Bad Ass Chick

When Crystal moves back to Los Angeles people don't even recognise her. She changed when she moved to New York for her mom's job. She used to be the little goody goody who always wore dresses and who was an A+ student. Now she's a bad ass chick. What happens when One Direction goes to her new high school and Harry falls for her?


1. Meeting Crystal

First Day Back

 Crystal's POV:

I am FINALLY back in Los Angeles after being gone for SIX YEARS! Hi, my name is Crystal. See at the end of my 5th grade graduation, my mom got a really important job offer. One Problem, IT WAS IN NEW YORK! I didn't want to leave, but my mom really needed this job, so I finally said yes.  On my first day of sixth grade in New York, I was walking to school because I couldn't catch a cab, I got pulled into an alley. The guy raped me and robbed me. I couldn't do anything about it because he put a gun to my head. I was bullied all through elementary school and then that happened! After that happened, I had enough! I was done with being afraid, so I learned how to fight. I got really good and became the the captain of the wrestling team, the boys wrestling team. Ever since I've been a Bad Ass Chick.


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