Close to Perfect

Marie goes to a one direction concert and when an unfortunate happening turns into something amazing, her dreams come true. But what happens when her dreams aren't exactly what she expected them to be?


12. Niall

We stopped kissing, out of breath, and Niall looked me in the eyes and said: "Marie I really like you, I think I may love you, and that's weird for me to say. I just- I dunno sorry. I'm bad at this mushy stuff."

I leaned my head on his shoulder. "I really like you too. But I live in Michigan. You live in Ireland."

"Well we're on tour in America for now. Let's not worry about that until later." He said, touching the tip of my nose.

"But my mom's picking me up today." I said quietly. 

Niall was silent for a few minutes. Then a grin came over his face. "I'll be right back!" He chirped, and ran out of the room. 

I lay on his bed, and turned on the T.V. Who knows what that boy is up to.

My phone beeped, and a text popped up.

 "Hey Honey! Just woke up! Text me when you wake! -Mom" 

I ignored it. About 15 minutes passed and Niall jogged back in the room, smiling widely. 

"Guess who's coming on tour with me?" Niall sing-songed.

OH MY GOSH NO WAY. I was freaking out. I squealed. "ME?!!? OH MY GOSH NIALL!!!" I ran up to hug him, but he put his hand in the way.

"Uh, no, Beyoncé is." 

My face got red, and I backed away. "Oh I-"

Niall cracked up. "No ya silly goose! You are!"

"OH MY GOSH I HATE YOU!!!" I yelled, running in to give him a hug.

"You shoulda seen yer face!" Niall said, still laughing. "So I talked to Paul, and you'll just stay in the bus with us! You can share a bunk with me, if ya don't mind, and Eleanor Calder is flying in on Wednesday, so you can meet her! She's Lou's girlfriend."

"I know", I said, grinning. "Wait what should I tell my mom?" I held up my phone so he could see the text.

"No problemo." Niall grabbed my phone and dialed my mom's number.

"Oh, Niall, bad idea-" I started, but he shushed me. 

"Hello, you're the guardian of Marie Regard?" He lowered his voice sounding official. "Ma'am, your daughter won! Well, she gets to go on tour with the band One Direction! Yes. Mhm. Well most kids don't! Of course. Yes ma'am. Yes. Yes. No, not at all. Yes ma'am. Here you are."

He handed the phone to me. "Hi mom," I said, scared of her scolding. 

"So is this all real?!" She sounded as excited as I was.

"Um, yeah. I mean YES!! It's great isn't it! So I can go, right?" I asked.

"Of course, darling. Just keep in touch! And take lots of pictures! I love you!" She made kissy noises into the phone.

"Love you too, mom! Bye!" I hung up, turning to the blonde haired boy in front of me.

"Niall, how did you do that?! She never lets me do ANYTHING!!" 

"It's the low voice, it works every time." He winked, and went in for a kiss.

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