Pleasantly Surprised a Connor Franta Fanfic

Basically this is the beginning of a Connor Franta Fanfic. Writing this is really addictive because I wish it were reality so expect the story to grow immensely. Also, I already have most of the rest planned out. This is a fanfic about how I go on an adventure, accidentally meet a really sweet, funny, cute guy, and accidentally meet him again for reals. The rest is a mystery and you'll have to read on. If I must say so myself it's excellent. Enjoy Frantics.


15. Connor

Chapter 15 (12,13 and 14: Connor's pov)        I came out of the bathroom to see that everyone was still in the water. I sat down on my dry towel wondering to myself why Morgan didn't like me. I mean I had been nothing but nice since I met her! I surprised myself in realizing how addicted I was to the way she looked at me the first day met. Now it's like she's been closed off. I was lost in thought and laid on my back closing my eyes. Morgan's striking evergreen eyes flashed behind my closed ones. God I loved them.  I heard a shout. I ignored it, there were always shouts at the beach. But then I kept hearing more and more so I sat up, scanning the beach. I spotted something going on by the shore and searched for my friends in the mass of people. I couldn't see anyone when suddenly Kian ran up yelling for his cellphone. "Help me! Where's my phone?" He screamed. I passed him his phone dazed and confused. He dialled something quickly and started talking to someone, who I suspected was 911, and telling them about Andrea. It was then when I realized something was really going on. After Kian hung up I realized how in shock he was. Remembering my lifeguarding days I treated him for shocked. Calming him down I asked him what happened. He told me what was up and about Morgan saving Andrea. I should have been there and saved her, I thought. Kian told me about how amazing Morgan was. I assured him that Andrea was going to be fine. He really wanted to see Andrea so I escorted him the the shore. It looked like some stuff went down there. Andrea was unconscious and Morgan was assessing her. I asked her what was up trusting her detail of events more of the shocked Kian. As she was telling me Andrea started to wake up so I stood back and watched her work in awe. She was amazing. All business, doing everything for Andrea as if she were reading a manual. EMS came, she told them what happened and told Kian to follow them and go with her to the hospital. I suddenly realized I was alone with Morgan and I blushed. I told her how grateful and amazed I was and took her hand. She didn't drop it so I thought I might have been over reading the situation before. Her hand I noticed was a perfect fit in mine and it was freezing but it felt nice. We were nearing our friends so I decided to try to impress her by going to asses them for shock. Honestly what was I thinking? I noticed as soon as I left that she started ignoring me again. What now geez? She left without even saying goodbye and left me feeling confuses. Gosh this girly made me feel frustrated!     I waited all day for her to text me and finally at night she decided to. She said hey and what was that? Oh no! It was obvious to me that she didn't like it. Ugh why did I like her so much. She'd probably want to forget to whole thing so I responded with a what do you mean. She said nothing never mind so assumed that I was correct in assuming that she didn't want to mention what happened. I went to bed a bit sad. I really liked her. Maybe I could still win her over.    Thanks for reading this far everyone! I have a YouTube channel and I mean its not the best in the world but I do try so check it out. My username is IAMAMORGANROBOT! Thanks and keep reading :)
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