Pleasantly Surprised a Connor Franta Fanfic

Basically this is the beginning of a Connor Franta Fanfic. Writing this is really addictive because I wish it were reality so expect the story to grow immensely. Also, I already have most of the rest planned out. This is a fanfic about how I go on an adventure, accidentally meet a really sweet, funny, cute guy, and accidentally meet him again for reals. The rest is a mystery and you'll have to read on. If I must say so myself it's excellent. Enjoy Frantics.


8. Meeting Connor

In the morning I was pretty excited. I mean it was only my third day there and I had already made some friends. I got up, made some breakfast, got changed, brushed my teeth and did my hair up all fancy. I took my fully charged phone of the charger and put it in my pocket. I was ready for a great day. I got a text from Trevor saying to meet him there in five minutes and excitedly I grabbed my longboard and said goodbye to Cathy telling her where I was going. She said goodbye and that was my cue to sprint to the door and down the stairs. I jumped on my longboard and sailed as fast as could to the YouTube space. When I got there Trevor wasn't there. I checked my phone and realized he said he'd be a bit late because he had to pick up his friends and his girlfriend.  I texted back saying " ok see ya soon".  I went inside and took a drink of water from the fountain. I walked outside and took a seat on my longboard.  I sat back against the wall, put my headphones on and closed my eyes. Five minutes later I heard a car pull up and I put my headphones around my neck. I turned to the car pulling up. I saw Trevor get out and thank his mom. Out came his girlfriend and two other guys. He introduced me to Sam, Julia and Kian. I said hey and I asked Trevor if we were going to leave soon. He said we'd be leaving when his other friends arrived, Ricky and Connor. I said ok and started talking to Julia. A car pulled up and a funny looking guy got out. He introduced himself to be Ricky. Then out stepped who must be Connor. I looked up to see what he looked like and I froze, unable to move. It was the cute guy I met at the airport!

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