See Through Me

Ava Jackson lives an average life. She's a happy, bubbly, beautiful girl. She's a popular cheerleader, co-caption with two best friends, Georgia Anderson and Cason Lee; but that's what she wants everyone to think.
Colton Black is your average bad boy. Ditching school, getting in fights, and a ladies man. But will Colton be able to see through Ava and find her true colors? Will Ava understand how much Colton cares for her?...

Ava Jackson-Candice Accola
Colton Black-Drew Van Acker
Cason Lee-Danny Edge
Georgia Anderson-Allie DeBerry


1. New Kid Talk

Ava's P.O.V

"Ava get your ass up! It's time for school." My mom yells from down stairs. She might not be the nicest mother, but she's the only thing  have left. I'll tell you that story later. I pulled the comforter off my torso and got up to take a shower.


I pulled on my black jeggings and threw on my white tank top with a jean jacket and started towards the stairs.

"Ava-" My mom started. "Coming!" I yelled before making my way to the kitchen and kissing her cheek. "Morning mom." I grabbed an apple and sat down at the island.


"Morning honey, I'm working an extra shift tonight so I wont be home til late. Are you okay with that?" she asked. "Yeah of course, is it okay if I spend the night with Case and Georgi tonight?" I knew she would say yes, but I rather ask then her find out I did it anyway and throw a hissy fit. "Of course. I gotta go, or I'll be late." She blew a kiss, then slammed the door shut.


I heard a car horn outside and grabbed my converse and bag and closed the door shut.

"Hey Ava," Cason asked from the front of the car. "Yeah?" "Did you know there is going to be a new kid today?" Suddenly I was interested. I have been going to school with the same people ever since 8th grade.

"Really? Do you know his name?" I asked Cason. Cason, Georgia, and I have been friends ever since the 7th grade when Nicole, my other co-captain which by the way is a bitch, spilt her milk all over my head and got everyone to laugh at me. Georgia called her a bitch and punched her right in the face while Cason helped me clean up my...well... entire face.

Now we stand by each others side every step of the way

"Yeah his name is Colton Black and so far he has been expelled from every school he has ever been to." Colton replied.

"Talk about badass," Georgia sang. You could obviously tell Georgia likes Cason and vise versa, but they are too afraid to admit it to each other.


 As we entered the school, everyone's attention immediately fell on us. Not saying I like it, but I'm used to it. I defiantly don't like everyone's eyes on me, it makes me quite uncomfortable. Georgia and I being cheerleaders, we're kind of popular. Not I know what you're thinking, and no, we're not the bitchy type that hurts people's feelings and criticizes everyone. We're actually really nice, and Cason is popular too because he's captain of the soccer team.

   I walked into the school doors and made a B line and immediately headed straight towards my locker, Cason hot on my trail. We share lockers next to each other, while unfortunately Georgia's locker is located on the opposite side of school.

 "When are you going to tell Georgi you like her? It's starting to get on my nerves," I complained to my best friend.

 "Never." He muttered. I rolled my eyes and retrieved my books from my locker.

 "Does it bother you at all that everyone keeps talking about the bad boy?" Cason asked, obviously trying to change the subject. He isn't getting out of it that easily.

 "Kind of. As long as the rumors every is saying about him isn't true, I think that I'll survive," I replied. Once we both got our books and stuffed them into our school bags, we headed towards Mr. Jakobson's class. Fortunately, the three of us did have almost every single class together besides our cheer and soccer, and AP classes because Cason didn't take AP.

 As we walked down the hallway, we met Georgia at a turn. In our school, there is a small section that departs into four different hallways, so if you couldn't tell, Georgia's locker was located at the opposite hallway as mine and Cason's.

 She smiled as she spotted us and stood between Cason and I.

 "Oh my god, Stacey Moore would not stop talking about this new kid. What is so special about him anyway?" She said clenching her fists, aggravated.

 "I guess because of his reputation. You know, expelled from all of his three high schools. He got expelled every year. Spray painting walls in the hallway, putting gay porn on the teachers screen and junior year setting the principles car on fire. I also heard from our fellow classmates that he's a true ladies man," I smirked.

 How ridiculous was he. I would not imagine doing any of that stuff, not even in my dreams. It's crazy to think these kind of kids are America's next leaders.

 "So I just went shopping, you like?" Georgi asked, modeling her new outfit. I smiled at her choice of attire. A pink sweater with a white cross, light wash skinny jeans and pink converse. One thing I loved about Georgi was her style, she always mixed up her type of clothes. She could wear anything and it'll look great on her.

 "Cute," I smiled truthfully. We made small talk on our way to English, talking about our plans for tonight. We decided that Cason and I would stay at Georgia's house tonight. Cason was only allowed to stay at Georgia's because unlike me, they've been best friends since babies. Their moms were best friends.

 After our small talk, we walked into class. We sat down in the back, like usual and waited for our favorite teacher to arrive for class.

 "So do you think the rumors about the new bad boy are true?" Georgia asked for like the 4th time since we arrived at class and neither Cason nor I replied.

 "Can you please just stop talking about this stupid guy?" Cason snapped. Both Georgia and I looked at Cason in shock. Georgia started tearing up but returned her attention to our now arrived teacher.

 "Sorry guys, busy morning. Anyway, I know there has been word about a new student, so please be friendly and say hi to Colton Black," he introduced as a guy walked into a classroom. Wearing a tight black t-shirt and jeans, he stood beside Mr. Jakobson, looking like he could care less about what was going on. I rolled my eyes.

 "Sit anywhere you'd like," the teacher beamed. Colton's eyes scanned the classroom, roaming for a place to sit. I noticed that lots of girls were hoping to sit next to the bad boy, but I gulped as there was an empty seat next to me.
 As I looked at back at him, his eyes were set on mine, and I knew I was dead. He started walking towards the empty seat on my right. I heard snickering behind me and shot Cason a glare. I looked to my left and Georgi's eyes were wide in shock. I gave her a 'help me' look and she sat there too stunned to move.

 "Looks like I'm your seating buddy."

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