What Does This Mean?

This isn't a diary where i put secret and crushes ad stuff like that. There is this guy that i met in the beginging of sixth grade. I thinks he is flirting or not. But ever since then this is what has happened....


3. Weeks and Weeks

After weeks and weeks of school i have started noticing so much. when ever he sees me it seems like a spark came up in his eye. Weeks and weeks i would see him at school and at church. One time at church we were in the youth room and he threw a kickball at me but it missed but was really close. It seemed like my friends were also starting to notice to. They kept saying oh he totally flirts with. Anyway i'm going to let you know a little bit of what i think of him. I think he is a player because he is always flirting with every single girl in the world. Does he have a brain. He is always hanging around his friends but i feel like he is always watching me. He does make me laugh but i don"t like him possible, i don't know. Well, ill update soon. sorry that these are so short but trust me i will start putting up more and more chapters. thanks <3

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