Close to Perfect

Marie goes to a one direction concert and when an unfortunate happening turns into something amazing, her dreams come true. But what happens when her dreams aren't exactly what she expected them to be?


4. Backstage

I stood up, and fixed my hair. There was nothing I could do about my makeup, it was ruined. Whatever. The doctor guy walked back in with a guy in the yellow stage manager shirts.

"Hi, I'm Paul." He said. The name sounded familiar, probably a manager or something.

"Marie." I mumbled. 

"There's only a half hour left of the concert, but I have these." He held something out to me, on a lanyard. Backstage passes! "Follow me."

I followed Tim back, while he unlocked several doors. He showed me a seat directly behind the stage. "You can sit here if you like. Sorry about today. I contacted your friends and parents, your mom will be here after the concert to discuss the bills with us, if there are any. We don't need a lawsuit." 

"I think I'm fine, thanks." I said.

"Alrighty. Well, enjoy the rest of the show!" He said, and walked off. 

The rest of the show was great, and I had a great view. I didn't think I was going to meet the boys, since I heard they just walk right off the stage into the tourbus, and that's exactly what they did. My mom called.

"Marie! ARE YOU OKAY!?" She screeched. She was always one for overreactions. 

"Yeah mom, I'm fine. Where are you?" I asked.

"Okay good. Well, honey, there's A LOT of traffic. I might not be there for another couple hours."

"Great. Okay, bye mom." I hung up. Crap. I walked to the side of the stage, bumping into someone.

"Erm, sorry." 

I recognized the voice instantly. I looked up. Harry Styles was right next to me. 

"It's fine." I said, not wanting to bother him. I was kind of annoyed how I got shoved down. Security really do treat the fans rudely, like we're rodents of some sort. 

"Hey wait," He said grabbing my arm. "You're the one who got pushed, correct?"

"Yeah, that's me." I said, pulling my arm away. My heart was racing.

"I just wanted to say that-" He was interrupted by a crowd of security yelling at him to hurry up and get on the bus. One of the men grabbed his bicep and pulled him back. Harry's mouth was still open, mid-sentence. The entire time he was getting dragged away, his eyes never left mine.

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