Bad Ass Chick

When Crystal moves back to Los Angeles people don't even recognise her. She changed when she moved to New York for her mom's job. She used to be the little goody goody who always wore dresses and who was an A+ student. Now she's a bad ass chick. What happens when One Direction goes to her new high school and Harry falls for her?


2. First Day Back

Crystal's POV

Ring, Ring

My alarm went off. I peaked out of my very heavy, very comfortable light white covers and immediately felt a burning sensation in my eyes. It felt like the sun burned straight through my eyeballs.  My eyes finally adjusted and saw that it was 8:00am. I had an hour before my first day back to school in Los Angeles. I jumped out of bed and got into the shower. Since I got a while I just let the nice warm water run through my body. I got out and picked out a white T-shirt, black leggings, black combat boots, and my leather jacket. I LOVE MY LEATHER JACKET! I went back to my bathroom and grabbed my eye liner, mascara, and my lipstick. I ALSO LOVE MY BRIGHT RED LIPSTICK!!! I don't really like bright colors except red. After done putting on my makeup I straightened my hair and went downstairs. No surprise, mom isn't home, grabbed an apple, grabbed my bag and left. I went to my bike ( Yeah I own a motorcycle ,jealous,) put on my helmet and sped off to school.  


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