Bromance? GIRLMANCE!

(Girl x Girl)
I've know her for my whole life, I've talked to her about everything there is to talk about, why I'm I starting to like her? When Ariana finds her self starting to like her best friend Evangeline, who happens to be a girl just like her, what will she do? She can ignore her feelings, she can stay with her two year old boyfriend! But something starts to change in her, the thing is she doesn't know why. When it seems like Evangeline might like her back, her crush Jace gets in the way of everything. Who will Evangeline choose? Her best friend as a lover, or her four year old crush?


3. Chapter 3. Pool Party

When I woke up this time, I was feeling great. It was Friday, which means that my Father won't be coming home until Sunday night. I don't know where he goes but I do know that I don't care and that I'm happy I always get these weekends free. This time when I flung my legs over my bed, it didn't hurt. The bruises that were caused on Monday were still there, but they didn't hurt as bad or looked as bad. It looks as if I just fell from somewhere or tripped, that's what I tell people and they believe me at least. I got dressed in a black striped dress that ends above my knees, but instead of wearing high heels or flats, I was wearing my white high tops. I fixed my hair so it would be straight, I was looking in the mirror when Evangeline came to mind. Her smile and her laugh was something I always loved about her, and lets not forget her eyes that can light up a room. Snap out of it! I yelled to myself in my head, I have to stop thinking about Evangeline, now when she comes into my mind it feels different and weird.

The day at school was going by fast, but that's only because I haven't been paying attention to the teachers, but to Evangeline. She was in my mind all day, I kept on having those fun memories of us, when were just being... well... us. I was in my fourth period class, chemistry. It was boring but I kept myself entertained by thinking about Evangeline, this all changed because of Larry Stylinson. If I never looked them up than I wouldn't be feeling all weird inside. Thinking back to the videos of Larry Stylinson made a smile on my face, they were so funny and cute, I love their bromance now that I think about it, it's so adorable! Like when their doing interviews and Harry always pats Louis leg, it's adorable, if only me and Evangeline were like that... Wait what? No, no, no, I don't want to be like that with Evangeline. I like our friendship, where just the best of friends.

The bell rung and it was time for lunch, I quickly got out of the classroom. I had to shake these thought out of my head, "Ariana!" I heard little high pitch voice, I looked to my right and there she was, it was Evangeline and she was running to me. Once she got close enough she hugged me really tight,

"I missed you too," I said laughing, she let go of me and smiled. We made our way to the table we usually hang out at, but this time Mina and Ariel weren't there.

"Wheres Mina and Ariel?" I asked her,

"Their probably getting lunch, or their in the pee room," said Evangeline. Heads up that pee room actually means bathroom, it was something Ariel came up with and it stuck to all of us,

"Right, so anyways guess what!" I said with excitement in my voice,

"You watched One Direction videos and you are now in love with them?" asked Evangeline with a smile on her face,

"Yes, I looked them up and you were right, I'm in love with them now," I said leaving out the part about Harry and Louis's bromance.

"I told you! Was I right or was I right?" she asked me with a huge smile on her face, her white teeth were showing and they were surrounded by her pink lips covered in lip gloss. I smiled back,

"Where's Ian by the way? Hes always with us," said Evangeline, her smile disappeared and mine did too,

"He has football practice, but you won't believe what he told me," I said smiling to Evangeline,

"What he say?" she asked me,

"There's going to be a pool party at this place, and well all the guys from football are going to be there," I said smiling raising up and down my eyebrows,

"Jace? Jace Makana is going to be there?" she asked me, a little bit of pain got into my heart but I quickly brushed it off and ignored it,

"Yes! Want to go?" I asked her as I forced a smile,

"YES! But were stopping by my house right? Because I don't have a bathing suit!" she said, 

"Actually were going right after school! So no were not stopping by your house, we don't have to get in the pool," I said smiling, she smiled and nodded.

Ariel and Mina came a moment after, "So do you guys want to go?" I asked them, I was telling them about the pool party after school,

"Yes! I want to go! I love swimming!" said Ariel, we all laughed,

"What about you Mina?" I asked her,

"Yes! How can I say no when there's going to be hot guys!" she said, we laughed as well.

It was after school and the four of us went on the bus to get to the pool party, Evangeline was sitting next to the window seat and I was sitting next to her, in front of us were Mina and Ariel, and Ariel had gotten the window seat. Once we got to our stop we all got off of the bus and made our way to the place. It wasn't a public pool, but it also wasn't a house pool. But this was the pool everyone always has been dying to swim in, if you want to have a pool party you have to rent this pool and no one is allowed in, so basically this is a pool for party's only, it was the cleanest and nicest pool anyone can ever swim at, and surprisingly it got a lot of customers. The pool, was like most pools, it was outdoors. The four of us got passed the people who work there, and then I saw all the football team and some random ass girls, but then I spotted Ian. I walked up to him and poked him on the back, "Hey! You made it!" he said to me smiling,

"Of course I did!" I said smiling to him, he hugged me from my waist and pulled me up to his lips, just as his lips touched mine I knew it felt so right.

"Gross! PDA!" yelled Evangeline, I quickly pulled away and stared at her, we stayed like this for a few seconds before we started to burst out laughing.

Mina and Ariel bought a bathing suit from the small shop that there was there, Mina had a light pink one, and Ariel had a purple one. They were in the pool flirting with some of the guys, they looked so happy to be here. I looked over at Evangeline, we were both laying down still wearing our full on clothes, she was wearing white shorts that showed off her legs, and a tight blue shirt that showed off her cute body. Wait... Did I just say cute body? "Ariana," I heard Evangeline say, it snapped me right out of my thoughts,

"What is it?" I asked her,

"Jace isn't even looking at me! I have to get his attention," she said,

"I'm sorry I'm not sure what to do," I said. She got a smile on her lips, just then she got up and pulled her shirt off, I watched as she did this in front of me and as her green laced bra showed,

"What are you doing?" I asked her with amusement in my voice,

"Showing Jace what hes missing out on, want to join?" she asked me. I saw as Jace was watching Evangeline's every move, she was unzipping her shorts, I watched as they fell down to her ankles.

"Are you joining me?" she asked me, her underwear matched her bra, she looked adorable in that. I then stripped off my dress showing off my regular purple bra, and my laced purple underwear. We smiled at each other, she took my hand and we both jumped into the pool making a big splash. We both floated up to the surface, just then Jace was walking at the edge of the pool,

"That was hot," he said to us, he was looking at Evangeline the most though,

"Thanks," she said smiling, that was the first word she said to Jace Makana.

Evangeline and I got out of the pool, we made our way to the girl's pee room where they had bathrooms and showers. There was only two showers, one of them was small and the other was pretty big. "Want to share a shower?" asked Evangeline,

"What!?" I asked her shocked,

"What? Were just rinsing of the water from the pool, it's not like were going to get butt naked," said Evangeline laughing,

"Right, sure," I said.

We got into the shower, Evangeline was the first one who rinsed off. I watched as the water rolled off and on her body, my heart started to beat a little faster, that's when I looked away. "Your turn!" she said getting out from under the water. I got under the water, it was hot against my body but I'm pretty sure the hot was coming from the fact that Evangeline and I were sharing a shower.

"Evangeline, we don't have dry underwear or a dry bra," I said looking at her shocked, the smile that was once on her face disappeared,

"I never thought about that!" she said, we both started to crack up.

We decided to put our dry clothes over the wet one, there wasn't much we could do about that.

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