What happens when a lucky fan runs into her favorite member of 1D? Will he fall for her or will her friend interfere?


4. Movies and interviews

   Anne's POV     

   I am so mad. How could she? She knows how much I love Niall. I walked in my room and lied down on bed. I looked at my walls they were full of Niall Horan photos and facts. I just lied there thinking of ways to ruin it for her. I decided what to do I took out my phone and dialed her number. Iris is going to pay!!!

    Iris's POV

    It was 7:30 I had an hour before I have to meet Hailey, my best friend at the theater. I have know Hailey longer than I have know Anne and I met Anne in 2 grade. Hailey and I are watching the Percy Jackson and the Sea of Monsters for my birthday which is in a couple days. ( My birthday isn't really in a couple days my birthday is on August 7.) I love the first movie Percy Jackson and the Lightening Thief. I own it too. I decided to go take a shower. After my shower I , dried my hair, put it in a bun, picked out new clothes, got dressed, took my makeup from earlier off and, I listened to music. I was wearing grey sweat shorts, they are shorts made out of the same fabric as sweat pants. I had a blue tank top on. I checked the clock and it was only 8. So I turned on the news, they were about to interview One Direction. The interviewer asked them a lot of  questions they are always asked, like what is your favorite food. Do you have any tours coming up. Then the interviewer asked Niall who the girl in the photo, she was holding. The photo was of Niall and I outside the library. I was shocked by his answer he told the interviewer it was his girlfriend, Iris. Then the interview ended. I left not paying attention to the time. When I got to the theater I grabbed my hoodie from the back seat and put it on. I checked the time it was 8:15. I went in and waited for Hailey. Once Hailey walked in she walked over to me. She said she would by the tickets if I bought the popcorn and drinks. I went and bought a large popcorn and 2 drinks. Plus a box of M&M'S. Hailey and I waited at a table for a while because it was only 8:20 and the movie doesn't start until 8:45. Hailey and I talked for a couple minutes. Then Niall walked in and saw me I texted him I watched the interview. He blushed and went back to the boys. Then Hailey and I went to watch the movie.

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