Bromance? GIRLMANCE!

(Girl x Girl)
I've know her for my whole life, I've talked to her about everything there is to talk about, why I'm I starting to like her? When Ariana finds her self starting to like her best friend Evangeline, who happens to be a girl just like her, what will she do? She can ignore her feelings, she can stay with her two year old boyfriend! But something starts to change in her, the thing is she doesn't know why. When it seems like Evangeline might like her back, her crush Jace gets in the way of everything. Who will Evangeline choose? Her best friend as a lover, or her four year old crush?


30. Chapter 30. GIRLMANCE!

   My mind started to wake up from the sleep, and slowly my body was too. I gripped the bed sheets tightly, I didn't want to be awake, I wanted to be asleep and forget everything. My mind quickly went to Evangeline, was yesterday just a dream? I really hope it wasn't, it was such a great day. It was probably the best day of my life, probably the best I will ever have. Please, don't let it just be a dream.


    "Evangeline, it's really you right?" I asked her, a smiled slowly appeared on her lips, I would know that smile anywhere. I closed the door and walked over to my bed with my suit case behind me, and just like that sat down. I looked over at Evangeline and noticed she looked a bit upset, was it because I was here? If it was, then that really hurts. Evangeline sat down on her bed, her gaze was at the floor, but I could still manage to see a piece of her beautiful face.

"Sorry," I heard her whisper, I didn't really say anything back. I understood why she was saying sorry, I really did, but I wanted an explanation with it. I have so much questions right now that I really wish I could ask them at once, but I'll start with the one that really is bugging me.

"Do you even want me here? With you as a roommate?" I asked her, she finally looked up to meet my eyes, but a smile slowly appeared on her face.

"Yes, you have no idea how happy that makes me," she said, that  grew a smile on my face, but another question was coming up.

"Then, why did you leave school? Why were you avoiding me? Please, tell me the truth," I said to her in a begging manner. The smiled she had on slowly faded away, did I ask the wrong questions?

"I left school because I couldn't deal with people, I really couldn't. We lost Ariel and Mina as friends, and I sort of lost you somewhere in there too. You started to like me as more than a friend and trust me I had no problem with that, but Jace and Ian did. We got caught cheating on our boyfriends with each other, and then we got caught kissing with the One Direction boys, and I havn't even talked to them since like a week or two after we meet them. The people, and the rumors were too much for me to handle, sorry," she said to me, I slowly nodded my head, understanding what she was going through. I was going through what she was going through, I just wished she was there for me like I would of been there for her.

"Where did you go then?" I asked her, she shrugged.

"Well I didn't really move, I just told you that. I actually started to take on line classes at home, my Mom was alright with it, as long as I got my diploma and graduated with my class, that's why I was at the graduation thing. My Mom made me go, even though I really didn't want to face everyone," she said, I nodded as everything sunk in. That answered most of my questions, but there was one that was still in my head.

"Can I ask you one more question?" I asked her, she slowly nodded.

"Yeah," she said in a low whisper, I took a breath and let it out.

"Why were you avoiding me?" I asked her, "if you told me what you were going through, I would of been there for you, and you know that. So, why did you hide this from me?" I asked her, she shrugged.

"I thought I was ruining your life, everything seemed perfect before we started to get closer. You had your boyfriend who you were with for two years, and then I somehow came into the picture and took that away from you, what kind of a friend am I for doing that? I honestly thought I was making your life worse, I thought you would of been better off with out me in your life. I'm sorry," she said, shock was the first thing that came over me, I mean, how could she think that, really?

"How could you think that? I love you Evangeline, and right now I probably love you as so much more than a friend. I don't know how you feel about that now, but I mean it. My life wouldn't be my life with out you in it, and that's the truth," I said to her, a smile slowly appeared on her lips and I returned it.

    By now I knew that things between Evangeline and I were going to be the same, well I hope something might be different, I really hope we could actually be more than friends. I stood up from the bed and walked over to Evangeline's bed, I took a seat next to her and faced her, she was beautiful. With my hand I reached over to her beautiful face, I pushed a piece of hair behind her ear, and I watched as she watched me. "Can I kiss you?" she blurted out, I let out a laugh, but nodded. Slowly our faces were getting closer to each other, my heart was beating fast, I havn't really kissed her in a long time. I took her lips into mine, and that warm feeling filled my body. As our lips were moving together against each other, I couldn't help but feel all these chills go up and down my spine, and those sparks that flew from this kiss was driving me crazy. The kiss was slowly  getting a little deeper, her lips felt amazing against mine. They were perfectly shaped, and sweet, nothing compared to her lips. Evangeline's arms slolwy snaked themselves around my neck, and I gently placed my hands on her hips. I wish this could last forever, I wish I didn't have to pull away, ever, I was loving every second of this kiss.

    "Whoa! Girl get some!" Evangeline and I quickly pulled away, but before I saw I his face, I knew who it was. Austin was standing at the door of our dorm with the door wide open, I shook my head at him, he would.

"Evangeline, this is Austin, Austin this is Evangeline," I said to the both of them, Austin walked into the room and stuck his hand out to Evangeline, and she gladly shook it.

"Girl, I love that shirt," he said pointing at Evangeline's shirt, I watched as Evangeline smiled.

"Thank you," she said to him, she turned around and gave me a sort of confused look.

"Austin and I met at the airport, we were both lost to get here, so we shared a cab," I explained to her, she smiled and nodded as if she understood.

"Anyways, I came here to ask if you want to do something? The sun is still out and I really don't want to be unpacking," he said to us, I let out a laugh since he was such a diva, I liked that about him.

"What do you say? Want to go?" I asked Evangeline, she smiled and nodded,

"Yeah I agree with him, I don't want to be stuck here all day," she said, I smiled and nodded, I didn't want to be stuck here either.

    Evangeline, Austin, and I ended up taking a cab to the movies, and right now I really wish I had my car. I hate taking cabs to places, it takes longer and you have to pay them, I think I spent less on gas. Tomorrow I was going to buy a car, I don't think I can deal with all this cab thing. Austin, Evangeline and I got out of the cab, we had finally arrived at the movie theater. "So, have we decided what movie to watch?" asked Austin as we walked over to the screen announcing the movies.

"Austin, we havn't even seen what movies are on," I told him with a small laugh,

"Well, what about Warm Bodies? I'm pretty sure it's on and I hear it's a really good movie," said Evangeline. We got to the front of where they were announcing the movies, and like Evangeline had said Warm Bodies was being showed.

"Look, it is on! Let's watch it, the next show is on like right now," I said to them,

"Your just agreeing with her since she's your girlfriend, but alright, I'll pay for the tickets since I invited," said Austin and just like that he ran inside to get the tickets. Behind him Evangeline and I followed, were both quiet because of Austin's comment.

    Evangeline and I were close to the door, but we were still not talking. I was about to open the door when Evangeline slammed her hand on the door, making sure I wouldn't be able to open it. "Are you okay?" I asked her, she slowly nodded.

"Yeah, but can I ask you something?" she asked me, I slowly smiled and nodded. "Does this mean that were, you know, together?" she asked me, that question was sort of unexpected. I  knew that we would have to talk about that soon, but I wasn't expecting it to be now. Why am I even complaining? Isn't this what I wanted? I smiled at her, I knew this was what I wanted.

"Well I want to be, if your okay with it," I said to her, she slowly smiled and quickly nodded, "it's official then," I said.

    After the movie finished all three of us went over to the closest Starbucks there was. When we entered the place the smell of coffee quickly hit my nose, and the memories started to flood back. When Evangeline and I got the job at the coffee shop, when we almost kissed in the restroom, and how can I forget about our first performance there. "Are you thinking the same thing I am?" asked Evangeline, I looked over to her and smiled,

"Yeah, I think I am," I said to her, she smiled and quickly kissed me on the cheek. After we got our coffees we took a seat at one of the tables, Evangeline and I sat next to each other and Austin sat across from us.

"I loved that movie, I want my own R," he said to us, I let out a laugh,

"You'll find your own R some day," said Evangeline, I nodded in agreement with her.

"No! Will he be a zombie? Will he get cured with my love? And the biggest question is, is he going to be gay? I don't think so!" said Austin, I let out a laugh. I took a sip from my warm coffee, and I was just really enjoying this. I missed hanging out with Evangeline like this, and now shes my  girlfriend, that's even better. As for Austin, he is such a great guy, I loved him already. Maybe this life of mine was finally going to go in the right direction, maybe I was finally going to be happy with what I have. If things keep up like this, then I know for a fact I'm going to be happy.

    It was late, and it was time to go to bed. Evangeline and I were getting ready for bed, we were both already in our pajamas, and right now we were getting our beds ready. I pushed the covers to the side of the bed, and I took a seat. "Did I ever tell you about my Dad?" I asked her, she stopped what she was doing and took a seat on her bed across from mine.

"No, what's up?" she asked me,

"He's back to his old self, he's the one who got me into this school," I said to her, she smiled and nodded.

"I'm glad to hear that, that's really good," she said to me, I smiled and nodded. Evangeline laid down on her bed, and I just watched her for a moment.

"So, your sure the beds are to small for the both of us?" I asked her, she looked at me, smiled, and nodded.

"Yes, but tomorrow we can push them together," she said to me, I smiled and nodded,

"Alright sounds good," I said to her. I laid down on my bed and got the covers on me, the warmth quickly got to my body. Evangeline turned off the light next to her bed, and darkness quickly filled the room.

"Good night," I heard Evangeline say, I smiled,

"Good night," I said back to her. I closed my eyes and sleep finally got to me.


    A tear came rolling down my face, but my eyes were still shut closed. I was to afraid to open them, because if I was back in my room, I don't know what I would do. Right now, if I open my eyes, I want to see the college dorm, and I want to see Evangeline on the other bed across from mine. I let out a small whimper, why did I even wake up in the middle of the night? I should of just stayed sleeping and waited in the morning to get my heart crushed. The darkness in my eyes quickly filled with a bit of orange, meaning that there was now light in the room. I took the chance and slowly opened my eyes, I was facing the ceiling, and it was the dorm's ceiling, a smile slowly appeared on my lips. "Are you alright Ariana?" I heard that beautiful voice ask, I looked over to her bed and saw her looking at me, thank you god it wasn't a dream.

"Sorry, bad dream," I said to her smiling, a smile slowly appeared on her lips.

"Alright go back to bed," she said, and turned off the lights.

A/N: The end! I hope you liked this story!! No sequel will be out!! I just wanted to say thank you to the ones who took their time to read this!! It really means a lot!! :) So thank you and... 


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