Pleasantly Surprised a Connor Franta Fanfic

Basically this is the beginning of a Connor Franta Fanfic. Writing this is really addictive because I wish it were reality so expect the story to grow immensely. Also, I already have most of the rest planned out. This is a fanfic about how I go on an adventure, accidentally meet a really sweet, funny, cute guy, and accidentally meet him again for reals. The rest is a mystery and you'll have to read on. If I must say so myself it's excellent. Enjoy Frantics.


2. The Trip

I woke up insanely tired as I could barely sleep the night before. You see I had started a YouTube channel a few years earlier and had finally started to pick up some subscribers. This is relevant of course because there's a huge population of YouTubers in LA and the opportunities for collaborations are endless. Maybe I could turn my favourite thing to do into my job! Anyway, I woke up grabbed some breakfast and ate it so fast I almost choked. I threw some sweats and a t-shirt on and grabbed my suitcase. After I hauled my single suitcase (I was preparing for all the shopping I was going to do) into the car I went upstairs to grab my backpack and longboard. My mom met me at the door with them and we were soon in the car on the way to the airport. I was absolutely brimming with excitement as we parked and started towards the entrance to my dreams. I said my goodbyes and gave my mom an enormous hug. Note to self. Buy mom huge present in Hollywood. I went through security and filled up my water bottle. Soon they called my flight and I was seated in my tiny seat. I was wondering what was going on when we took off and there was no one beside me.  I soon realized that I had both seats to myself. I put up the armrest, took the window seat, and settled down with my legs on the aisle seat. I must have dosed off because I woke up 3 and a half hours later with a flight attendant telling me to get ready for landing. I grabbed my backpack and got a piece of gum so my ears wouldn't pop. After we landed I rushed out eager to get a first look of LA. 
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