, "Well i did plan on going back to my hotel room and order room service for myself"

"That's so boring, no wonder none of your friends have come to talk to you."

"heyy" he laughed, we both glanced at the popular table in the back. I watched Harry pat a guy on the back and started heading towards us. 

"We should get going" I grabbed Jake hastily and guided him and Tyler to the door. I didn't want to speak to Harry right now, it was too much.

Once we got outside Tyler shook his head, "You can't avoid him forever"

I walked at a fast pace towards the club which was about 3 blocks down. "Damn you can walk fast in those heels" Jake chuckled as he jogged to catch up with me. 

"I mean i am a model"

We walked in silence for a moment longer before Jake spoke up. "You know your friend is right, you can't avoid harry. Hell i should've have left with you they are all gonna kill me especially Harry"

"But i thought you said you didn't like them anymore and that we aren't in high school?"

"True" he smiled as we walked down the London streets.


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