Pleasantly Surprised a Connor Franta Fanfic

Basically this is the beginning of a Connor Franta Fanfic. Writing this is really addictive because I wish it were reality so expect the story to grow immensely. Also, I already have most of the rest planned out. This is a fanfic about how I go on an adventure, accidentally meet a really sweet, funny, cute guy, and accidentally meet him again for reals. The rest is a mystery and you'll have to read on. If I must say so myself it's excellent. Enjoy Frantics.


14. The rescue

  I went up for a quick breath to say to Kian "call 911" and then dove down to grab Andrea. Remembering my life guarding training I brought her to the surface safely being thankful for my strength in the water from competitive swimming. I pulled her into shore and barked instructions to a random person on the beach. As they scuttled away to get what I needed I checked Andrea's breathing. One Mississippi, two Mississippi, three. After counting to ten without hearing, feeling, or seeing a breath I started CPR on her. After only 24 compressions Andrea vomited up the water. Thankful that I didn't have to do any breaths I put her into semi prone position and using the gloves the stranger got me I cleared out the vomit from her throat. I checked her breathing, fine. I checked her pulse, strong. I put the towel that was fetched around her and rested. Even with my strength this ordeal had taken its toll on me. As I was starting my secondary assessment to make sure she hadn't hurt herself anywhere else someone sat down beside me to see Connor. I blushed and silently scolded myself for letting Connor still have that effect on me. He asked me what happened so I told him.  As I was finishing Andrea started to cough and regain consciousness. She tried to sit up but I told her to rest for a bit before propping her up against my knee. I gave her a bit of water and then I heard the ambulance. I explained to EMS what exactly happened and they took her to the ambulance to check her out. Everyone else left with them and only Connor and I stood there. " You were amazing. You saved her life you know" he said. "Ya I guess" I replied. We both silently started walking up the beach to check on Andrea. As we were walking I started to feel the afternoon sun on my back and I marvelled at how beautiful it really was there. Connor said "you're so amazing. Thank you" and took my hand. I blushed a little but didn't avoid his hand. It was surprisingly soft and warm for a guys hand. I loved how it fit in my hand like it was meant to be there.  As we neared the group Connor dropped my hand and jogged over. Was he ashamed? Did he not really like me? Did he not want his friends to see that he liked me?! I was kinda offended but shook it off. Whatever. I acted like nothing happened and walked up to Andrea, ignoring Connor, and asked her if she was ok. She said she was alright, just shaken up. The sun was gradually falling so we decided to call it a day. I waved goodbye to everyone, not catching Connor's eyes and hugged Andrea before walking with Ricky and JC to Ricky's car. On the way home we opened all the windows and sang along to the radio as loud as possible. I was having a great time and when I got dropped off I was sad to see them go. JC winked and said goodbye and Ricky just said goodbye as his sassy self. As they drove away my heart dropped. What really happened on that beach? Was I blind or was I hopeful?
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