under the stars

It is a soul eater lemon/fan fiction about my characters Miski Sharron and Andii Burton. This story will be a lemon near the end. I DO NOT OWN SOUL EATER OR THE CHARACTERS FROM THE ANIME. Miski knows Black*star already and boy is it going to mess stuff up.


4. Sunshine


  I dashed up to the house. I pulled out my phone and paused my music. I dialed the number scribbled on the note. It rang a couple of time. 

  "Yo," Soul said.

  "Hey," I said.

  "Good your here. Give me a second to distract Maka then run up to room 315. I'll meet you at the door."

  "Got it. See ya." Woah, he wanted me alone. The line died. I took off throwing the door open and almost off the hinges. I ran up every floor and found it on the third. No shit Miski! Shoulda checked here first. I leaned against the wall across the hall. Soul peeked his head through the door. He slipped out. 

  "I got Blair to distract her," he smirked. "Oh yea. Blair wants to meet you. I told her tomorrow. Does Andii know your here?"

  "Do usually babble this much," his smirk disappeared from him. My turn. "And no. Andii thinks I'm bra shopping."

  "Not cool," he whispered. "He's gonna notice you've been out to long."

  "Nope," my smirk turned into a full fledged smile. "I have specific tastes. BRAS."

  "Okay," he said.

  "Bright Red And Skulls," I said. Nice I was talking to a guy about bras. Idiot. "Where we going?"

  "Kid's," Soul began to walk. He came across a motorcycle. "Come on. It's not cool to be late."

  I walked past him. My green and black Kawasaki Ninja 300 was sitting right there. "Wanna race?" He stared. 

  "Holey crap," he said. "Why don't you use that more often?"

  "Andii," Simple. Soul gave me directions. I zoomed off. After about five minutes, Soul rolled up next to me. "Just wait till you see my car." His eyes widened. Yea, it's a 1984 ferrari 288 GTO."

  "Nice," he said beginning to go towards the door. He knocked and it opened. 

  "Shit," I said under my breath. Black*star. My old partner. "H-hi Black*star." The spiky blue haired meister turned to me. He snarled at me. I waved.

  "You fucking bitch," he said. He lunged for me. He pinned me. "You cheated on me bitch!"

  "Never," I said calm. His eyes widened. "I was doing my job. You were just another problem. Your body was almost taken over before I got there. Oh and nice to see you to Fucker." Three words. "Get off me. Salvum me." His eyes widened once again. Then zap. He cringed. He staggered up and against a wall. "Release. Soul can you please go real quick?"

  "Why," he looked me up and down. I gave him one look. He turned and wondered off. 

  "Damn," I said. "This is going to complicate stuff." I walked towards him. He knew. My lips met his. The only way I know how to heal. We stood like that for a while. I pulled away. "We will not tell anyone about that." I could tell he was healed.

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