Bromance? GIRLMANCE!

(Girl x Girl)
I've know her for my whole life, I've talked to her about everything there is to talk about, why I'm I starting to like her? When Ariana finds her self starting to like her best friend Evangeline, who happens to be a girl just like her, what will she do? She can ignore her feelings, she can stay with her two year old boyfriend! But something starts to change in her, the thing is she doesn't know why. When it seems like Evangeline might like her back, her crush Jace gets in the way of everything. Who will Evangeline choose? Her best friend as a lover, or her four year old crush?


23. Chapter 23. Music Video

After the performance from me and Evangeline, most people went home, except for me and Evangeline, I was also in charge of locking up the shop. Evangeline and I got a coffee and sat down to talk, "Look Ariana, I'm really sorry about kicking you out of the house," said Evangeline, I half smiled,

"It's fine, I've staying over at a friend's house," I said, but my voice sounded so unsure,

"That's good, who is it? And I kind of have to tell you something," said Evangeline, I nodded, but I wasn't talking. How would Evangeline react when she knows that friend is Ian? She looked at me kind of confused, I still hadn't talked, but here goes nothing.

"Ian," was all I said, Evangeline's eyes grew wide and I knew she was mad.

"Ian!? As in your ex boyfriend Ian!?" she asked, well sure he was my ex boyfriend, but we have been hooking up, does that still make him my ex?

"Well, yeah, but we have been sort of hooking up," I said, Evangeline's eyes went from mad, to sad, but she quickly shook that feeling away.

"Ariana, Ian is the one who set us up," said Evangeline,

"And Jace, but I had no where else to go! Where was I suppose to go? Back with my Dad? Because that's not happening!" I said, Evangeline nodded,

"I know, I'm sorry. Also I think it's best if you stay there for a while, just until the rumors are gone," said Evangeline,

"Okay, but you do realize it's the end of the year? The rumors are going away when we all graduate," I said, Evangeline paused,

"Then you can move in then," said Evangeline, I shook my head,

"I'm going away to college then," I said, she nodded,

"Then I'm sorry," said Evangeline.

We stayed quiet for a while, it was a different silence then usual, I wasn't sure if it was good or bad. "I better go, see you later?" asked Evangeline, I nodded and forced a smile. Evangeline walked out and left, as least we sorta made up, right?

I drove myself to Ian's house, which was my temporary home. There was no cars parked outside, except for Ian's, so he was the only one home. I found it weird how Ian's parents were never home, sometimes they would show up, but that was really rare, it's just weird. I got out of the car and walked to Ian's house, I opened the door and went upstairs to Ian's room, which was also my room, since they didn't have a guest bedroom. I got inside Ian's room and he was already laying down, it looked like he was sleeping. I grabbed my PJ's and went into the bathroom to change, I took of my dress and got all that make up off of my face, I also put my hair up. I walked out and walked back in Ian's room, I laid down on the bed next to him and closed my eyes, I felt an arm flung on my body, pulling me closer to another body, I just smiled and tried my best to sleep.

It was morning and I once again got woken up by my phone, I checked who it was and saw it was Evangeline. I grabbed my phone and got out of bed, I walked down stairs and I finally hit the answer button. "Hello?" I said over the phone,

"Hey! You won't believe what I just saw!" said Evangeline, she sounded so excited,

"What!?" I asked wanting to know,

"Our little performance got uploaded on line and it was a over night sensation! And I posted up the music video we did and it got way more views! And this morning I was watching T.V and they showed us on the news again!" said Evangeline, I nearly dropped the phone, but I held it tighter.

"Are you serious!?" I asked her, Evangeline nodded,

"Yes! I can't believe this is happening to us!" said Evangeline,

"I know neither can I! What if the boys see our videos of us singing their songs!" I said excited, I heard Evangeline laugh,

"Yeah maybe! After all, their probably familiar with our faces," said Evangeline, the smile I had on my face left,

"Yeah," I faked a laugh. We stayed quiet for a while again, whats up with these silent conversations?

"I better get ready for school, see you there," said Evangeline, I nodded, I then realized she can't see me!

"Yeah, okay, bye," I said, we both hung up the phone at the same time.

I got to school, I carried all the books I had to my locker, the only thing I really hate about high school is all the books we all have to carry. "Hey girl!" I heard someone say behind me, I turned around and saw Mina, I smiled at her, but didn't say anything back. One thing I learned about Mina and Ariel is that they weren't true friends, when I needed a place to stay, they were mad at me, they weren't there like true friends were. I know that Evangeline was mad at me too, but she had a reason, she doesn't like me the way I like her, and I'm working on trying to be okay with that. I closed my locker and started walking away, but Mina followed.

"So, I saw you and Evangeline's music video, and the performance at the coffee shop, you guys are such amazing singers," said Mina, I rolled my eyes,

"Thanks, Mina," I said,

"So, what have you been up to?" she asked, as if she cared,

"Nothing, are you done talking to me?" I asked in a not so good manner,

"What?" she asked confused,

"I know that you know the only reason your talking to me right now is because of all the views Evangeline and I got on YouTube, if it weren't for that you wouldn't be talking to me right now," I said, I stopped walking and Mina did too.

"What are you saying?" she asked me,

"When I needed a friend, you and Ariel weren't even there for me, not even for Evangeline, and now that we have all these views on our videos, your trying to pretend as if nothing happened, just in case something does happen with our career," I said. Mina's mouth fell open, as if all of this was just a big surprise,

"I can't believe your saying this to me," said Mina,

"It's the truth, and you know it," I said, Mina faked hurt and walked away, I could really tell that she was angry.

I got to first period and Evangeline was already sitting there, she smiled at me and waved, and I did the same. I sat down next to her in front of my computer, I noticed that she was looking up One Direction. "So did Mina go up to you, and tried to act as if nothing happened?" asked Evangeline, I looked at her confused, how did she know?

"How did you know?" I asked her, she smiled and laughed,

"Because Ariel tried doing the same, and she actually admitted to be faking the whole being nice thing, and she also told me that Mina was doing the same thing to you," said Evangeline, we both laughed. While the teacher was talking about who knows what, Evangeline and I were reading news about out favorite boy band, One Direction. Not only did we become known as singers, but we also became knows at the lesbian girls who were making out at the One Direction concert. There was some news about that, but there was more news about more important things about the boys, like their new album was going to be out, and all of that. Evangeline and I were reading an article, and we could not believe what our eyes were reading.

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