under the stars

It is a soul eater lemon/fan fiction about my characters Miski Sharron and Andii Burton. This story will be a lemon near the end. I DO NOT OWN SOUL EATER OR THE CHARACTERS FROM THE ANIME. Miski knows Black*star already and boy is it going to mess stuff up.


1. new dawn

  "Miski, do you think we will met any new friends," the male meister asked. He is tan, muscled, with blonde hair and blue eyes. I bowed my head and gave a slight shrug. I put on my head chunky black head phones with skulls on the side. I pressed play/ Evanescence's album Fallen blasted through my head phones. I ruffled my long black hair. People were staring. Then again why wouldn't they. It's not every day you see a girl with black hair and purple eyes who was really pale and wearing a red shirt that said BITE ME across the breasts, black skinny jeans, chunky military boots, red braclets, and a choker. Right? I felt some one bump in to my. I twisted and felt a hand on my wrist. I looked at the boy who ran in to me with wide eyes. He had silver hair and red eyes. Pale and muscled. Wearing a orange t-shirt with a black jacket, black pants and shoes, and... is that a black hair band.

  "O-oh I-I'm so sorry," I stumbled nervously. "I s-should really pay a-attention."

  "It's cool," his eyes were behind me. My meister Andii had come up behind us.

  "Get your hand off my weapon," Andii barked. What the hell? He never acted like this before. The boy dropped his hand. For some reason my wrist felt weird with out him holding it.

  "A-andii, what's wrong," I asked. Andii looked at me. I stared at him. His eyes glazed over and in knew that look. "U-Um you may want to step back." The boy did so reluctantly. Andii's eyes changed colors, from blue to black. His second personality taking over. He swung at me with a right hook. I dropped and raised my hands. "Andii can you hear me? Fight him. Do it. Please for me." He spazzed out for a second, then swung again. This time it connected with my jaw. I took it. "Andii! How dare you let this demon hit me!" This got through to him. His eyes changed back and he fell to his knees. I rubbed my jaw.

  "Oh my god," Andii looked at me. I saw a white fist hit his jaw. The boy stood there pissed.

  "So not cool," he said. "You never hit girls or your weapon." He turned to me. "What the hell's wrong with him?"

  "U-um.... he has a soul inside him," I whispered. The boys jaw dropped. "O-oh b-by the way my name is Miski. Weapon at DWMA." He smirked.

  "Cool, my name is Soul," he spoke so...so... confident. Damn i was jealous of that. "Weapon at DWMA." I looked at him. I wonder who his meister is.

  "Let's go Soul before we are late," a dirty blonde asked. She had green eyes with dirty blonde hair and two pigtails. She wore a trench coat, a plaid skirt, and a yellow vest and green tie. "Wow. Um what happened here Soul." She saw my meister on the ground and my bruised jaw. As if i wasnt different enough, I just so happened to be the only one who can tame the beast inside my meister. She looked at me then at my meister than Soul.

  "Maka this is Miski and her meister Andii," he began introductions. " Miski this is Maka my meister." She smiled at me. So confident. Damn am we the only fucking weirdos here. I looked at her and clenched my jaw causing pain to sear through my jaw. I winced. Soul leaned in to my jaw. My eyes widened and I stiffened. 

  "Miski, what happened," Maka asked. She looked concerned. Okay. What can I tell her? My meister has a second soul in him, that just so happens to be a demon that takes control of him often and that he just punched me. No.

  "Nothing," I grumbled. Soul laughed once. I stared at him, giving him the shut the fuck up look. I don't think he got the message.

  "Her meister has a second soul in him and punched her in the jaw," he said. My jaw re-clenched. I stared him down. He put his hands up in defense.

  "What? That's not nothing," Maka yelled. 

  "Shut up! You don't know anything about us," I yelled. They stared at me shocked. I clenched my hands into fists. Forcing myself to calm down because Andii wanted friends here. I lowered my voice. "You just don't know anything about either of us. If you did you would know that Andii's really nice and can't control it." A tear slid down my cheek. They just didn't know how hard it is to deal with what i have to deal with. "Come on Andii. Time to go." I put his arm across my back. We went back to the apartment Lord Death got us. No school today.

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