Pleasantly Surprised a Connor Franta Fanfic

Basically this is the beginning of a Connor Franta Fanfic. Writing this is really addictive because I wish it were reality so expect the story to grow immensely. Also, I already have most of the rest planned out. This is a fanfic about how I go on an adventure, accidentally meet a really sweet, funny, cute guy, and accidentally meet him again for reals. The rest is a mystery and you'll have to read on. If I must say so myself it's excellent. Enjoy Frantics.


13. A life in need of saving

       After about half an hour of socializing I was getting immensely hot and decided we should all go for a swim. Trevor didn't decide to join us because he claimed "it's not my thing". Connor also declined coming in claiming he had to go to the bathroom. The rest of us stripped to our bathing suits and ran across the hot, white sand into the ocean. Man it was freezing but years of cold winters and swimming in Lake Superior the biggest lake in the world helped me push through it. We swam pretty far out and body surfed for a bit. It was so much dun and i found myself wondering what was taking Connor so long. I huge wave was coming so I rode it for a bit and it was fun. Suddenly I heard a strangled scream. I looked around for the source of the scream and so did everyone else but we couldn't find it. Just then I realized that Andrea was missing. I dived under the water with my eyes open enduring the sting of the salt and looking around. There! About seven meters away and ten meters down was Andrea slowly sinking to the luckily somewhat shallow bottom. 
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