What Does This Mean?

This isn't a diary where i put secret and crushes ad stuff like that. There is this guy that i met in the beginging of sixth grade. I thinks he is flirting or not. But ever since then this is what has happened....


4. The Church Concert

Finally winter jam was here and our church as going to go in a group. Of course he was going. My two friends and i were taking some pictures in the parking lot before we heading to the concert. The pics were super funny. he also kept looking at me. As we got in the van we sat in the second to last row while he and his friends sat behind us. of course we talked the whole way. He seemed to be flirting because he was always looking at me when he was talking or when i was talking. When we got to the concert we had to wait in line. We all talked and just really hung out.Then he notice some cute high school girls that we looking at them and starting like talking about then. He said "they are hot" so of course i said " *couch *cough your not *cough *cough". When we got inside the place was totally packed and we soon found some seats. the concert went on for hours. Soon it was time to head home. We got in the van and everyone was quiet. when we got back to the church, everyone soon left. except my friend, him, and, me. while we waited for our parents we started talking about people from our school then soon we all left. that was the end to the kinda weird/almost perfect night.




thanks guys for reading i really am sorry that these are short just leave me a comment if here is a problem with it and ill fix it. thanks for reading guys! <3





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