Bromance? GIRLMANCE!

(Girl x Girl)
I've know her for my whole life, I've talked to her about everything there is to talk about, why I'm I starting to like her? When Ariana finds her self starting to like her best friend Evangeline, who happens to be a girl just like her, what will she do? She can ignore her feelings, she can stay with her two year old boyfriend! But something starts to change in her, the thing is she doesn't know why. When it seems like Evangeline might like her back, her crush Jace gets in the way of everything. Who will Evangeline choose? Her best friend as a lover, or her four year old crush?


26. Chapter 26. Five Seconds Of Fame

I woke up with a lot of shaking from the bed, what was going on, was it an earthquake!? I quickly opened my eyes and sat up, but there was no earthquake, I looked beside me and saw that Ian was the one who woke me up from my sleep, I glared at him. "Don't look at me like that! Look outside the window!" he sort of yelled at me, what crawled into his pants? I quickly got out of the bed and walked over to the window, I pulled the curtain open, and once I saw what Ian was talking about, I quickly closed it. There was about one hundred people out there, with cameras taking pictures, it was crazy. Now I see what crawled inside Ian's pants, and I don't blame him for being so cranky.

"What's going on!?" I asked Ian freaking out, he shrugged,

"I woke up by all that yelling, so I thought I should wake you up to see if you knew what was going on," said Ian, I shrugged,

"I have no idea why all those people are out there," I said to him, and I honestly didn't. When I got back from my night with One Direction, which was like a day ago, everything was normal, but now it's crazy. I don't know what caused all those people to be out there, and to be honest, I was little afraid to find out.

I heard a phone ring, it was Ian's phone. He quickly started to shuffle through all covers on the bed, how can he loose that phone so easily. I gave up looking at him looking for the phone, so I decided to help. I looked all around the bed, going on to my knees to look under the bed, the phone was still ringing, and we couldn't find it. The ringing stopped, and I stood up from the floor. "How can you loose your phone?" I asked him, I had just woken up and I was getting a head ache.

"I don't know, it was probably my Mom, let me borrow your phone," said Ian, I pointed to the desk that was in the corner of the room, that's where my phone was. I watched as Ian grabbed it and started to dial the number, what was going on with my life? I quickly walked back over to the window, while Ian was mumbling into the phone. I opened the curtain again and I watched as the people were just standing around waiting, what were they waiting for anyways?

"Look up there!" said a man, all the people down there looked up the window, and they all started to take pictures. All the flashes started to burn my eyes, I quickly closed the courtain, why were they here?

I watched as Ian threw my phone onto the bed, he grabbed his head in frustration. He walked out of his room with out another word, I heard the foot steps go down stairs, what was he up to? To prevent him from doing anything stupid, I followed him down the steps. Once I reached the bottom of the steps, I noticed he wasn't in the living room, where was he? I heard a bit of noise in the kitchen, I quickly went over to the kitchen, to find out what he was up to. In his hand he was holding a little bottle, of pills? He quickly got two out and closed the bottle, "What are those for?" I asked him a little scared to find out the answer, he looked at me and smiled, that made me relax.

"I have a killer head ache," said Ian, I nodded,

"I do too," I said in a whisper. He grabbed a glass of water and popped the pills in his mouth, taking a big gulp of water after. He then grabbed the little bottle of pills again, taking two out. He handed me the pills along with a glass of water, so with that I did what he did, I popped the pills in my mouth and finished the water in the glass.

I put the glass in the sink and walked over to into the living room where Ian was, he was sitting in the couch so I quickly took the seat next to him. He looked up at me and gave me a smile, I smiled back. "What did your Mom say?" I asked him, I had just realized I never asked him that.

"She said to be careful with everyone outside, not to open the door, and not to go outside no matter what he reason is," said Ian, I nodded,

"Wait, how did your Mom know about what's going on outside? Isn't she like at a business trip or something like that?" I asked him, he smiled and nodded. He then turned the TV on, he switched the channel to a random movie that they were showing.

"Yeah, but she's magic," said Ian after a while, I gave him a smirk,

"The neighbor called her, didn't she?" I asked him, he let out a laugh and nodded,

"Yeah, I never liked that neighbor," said Ian, I let out a laugh,

"Neither did I," I said, Ian laughed.

Ian and I were comfortably sitting on the couch, watching the random movie that was showing. I almost forgot why we weren't aloud to go outside, but the big slam on the door quickly refreshed my memory, there was like one hundred people out there. "You know what, call Evangeline, maybe she's dealing with this too," said Ian, I quickly looked over at him,

"What if this has nothing to do with the fact that we meet One Direction, no one makes big deals about people who meet famous people," I said to him, he looked at me and shrugged,

"Well all of this has nothing to do with me," said Ian,

"Well me neither," I said to him, he shook his head,

"You guys came on the news like twice for your beautiful voices, you guys kissed at a One Direction concert where there was more than one thousand people who saw, and you guys met One Direction not so long ago. You can't tell me all this has to do with me," said Ian, I shrugged, I guess he was right. I quickly ran up the stairs and into Ian's room, I grabbed my phone and walked back downstairs.

Once I sat back down at my spot that I was on  the couch, I dialed her number and waited to hear her voice over the phone. It took a while, but I finally heard her voice. "Hello?" she said,

"Evangeline, by any chance, is your house full of people too?" I asked her, there was silence,

"Yeah, I don't know what to do! My Mom can't go to work since her car is surrounded by people, it's horrible," said Evangeline,

"Okay, hold on a minute," I said to her. I covered the phone's speaker and turned to look at Ian, he was already looking at me waiting for me to tell him what she said.

"Her Mom's car is surrounded by people, she can't go to work," I said to him, Ian stayed quiet for a bit. He looked like he was thinking,

"Well, maybe they can some how get over here at my house, they can get in from the back, there's like no people. Evangeline can stay here with us, and her Mom can take your car, after all you did park it out back this time," said Ian, I hate to admit it, but that's a smart plan.

"Hello?" I asked over the phone this time,

"Yeah, I'm still here," said Evangeline,

"You and your Mom should come over here to Ian's house, you can stay here with us, and your Mom can take my car to work, after all this time my car was parked out back, and there is like no people out back," I said to her,

"Okay hold on," said Evangeline, I heard a little bit of mumbling, "okay we'll be right over," said Evangeline, I smiled,

"Okay, just come in from the back," I said to her, 

"Alright bye, see you in a little bit," said Evangeline, I hung up the phone after,

"What happened?" asked Ian, I looked over to him,

"Their coming," I said to him, he smiled and nodded.

Not long after the phone call did Evangeline come, her and her Mom came from the back like I told her. Her Mom took my car to her job, while Evangeline and I hung out at Ian's house. "I really wish I could leave! I can't stand being at a house for this long!" said Ian complaining, Evangeline and I looked at each other, not really sure on what to tell him.

"Well, I'm really sorry Ian," I said to him, Evangeline looked down at her feet, she was thinking of something, I could tell.

"Your thinking! What are you thinking about!?" asked Ian, Evangeline looked up at both of us and let out a sigh. She walked over to her purse that she had, she quickly pulled a magazine out and threw it at me. I caught it and looked at the cover, my heart dropped. Half of the picture was of me and Liam, kissing, and on the other half was of Evangeline and Harry kissing. Ian quickly noticed this and took the magazine out of my hands, I felt like I just died, I thought there was no one there to see me and Liam kiss, but I was wrong.

"Both of you kissed one of the guys, why am I not surprised," said Ian laughing, but this wasn't really funny, that's why the people were out there, they thought we were the guys new flings.

"That's why their out there?" I asked Evangeline, she nodded,

"I really wish I had one of the boys numbers right now, so I could talk to them about this," I said, I heard Evangeline take in a deep breath, and she slowly let it out. She was hiding something, I could tell. Before I had the chance to ask her, she talked.

"I have Harry's number, I have been calling him but he doesn't answer, I'm starting to think I was just one of those stupid girls who fell for his green eyes," she said to me, I quickly sat next to her and rolled my eyes,

"No your not! Their probably just busy, they are in the middle of a tour," I said to her, she smiled and shrugged.

Ian walked up to us and handed us the magazine he was holding, there was a bit of anger in his eyes, that's not good. Ian extended his arm to Evangeline, as if waiting for her to place something on his hand. "Hand me your phone," said Ian, Evangeline quickly got her phone out and gave it to him, he quickly started to use it. 

"What are you doing?" I asked him, he placed the phone in his ear,

"Calling Styles," he said. Evangeline and I waited, staying quiet, really hoping that he would pick up.

"Yeah is this Harry Styles?" asked Ian, Evangeline and I looked at each other, did he finally pick up? Ian handed over the phone to Evangeline, and she quickly put it on speaker, I guess Harry finally picked up.

"Hello?" asked Evangeline,

"Hey, sorry I'm really busy with rehearsals right now," said Harry, there was a lot of background noises, he did sound busy.

"Look, I'm really sorry to call, but we have a problem," said Evangeline,

"What is it?" asked Harry worried,

"There's like a lot of people outside of my friends house, Ariana, him and I are stuck in here," said Evangeline, Harry stayed quiet. There was a lot mumbling going on.

"Hello?" said another voice, that was Liam,

"Hey Liam!" I said quickly, I felt myself blush,

"Ariana? Tell exactly what's going on," said Liam, I took a deep breath and told him everything. I told him about all the people outside, and about the magazine, he quickly gasped when he heard about the magazine.

"Okay, hold on girls, I'll make a few calls and in no time the people out there will probably be gone," said Liam, I felt myself relax,

"Okay, thank you Liam," I said,

"No problem, I should really hang up now, but don't worry I'll fix everything," said Liam. We said our byes and hung up, you have to love Liam.

We looked at each other, I don't know about them but I was feeling more happy. I really trusted that Liam could get rid of all these people out there, and I really trusted that he can make the rumors about Evangeline and I being their flings go away. "Well on that note, I'm going to go upstairs and shower, according to Payne we will be able to leave in no time," said Ian happy, I smiled and shook my head at him. I watched as he made his way up the stairs, yeah he was more than happy to get this problem fixed. I looked over at the clock and saw that it was almost three in the afternoon, have we really been in here for that long? I guess when your stuck in a house, watching movies, time really does fly.

The water was still running upstairs, telling us that Ian was still in the shower. We heard more yells than ever outside of the house, what was going on? Evangeline and I looked at each other confused, I guess she noticed there was something different as well. We both got up and walked over to the door, we opened it and saw the police getting everyone away from the door, thank God they were doing something about this! "Their out! Evangeline are you dating Harry Styles!?" 

"Ariana! Are you dating Liam!?" 

"Is it true that Danielle is waiting to fight you for Liam, Ariana!?" 

"Evangeline, arn't you scared of being just another fling!?" All these different people we yelling questions at us, so both Evangeline and I closed the door, that was a bad idea. Evangeline looked at me but her gaze was quickly pulled away, she walked over to the couch and she grabbed her purse.

"Are you leaving?" I asked her, Evangeline nodded,

"It's better if I go," she said, I shook my head,

"I'm tired of this Evangeline!" I said to her, and I meant it. I was tired of her running away from this problem, sure we kissed a few times, we've been through so much, and I'm scared of loosing her as my friend. Even though I have this crush on her, I don't care if she doesn't like me back, I just really want her as my friend.

"I'm sorry, but this is really hard for me," said Evangeline, I shook my head,

"What's so hard about it!? We can forget about this whole thing, it won't be easy but we can try," I said to her, she shook her head,

"That's the thing, it won't be easy, it will just be painful," she said. With out saying another word Evangeline left the house from the back of the house, I felt my heart break into million of pieces, she walked away from me.

It was night time, about eleven at night. Ian was already asleep in the bed, and I was trying to sleep, but it was hard. There wasn't a lot of people outside any more, after the police came most of them left, which was a really good thing. My phone started to vibrate next to me, I quickly grabbed it and saw that it was Evangeline calling. I quickly got out of bed and stepped outside of Ian's room, before I answered it, "Hello?" I said,

"Hey, come out back please," said Evangeline,

"Okay," I said, Evangeline hung up after. 

I walked down the stairs and made my way outside, I was trying to be really quiet so I wouldn't wake up anybody. I opened the back door and quickly stepped outside, it was really dark. "Evangeline?" I said, trying to find her. I felt someone pull my arm forcing me to turn around, and just like that I felt someone's lips pressed on mine, it wasn't just someone's lips though, they were Evangeline's, I could tell. My lips started to move with hers, and this kiss was filled with passion, I loved it. Her hands quickly wrapped themselves around my neck, and I quickly wrapped mine around her waist. She pulled our lips closer together, and I pulled our bodies closer together. This has been the longest we have kissed, and I loved every minute of it. Evangeline and I slowly pulled away, we rested our for heads on each other's, we were both out of breath.

"The reason why it's so hard for me to fix things with us, is because I really like you Arianna, I liked for the longest time, longer than Jace," said Evangeline, my heart mealted as those words came out of her mouth, she liked me!

"I like you too," I said to her, she quickly pulled away and she looked at me shocked, what did I say?

"You do?" she asked, I smiled and nodded,

"I really do, I mean I did start liking you since like the beginning of the year, but I still like you," I said to her, she shook her head,

"I can't believe this," she said, I looked at her confused,

"What do you mean?" I asked her,

"I'm moving, tomorrow, my last day of school would of been Friday, but we went to meet the guys," said Evangeline, I felt like someone ripped my heart out. I just found out that she likes me back and she's leaving?

"But, what about graduation? It's like two weeks away," I said to her, she shrugged,

"I'm finishing the classes on line, I'm sorry," said Evangeline.

Tears started to pour out of my eyes, and I could tell that Evangeline was crying too. My best friend was moving, the girl who I liked was leaving me, what was I suppose to do? "I'm going to go," said Evangeline in a whisper, I felt her lips on mine for the last time. I closed my eyes, I heard her foot steps leave, what was I suppose to do?

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