What happens when a lucky fan runs into her favorite member of 1D? Will he fall for her or will her friend interfere?


9. Sneak peek

Author's Note: Hope you enjoy!            

Anne's POV

I can't wait for Niall's and I's date later. It will be his last!!!!!!!

Iris's POV

" I am watching t.v!" Hailey yelled. " Okay!" I yelled back. Then I checked my phone, I got a text from Anne. It said If you want to see Niall's death you can. After 2 minutes I figured out what she meant. I got dressed and left for the beach.

Anne's POV

Niall and I just got out of the water. I gave him a hug and while we were hugging I took out a knife. I placed to his back but, before I could stab him someone shouted stop!

Author's Note: Hope you liked the sneak peek it takes place in the middle of the book. Bye!

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