under the stars

It is a soul eater lemon/fan fiction about my characters Miski Sharron and Andii Burton. This story will be a lemon near the end. I DO NOT OWN SOUL EATER OR THE CHARACTERS FROM THE ANIME. Miski knows Black*star already and boy is it going to mess stuff up.


3. Moon

  We walked up to the school. Death Weapon Meister Academy, or DWMA for short. We are in the crescent moon class. We are to meet our mentors outside the door. We approached the class. Stranding outside the room and the only ones still in the hall, was Soul and Maka. We stopped next to them. I cleared my throat. They looked at us.

  "So not cool," Soul mumbled under his breath. I shot him a look. A shut up look.

  "Hey, I wanted to say sorry for yesterday," Andii said. Soul grunted. " You see I have a demonic soul in me sharing my body and Miski is my Soul Exorcist. She's helping make me stronger and get rid of the little demon."

 "Honestly, yesterday was the worst i have ever saw him," I said. Maka looked intrigued. Soul was avoiding my eyes and glaring at Andii. "If i don't work fast a war will begin in him."

  "Yea , and we know what will happen then," Andii leaned against a wall. "I will end up like Miski's mother." I winced and sadness began to well up. 

  "What are you talking about," Soul asked. "Miski."

  "I-I.. no," I turned and took off. No way was i going to talk about my mother, let alone let them see me cry. No fucking way. I heard footsteps behind me. I turned a corner, and pressed against the wall, sliding to the ground. Soul rounded the corner. He bent next to me. He put a finger under my chin and lifted my face.

  "What happened tell me," He said. He cupped my chin and wiped away my tears with the other. "It's not cool to keep your feelings bottled up."

  "My mother had two other souls inside her," I whispered. He looked at me, I disappeared into his red orbs and talked to him about everything. "The souls went to war in her. Her body was shredded. I met Andii that day. It was two years ago. My mother and I were really close. I just want help as many people as I can and stop this from happening to anyone. I am almost done with Andii then I must move on. Never being able to do anything normal. No kids, no husband, no growing old with just one person. No any of that."

  "You know," he said. "We should probably get to class. We can talk more after okay." I nodded. We walked back to the classroom. Meeting with Maka and Andii again. Soul opened the door, I walked through after Maka and Andii. The whole class stared. A man sat in a rolling chair. He swirled towards us. He had striking features. A chiseled jaw, grey eyes, grey hair, and glasses. He also had stitches crisscrossing his clothing and face, and a screw sticking out of his head.

  "Well look who finally showed up," his stare was evil. "I can't wait to dissect you."

  "You struggle with madness," I said. "I can't wait to dissect you." I licked my lips. Soul was staring at the man. Maka and everyone else at me. "I am a Soul Exorcist. Your soul looks intriguing. Oh and one more thing before you begin reading my soul. I am a meister and a weapon. This means not only does Andii have two souls in him I do too. Your class just got interesting."

  "As my first request for you guys," he looked down shading his face making him look sinister. I looked at Andii. He transformed. We began walking towards the man, called Stein. "Attack me." 

  "I thought you would never ask," I said. "Not in here though. Someone could get hurt."

  I followed Stein. Pulling up my headphones and pressing play. Skillet. He lead us outside. Another man was standing there. Red hair, green eyes, a suit. He turned into a scythe. Stein's weapon. He took an offensive position. Blocking with the weapon and throwing a left. He made it so easy to tell. I held out my sleek blade and crouched with it to the left. I took one deep breath then lunged. A second before him I twisted. Sailing behind him. I smiled. I was playing with him.

  "Switch," I said. I turned into a scythe. Andii was holding me. "Blood blade."

  "Blood blade," Andii said. He ran his index finger across me cutting skin. My blade doubled in size. Blood splattered against the ground. It slithered towards Stein and his weapon. It snaked up his body. Covering him. Andii pounced at the chance. My blade encircled him. The blood was up to his neck.

  "Let me go," he said. I went human again and the blood instantly left. "An A for you guys."

  "Will Miski Montrey and Andii Burton from the crescent moon class please report to Lord Deaths room. I repeat..." We began walking then realized we have no idea where to go. I looked at Soul. He smirked and walked in front of us.

  "How did you guys do that," he said. My turn. Mindless Self Indulgance blasting my ears out.

  "Well you know," I smirked. "All this violence makes a statement. This is what I call entertainment." He snorted.He opened a door that lead to a long walkway.

  "Funny and go through this door then follow the path," he slipped a paper in my hand as i passed him. I looked at if. It was folded into a swan. Carefully as not to rip it I opened it. It read:

      Go to 1963 Soulless St. when you get there call me. 

   He had scribbled his number on the bottom. Defintally not letting Andii know. We continued down the path. We eventually got to a stage. Stein and his weapon stood next to who i guess is Lord Death. He turned and faced us.  "You guys said the wrong last name. It's Sharron not Montrey," I said.

  "Oh we did now," His voice was very cartoonish. He was a black blob looking thing with a white skull mask and giant white gloves. He clapped them together with a slap. "So sorry!"

  "It's okay," I said. He looked at me. I smiled. He is really creepy. "Ummm... yes?"

  "Well it would seem Stein is quiet fond of your fighting style," He said. I looked at Stein with a smug look. "He thinks you two are ready for a mission. Tomorrow you will be going with you mentors on a mission. They won't interfere unless you two are in trouble."

  "Okay," Andii said. "Can we go now?" We all looked at him. That's not right. His eyes began to glaze over.

  "Get back," I yelled. They backed up. "Damn, Latin didn't work. I need something stronger." I knew what I had to do. I fisted up my left hand and out at me center point. I placed my other hand on top in a line straight up. My eyes closed. "Dans la lune du Seigneur. Le droit du spectateur. Votre âme ne doit pas être conquis. Je prie pour qu'il aille. Pour vous, pour vous. Que la lumière de la lune briller sur vous, dans sa gloire, vous serez libéré." French. "In the moon of the Lord. The right of the beholder. Your soul must not be conquered. I pray for it to go. For you to be you. May the light of the moon shine down on you, in it's glory you will be released." When I opened my eyes his was unglazed. "Sorry about him. Bye." I dashed from the room. I get to go see Soul.

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