under the stars

It is a soul eater lemon/fan fiction about my characters Miski Sharron and Andii Burton. This story will be a lemon near the end. I DO NOT OWN SOUL EATER OR THE CHARACTERS FROM THE ANIME. Miski knows Black*star already and boy is it going to mess stuff up.


6. Stars in the sky

  "W-what," I asked. Maybe I did not here him correct.

  "He is not real," He said again. "I over heard him on a phone earlier today. He was talking to a witch. Like the head witch or something. He is working for the witches."

  "Why are you telling me this," I looked at him. "Why is it that the second I come here my life is fucked up? Why am I even here? I had friends. A-and a boyfriend. Why did I come and give my life up for this shit? I am sooo out of here." I turned to go.

  "No," he said firmly. Way to firm for Soul. His soul quivered. "You can't go."

  "Why not," I said somehow he had me pinned against a wall.

  "We need you here," he looked into my eyes. "Lord Death needs you. Black*star might need you. DWMA needs you. A-and I need you here. Don't go please." He kissed me. Soft lips. God my life was fucked up. I felt like it was going to fast. Way to fast. This cant be normal. My story. My life going so fast. I can't keep up. Soul pulled away. "Come back inside. Kid says we can stay the night. Please I don't want you around him. He's evil. Andii is I swear." I realized it then. He might have three souls inside him.

  "Get your hands off my girl," It was Andii. Shit. Eyes glazing. Permanently.

  "Andii," I whispered. "Enough is enough. I can't believe you. You used me didn't you."

  "Finally you figured it out. Your not as smart as I thought." I shifted my soul. A dagger took form in my hand. I winced slightly. "Tell your new boyfriend how much you slept around. How untrustworthy you are. Your a whore, you know that right." That stabbed me deep. Soul was looking at me still standing there. He looked shocked.

  "Soul I need you to go inside and get Black*star," I shifted my soul again. The dagger disappeared. Soul took off for the door. I noticed the sword next to Andii. My eyes flicked to it then to him.

  "YAHOO. You needed this big star," Black*star was walking over to me. "Who's the small fry?"

  "I need you to do something for me," I said ignoring the question. "Please let me put a weapon soul in you for a second."

  "What," Black*star stopped in his tracks.

  "Please," I whimpered. "You have to help me. I will kill him."

  "Hell no," He said.

  "Then step back," I said. "I thought you would be willing to help but never mind. Do you remember the spell."

  "What spell?"

  "To stop the Black Blood."

  "No. Miski it is way too dangerous."

  "Just be ready." My soul shifted. Dagger reformed. Damn him. He has gotten soft on me. Black*star soft. Andii picked up the sword and held it out. He lunged for me. "Super me insanire libet. Ita vicit, ut ad me veniant omnes inimicos meos." I felt it take me over. The black blood. Fight on.


A/N sorry this one is short and sorry if its going to fast

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