Emily Johnson is 21 and is the new/upcoming model. She is gorgeous and has no flaws even though she is still insecure. The main reason is because of 4 horrid years of her life... High School. what happens when she gets a highschool reunion letter, will she decided to go? Maybe to see some old faces and not even realize that someone famous went to the same highschool as her?


5. Being Back



Chapter 3


*3 months later*

"Moommm!" i yelled as i dropped my bags on the airport floor and ran into my mothers arms

"How's my baby doing?

"Mom, I'm not a baby anymore?" we both giggled

"I know but you will always be my baby" 

"Stop" i smirked and turned around to face my dad, "Daddy!" I jumped into his arms as he had to take a couple steps back to regain his balance.

"Hi Sweetie" he said into my shoulder. I let go of my my dad and looked back seeing an awkward Tyler.

"Mom. Dad. I would like to introduce you to my best friend, Tyler!"

My mom went straight into hug, "I've been waiting to meet you Tyler!"

"You too, Mrs. Johnson" next he walked up to my dad and shook hands with him, them both nodding. Sending some message, i don't know, don't all guys have that. 

My reunion week starts tonight and my parents decided to come down and spend the week with us. We are staying at the Corinthia Hot which is across the street from the hotel that the reunion is taking place at. I didn't get a room at the reunion hotel because Victoria Secret shipped me to London for a fashion event and i stayed in The Royal Penthouse at Corinthia with a couple other girls. I loved it, it had a perfect view of the river and plus its their best suite. As plus i didn't want to see any people that went to my school more than i had too. When i called in to make reservations a week ago they already had that one booked so i got the second best penthouse, the Hamilton. 

If you didn't catch it earlier, i now work for Victoria secret! I became an Angel about two months ago and i'm really happy. All the girls are nice and fun to travel with. They've sent us everywhere for events for free! And we get free clothing and other stuff. I still cant believe I'm getting paid for this! Now I've been able to help out Tyler with rent even though he insist he has it covered.


"Reservation for Emily Johnson" i said to the nerdy guy at the desk. He looked really nervous and started blinking a lot, i guess that was me 5 years ago. He handed me my key looking down at the ground

"Thank you" I smiled at him which made him blush. Its weird that once i became a Victoria secret Angel a lot of guys get super nervous around me. And its weird that almost everyone in America knows who i am and some people from other countries. I have this effect on any guy and all guys except for the few that are full of themselves plus the celebrities. I've met many celebrities which is fun too. I had a thing with Justin Bieber but fame has changed him lately so i broke it off.


"Are you ready to go check out our Penthouse!" i said to my parents

"Emily we can help pay for it?" my mom added

"Mom its fine, you've paid for everything when i was younger" She gave me that look like its-okay-but-i'm-going-to-get-you-later. We walked up to our room but the key didn't work. I told my parents and Tyler to stay up there while i went to get our key. When i walked through the lobby and looked at the desk. I watched the nerdy guy point at me while talking to a tall tan guy leaning against the desk looking my way. I look at him for a second to realize that its Harry again. Why do i keep running into him! Its a good thing i'm wearing a beanie and sunglasses. Harry walks over to me with that sexy walk that could make any girl jump on him. I stared at him with my jaw probably open, i admired his biceps bulging out of his rolled up sleeves of a shirt that i just wanted to rip off his body and have my way with...

"ahem, Hey" he says in a low husky voice snapping me out of my thoughts. I watch him as he licks his lips before continuing, "I guess the guy at the desk mixed up our keys." He is wearing the sexiest grin I've ever seen and probably is the sexiest man I've ever seen as well. No wonder why all these teenage girls are flinging their panties at him.

I was staring again "Oh umm, yeah same my key didn't work on my room card receiver thing so i came down here to get it checked too" lol what the hell did i just say, i hate myself.

He chuckled, "Yeah do i know you from somewhere?" I froze should i tell him its me from high school or wait for the reunion. I want everyone to be surprised together at once, i guess it wont hurt to lie a little. 

"No i don't think so. I probably would have remembered meeting you" i smiled

"Okay" he gave a puzzled look probably trying to figure out where he knows me from. "By the way my name is Harry"

"Nice to meet you Harry, i actually got to get going" i said quickly trying to get out of here, "Can i have my key"

"Oh yeah here you go" he handed it to me and i gave him his. I started walking away when he called out "Wait, i didn't get your name?"

"Umm Its not really that important, see you later" I quickly walked to the elevator, that was close. I hope i don't run into him again until the reunion. And at the reunion ill just play dumb saying that i didn't know he went to my high school.

This is gonna be a long week. 

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