What happens when a lucky fan runs into her favorite member of 1D? Will he fall for her or will her friend interfere?


3. Explaining

   Authors note: I fibbed I will update even though I don't have 3 comments. You can always enter if the character you want isn't taken you can still enter. Oh and I will start writing POV's of the characters.

Lets get back to the story

     Iris's POV

   On my way home I stopped at Dunkin Donuts to get munchkins for Anne because I will have to tell her about Niall. Oh, Niall I couldn't stop thinking of him. When I got home, Anne wasn't there which was weird. Just incase you don't know we live together Anne and I. The only reason she texted me earlier was because she had gone to a friends house the other day. She was almost always at home. Oh well it just means house to myself. I went in the house and put the donuts on the table. Then I went up to my room and thought about Niall. He was so nice and kind. I loved his blue eyes. Oh wait I have his number. I can call him. I called him and it rang 3 times then he picked up. Niall: Hello  Me: Hey Niall it is me the girl you bumped into Niall: Oh what is your name by the way Me: Iris Niall: Oh well I will meet you at the park tomorrow at 12 wear something casual k? Me: K! Bye Niall: Bye      I hung up. Then Anne walked in with the munchkins and asked who they were for. I told her how they were for her and about Niall. After I finished she was like you got me a date with him and donuts thanks. I told her the date wasn't hers it was mine then she freaked out. Then stumped off. Oh my gosh what am I going to do.

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