more then just butterflies

Grace Sanders used to live in a small town where she knew everyone, and everything that's going on. Well everything changes when she decides to make a life changing decision- moving from her small town to the big city where everything is a mystery.
Just when she finds everything is looking up she discovers who her new roommate is. A curly haired, cheeky boy who seems to use every chance he gets to get under her skin. But what if in the midst of this chaos she begins to look at Harry as more than just an annoying roommate? Even though she feels a sudden flurry of butterflies whenever she sees him, there's still those moments that make her want to slap the nippples off of him. Through the rollercoaster of emotions Grace feels whenever she's with Harry, will love conquer all? Or is Harry's cockiness too much for her?


1. roommates?

I flipped through my People magazine when the voice of a woman comes from the speakers, "we are now landing thanks for flying and we hope to see you soon!" she sounded really happy even if she was flying a plane from New York to London with no stop. We came to a stop and the sound of shuffling body's trying to get off this death trap. The second I got off. I called my mom. "Hey! There's my collage girl! How's London? Did you meet your roommate yet?" mom loved 20 questions. But before I could answer any questions I hear my dad laughing and mom yelling, "Greg! I'm worried about Grace she's far away!" my mom says. "mom I got to go get my luggage I'll text you later OK." I look around the crowded airport. "OK you better text me." I can hear the happiness and sadness in her voice. I ended the call with an 'I love you'. As I slipped my new iPhone 4 into my pocket I looked up right as someone slammed into me and dumped their hot liquid down me.

"What the hell watch was your going!" I yell at him. "oh my god I so sorry." his green eyes were large and his mouth formed an O. He held his hands out not sure of what to do. I look a deep breath in and out.

"it's fine. I mean it's not but." I stop before I freak out on him. "here take my coat" he's about to take of his coat when I realize what he has on. He has on a scarf and a pea coat. I couldn't help but giggle. "what?" he looks confused. "nothing OK just leave me be. And if you ever see me again just keep walking." I make sure he understands so I talked slow. "I can hear" his face lifts to a smile. " I just guessed because you're blind." I smile. 'I like your smile." his smile grows and mine fades. "I don't have time for this." I say walking to security.


Knowing my luck I spent forever at security. I knew something stupid would make it take forever to get out. by the time I did it was dark. it took a minute to get a cab to pull over. and I only had to wave. In America you had to stand in its way just to get them to stop.

"were to love?" the man asks. "Rosewood apartments" I say.

it felt like forever. but I finally got to the apartments. I lugged my two overly sized cases up to the 4th floor. and found apparent 6B. I was excited to meet my new roommate, but also scared she comes with a strait jacket. I unlocked to door to find a hall one way leads to the bathroom the other to the kitchen. In front of the door there's a wooden table with a flowerpot and under the table there are three shoes and a backpack. I'm guessing someone got all set in nice.

"is anyone home? I'm Grace your roommate." I call through the house. I walked into the kitchen looking into the living room. and there HE was... eating cereal on my couch! he stands up and pulled out his headphones. "hey girlie what are you doing in my flat?" he had a charming voice.

"what I want to know is why you're eating in my apartment." I reply. he gives me an odd look. "love this is my flat and I'm waiting for my roommate." he smiles. "OK I let girlie slide but love! I don't think so! Also, this is my apartment so get out." I say with a straight face. "well then you must be Grace my new roommate. I'm Harry. Its great to have such a fit roommate!" he holds out his hand I just look at it "OK.. so I have a band there is only two others. ones really loud and the other is always hungry." he explains. "OK what does fit mean and this it's a apartment not a flat. lastly your a... guy" I say with a unpleasant voice.

"I will let you figure out what they mean. And I guess you have to make a special request to have the same gender. and I'm guessing neither of us knew that.I was supposed to share with one of my band mates but something happened there. any more questions?" he smiles with his dimples. "no but I'm not sharing a room with you. You can sleep on the couch." I say in a demanding voice. " What can't you handle sharing a room with me. Don't get to angry you already laughed at my cloths. If you want I have a bunch more you can go giggle at my jumpers." he said sweetly while insulting me " you're crazy-" he cuts me off " mad"

"you're sleeping on the couch. " I go into my room change into sweats and fell asleep not my new bed.


I wake up to... Harry? Yeah that's it in the bed across the room. I get up and shake the bed he kind of mound at me " this is my room get out an on the couch" he opens his eyes looks at me and brushes his hair to the side. And his eyes are closed again. In frustration I pull off the covers to a naked body. I cover my eyes scream and he covers up. " on my freaking god I'm blind I'll never see again!! What's your problem not only did you sleep In my room but you didn't have anything on do you have a mind!!" I'm screaming at Him.

" don't you know almost all sexy British boys were no close to bed? It's your felt for pulling off the covers and I was going to get up but after our left so we could avoid this." he said not even disturbed at all " did you like it" he asked with a grin " awe your gross. Do you have a mind" I ask staring at the ground to scared to look up " yeah you liked it. Hold up throw me some pants" he said " no I didn't" I add on a I throw him some jeans " wow you need to learn how we talk. By the way these are trousers pants are under trousers so what you call underwear" he said pointing to a pair. I don't see anything and give him what he wanted " oh and I have a habit of not wearing close at home " he add to our topic " that's gross just put clothes on when I'm around OK" I said" OK I guess oh the boys are coming over today and I we have guy talk so you can't listen " he said I glare at him


I get home get through the door. " I dont wear cloths" it runs throughout my head and so do the image. " Harry are you home?" I call out. " yeah me and the boys are in here I seat a list of words and phrases on your bed." I roll my eyes " wow you and work hard to believe.-"I'm cut off by the burn oohs from the other room "You got beer?" I said " yeah I got a bunch but you can't have one till you tell me how you liked this morning" he sounded all cocky. I walk in the room put my stuff on the table grab one and say in the most sarcastic voice ever " this morning I saw some very riveting thing and I really hope it happened again and thank you so much for the beer and you're always lovely cocky acidity.. Bye see you in hell" and I shut the door to my room. The other two burst into laughter. I quickly change into pajamas and start going thru the list. Some made since but others were stupid. The boys in the other room are talking about me I could tell I could hear " she's super fit and funny your a lucky dude ,"and" I'll make her like me" " you two have been getting in rows I'm guessing" " she seems cheeky" also I made out " she saw your junk? Have you seen her?" these boys were pigs.

I about fell asleep when I hear a knock at the door " who is it " I say " um its Niall, Harry's friend" he said in a soft voice " um come in I guess " I reply the door slowly opens to an blond blue eyed boy looking cheeky is what I think what they say. He stands in front of the door" Harry's not always like this he's kind of off lately his girlfriend cheated on him so they broke up and he just needs time give him some time and he' all grow on you. But anyways I'm going so bye" I smile " bye..."

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