What happens when a lucky fan runs into her favorite member of 1D? Will he fall for her or will her friend interfere?


1. Running into Him

Running into Him

    About the character

     Name: Iris


      I have a part time job at Starbucks. I love 1D!!!!!! I have a friend named Anne. She also likes 1D.

   Beginning of Story

  I was starting a cup of coffee for myself when I got a text from Anne.

  Anne: Hey since you don't have work today can you meet me at the mall

  Me: I guess I could meet you there but, I was going to go to the library I will be there in 20 minutes

  After I sent her the text I got ready. I took a shower, dried my hair. Then I put my hair in a bun. I decided to put a little bit of makeup on. I put makeup on my bags(under my eyes) and pink lip gloss. Then I put on a pair of light purple shorts and a purple tank top. I finished my coffee and I put on my purple converses. I grabbed my purple hoodie and put it on. Then I grabbed my Iphone and keys. I also grabbed a chocolate donut and got in my red sports car. I drove to the mall and met her in the food court. We decided to go down to Claire's. She bought a charm bracelet and hair chalk. I bought the same thing plus I bought a pair of earrings. After Claire's we both left the mall. I got in my car and left to the library. I parked got out and bumped into somebody. I looked up and he had blonde hair and blue eyes. IT WAS NIALL JAMES HORAN. From One Direction, he got up. And put his hand out to me I took it. Once I got up he told me to be quiet and go in the library. When he got in there he told the lady at the desk he was going to the top floor. We got in the elevator and he said the top floor was reserved for celebrities. When we got there he said he was sorry for telling me to go in the building he was just trying to get away from fans. I told him it was okay then he asked if he could have my number so we switched phones.

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