Close to Perfect

Marie goes to a one direction concert and when an unfortunate happening turns into something amazing, her dreams come true. But what happens when her dreams aren't exactly what she expected them to be?


3. Change of Luck

I hit the floor with a big bang and everyone parted, staring down at me. The stage crew came forward, checking if I was alive, then looking away, thinking I was fine, just overcome with joy that I touched a superstar. Harry was staring at the bodyguard who pushed me down, his mouth gaped open in shock. I was struggeling to keep my eyes open. My head throbbed from the impact. It was time for Harry's solo, I could tell. But right before it started, my eyes fluttered shut. 

I woke up sweating. I looked around. I was in some sort of tent. I could hear music in the background. RIGHT. ONE DIRECTION! I sat up but instantly fell back down. 

"Woahh." Some man said. "Might want to stay down." I guessed he was the doctor? I was probably in the first aid tent. "You took quite a fall, young lady. But you're lucky. You just got knocked out for a half hour. You're going to get off with a big bruise, but nothing more. Could have been much worse." He handed me an ice pack. "Is it true? Did a bodyguard actually punch you?"

"No." I grimaced in pain as I pulled myself up. "Just pushed me down because I was too close to their merchandise."

He looked at me skeptically. "What?"

"I was joking." I said, "I was too close to one of the boys in the band."

"Oh! Wow!" He faked a laugh. "Well, you're about to luck out."

"What do you mean? I missed the concert, and I have a bruise on my head. I don't know about you, but most people wouldn't count that as 'lucking out'."

He laughed, a real one this time. "I'll be right back."

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