more then just butterflies

Grace Sanders used to live in a small town where she knew everyone, and everything that's going on. Well everything changes when she decides to make a life changing decision- moving from her small town to the big city where everything is a mystery.
Just when she finds everything is looking up she discovers who her new roommate is. A curly haired, cheeky boy who seems to use every chance he gets to get under her skin. But what if in the midst of this chaos she begins to look at Harry as more than just an annoying roommate? Even though she feels a sudden flurry of butterflies whenever she sees him, there's still those moments that make her want to slap the nippples off of him. Through the rollercoaster of emotions Grace feels whenever she's with Harry, will love conquer all? Or is Harry's cockiness too much for her?


3. my friends

I wake up the next morning, getting ready as soon as I can and trying to leave the apartment without saying a word to the booys. I’m too embarrassed to even look Louis in the eyes.

“Grace, do you have friends at Uni?” Niall asks as I’m halfway out the door.

“Yes.” I reply.

“Why don't you ever hang out with them?” He asks.

“Because they don't exist.” Harry smiles winks and walks away.

“They do too!” I inform him.

“Prove it then.” His grin just makes my skin itch, to punch him that is.

“ I don’t have shit to prove to you!” I yell.

“So they aren't real.” He smirks from the other room.

I open my mouth to object but Louis comes up and wraps his arm around my shoulder. “Hazza, I’m sure she has plenty of fit friends just like her.” I quickly push his arm away from me and walk out the door to class.


“I never knew you had roommates Grace.” Ax says.

“Oh no. I just have one, two just spend their life in my apartment.” I sigh opening the door. I first take a look around and the apartment is torn apart.

“Harry!” I yell. 
“Yes, love?” He pops his head around the corner.

“It’s a mess!” I exclaim.

“It’s homie.” He explains, the way he said it sounded like Jenna Marbles.

I take a deep breath and turn to Ax and Liam. “I’m so sorry.” I sigh.

“Whoa, Grace, I didn't know you were a slut!” Harry cries.

“That explains a lot.” Louis comes around the corner.

“These are some of my friends!” I glare at Harry and Louis.

“Don't you have any girl friends?” Harry asks in curiosity.

“Yes! Katerina has a essay to write and Alex and Amy are working an extra shift.” I say, pushing past the both and jumping on the couch, where Niall was sitting.

Liam jumps on the couch in between Niall and I, Ax taking the chair.

somehow within 20 minutes we had a huge debate on who would win in a fight Aquaman or Batman.

“It’s Batman, there is no discussion here.” Ax points out.

“No, there is. Aquaman could kick Batman's butt any day.” I object.

“There’s no way, Aquaman does nothing, he can only breath underwater.” Ax was determined to win.

“Batman’s just a prick with money and too much time on his hands.” I backfire.

“She does have a valid point.” Liam adds.

“Whatever I give up, she is so relentless.” Ax leans back on the chair.

“Wanna take a picture and send it to Katerina?” I ask an evil grin on my face. With no answer they get in close, I pull out my phone and smile. A click goes off and I check the picture. Ax’s hazle eyes are crossed and dirty blond hair messed up, his pink lips form a strange shape while his nostrils are flared.I have a blank stare in my eyes while I suck my checks into a fish face. Liam on the final hand has a sweet smile on his face, his hair perfectly in line.

“Liam you make us look mentel.” I point the the photo on my phone.

“Maybe you are.” he smiles.

“Let us pretend we are normal!” Ax crys.

“But you’re not.” Liam laughs.

“Don’t say it to his face!” I shriek, pulling Ax into a weird hug.

“Grace, get off me.” Ax says with a straight face.

“Just send the picture to Kate already.” Liam says while he roll off the couch onto the floor.

“Yes princess, whatever you say.” I press send on my phone.

“Hey, hey, hey! He prefers queen!” Ax crosses his arms.

“I’ll also take your majesty.” Liam calls from the floor.

“Hail to him, the king of glory!” Ax yells, his voice echoing throughout the apartment.

“I hail to no one!” I scream out for the world to hear.

Liam gets up from the floor and grins mischievously. “What if... I forced you to hail to me?” He grabs my left foot and begins tickling me like no tomorrow.I scream out and Ax laughs, scrambling over to the scene and holding me down as Liam continues to attack me.

“I. Hate.You. All” I say between laughs and breaths.

“Hail to me, Grace!” Liam shouts, “We won’t stop until you do!”
“Now wait a second,” Ax says, “Why am I helping you if she’s just going to hail to you? What do I get out of this?”
“I’ll get you coffee or something.” Liam looks up from me and over to Ax.
Suddenly, the door to my apartment opens and in walks a tall girl with light brown hair, ice blue eyes, and a gorgeous figure. He cheekbones are greatly defined and her skin is clear, creating an absolutely beautiful girl.

“Hey guys,” Alex greets as she walks in with a halfhearted smile. She has dark bags under her eyes and her hair is put up in an extremely messy bun. She leans against the counter as if it was life support. Overall she looks completely wiped. Maybe she just got off the phone with her parents.

“My gosh, Alex, you look like crap.” Ax states bluntly, walking up to the counter.

“Yeah, terrible.” Liam agrees.

“Gee, thanks guys. Guess who’s coffee I’m spitting in now.”

“Liam and Ax’s?” I jump up in hope, still trying to catch my breath.

She rolls her blue eyes and nods, too tired to come back with anything like her usual, sarcastic self. “Yes. Liam and Ax’s.”

“Good! They both deserve it!” I say crossing my arms and pouting.
Alex narrows her scarily bright eyes at the two boys. “Did you two tickle her again? You know she doesn’t like that!”
“At least this time it was not in the middle of class!” I glare over at Ax and Liam. 
“You pricks! In ten minutes you are SO going to regret this!” She fumes, jokingly of course. Then again, I never really know anything for sure with Alex. She seems a bit unstable at times, either A) going to rip your arms off if you say the wrong thing or B) break down in tears. Mostly after she’s on the phone with her parents. She always seems so agitated and down after talking to them.
“HA! You’re in for it now!” I laugh pointing my finger in their direction, knowing true hell is coming their way.
“Now,” Liam starts, “Let’s not get too hasty, Alexandra.” 
Alex’s eyes flare with anger and I Iaugh. Oooh, he just screwed himself! “DON’T call me Alexandra,” she growls, “Now what do you want?”
“Guys calm down.” I say walking up to Alex. 
“I’ll take that spit now.” Ax his face filled with fear, the sentence was not at all in a flirty way as some might take it. 
“Alex, see what you did? Ax might have to go change his pants now.” 
“Oh, he’s not wearing his diaper today? Sorry, I forgot you’re still potty training him.”

"Hey, he's been doing better." Liam laughs.

"Thanks guys." Ax stands there with nothing more to say.

"It's ok Ax, I'm metaphorically peeing my pants too." I try to keep a straight face but burst into laughter.

"Watch yourself Carder, this is my best friend you're laughing at." Liam worns me.

"Make me Payne." My face is serious which matches the sound of my voice.

“Fine.” He says charging at me, scooping me up and throwing me over his shoulder.

“Liam! put me down!” I scream pounding my fists onto his back.

“You asked for it.” He says calmly walking over to my room.

“Want to watch a movie?” I can hear Alex ask Ax.

“Liam! Where are you taking me!” I cry still pounding on his back.

“Oh, its nowhere.” He opens the door to my room and puts me on the ground.

“Stay.” Liam motions for me to not movie.

“I’m not a dog Liam.” I say still on the ground.

“Have fun.” He laughs closing the door and locking it.

“Liam! You didn't!” I cry jumping up trying to open the door.

“Next time you will think twice before you make fun of Ax.” He shouts from behind the door.

“Grace, you don't want to hang out with us?” Harry smirks from his bed. My need out skyrockets as I see three very annoying boys trapped in the same room as me. “LIAM! Please! Please let me out! I’m sorry!” I bag pounding on the door.

“No, you need to learn your lesson.” Liam laughs through the door finding my pain funny. 
“I’m sorry, it won't happen again! just get me away from these idiots!” I cry dramatically falling to the floor.
“Well love, you’re stuck with us.” Harry’s smile grows into a creepy grin. 
“Please!” I plead “I’ll hail to you! Just please let me out!” 
“I want a hug too.” I hear Liam right on the other side of the door.
“Deal.” I stand up waiting for the door to open. The door slowly opens to a smirking Liam.
“I want my hug now.” He holds his arms out, quickly I wrapped my arms in his warm body but then within seconds I pull away. 
“What kind of hug was that?” He questions blocking the exit. I roll my green eyes and once again wrap my arms around Liams waste, followed by his strong arms form around my back. I rest my head on his chest and listen to the soft murmur of each breath he takes. I can hear his heart pumping softly in his chest. The room seemed to stop and no one else was around. I can’t find where my body stops and his begins, I feel as if we have melted into each other. His arms feel safe, warm, and like a dream. All fears and worries disappear, just this calm feeling.

From behind me I hear an awkward cough, my eyes rip open and I untangle myself from Liam. I turn around to the boys behind me Niall and Harry are trying to not make eye contact, their eyes graze around me and the room, Louis though. His stare is directly on Liam and I. I bite my lip feeling really awkward.

“Um, lets go see what Ax and Alex are watching.” Liam tries to blow over the stare Louis has on his face.
“Yeah sounds good.” I quickly agree turning on my heels.

“Bye Grace, see you tomorrow.” Ax smiles grabbing Liam’s jacket and throws it at him.
“Thanks for having us over.” Liam smiles and catches the jacket. 
“Bye guys.” I smile and wave from the couch. The door shuts and Harry, Louis, and Niall burst out of the room. 
“Are they gone?” Louis asks, “Where did she come from?” Louis asks more intrigued in Alex  then Ax and Liam. 
“This is Alex, she is spending the night because its to late to get on the metro by herself no matter how badass she thinks she is." I sigh. "Which means bye." I point back into the other room.

"So are you going to wait for Liam to ask you out or are you going to grow some lady balls and ask him yourself?" She asks right as the boys are out if hearing.

"What! I don't like Liam." I don't think I do. The hug confused me.

"Oh come on! You two are the most clichè couple ever. You both like each other." She lounges on the couch.

"I-" I'm cut off by Alex.

"Don't lie to me Carder!" She warns me.

"I mean..." I trail off not sure quite what to say, "I guess I kinda like him." I admit.

"I knew it! If you two don't date I'm going to punch someone!" She smiles her large beautiful smile of hers.

"There's no way he likes me. I mean why would he, I'm nothing special. You on the other hand, you could be a model." I poke her cheek and settle into the other half of the couch. "So, did your parents call you?" I ask remembering how she looked when she first arrived.

You see, her parents are huge in the film business, so are her siblings. Her whole family are huge big time actors, except for her that is. Acting does not come naturally to her as it does her family, but she does sing amazingly. She was always the child who was never paid any attention to. She’s practically forgotten. Alex spends every waking moment to try and please her family, to show them she's worth something. She doesn’t admit it though, and neither does she tell anyone about her parents. They never had the intention to tell anyone they had a middle child so she doesn’t have the intention on letting anyone know. The only reason I know is because she has the exact same ice blue eyes as her older brother.

"Yeah, guess who got the main part in a new upcoming movie?" Her voice drips with fake excitement.

"Josh?” she nods. “Really? Did you tell them you are the best student in your one medical class? Or got the solo in that music showcase?" I ask.

"I tried but they are just so happy for Josh." She sighs.

"I'm sorry Alex, if it means anything I'm thrilled for you. How about we watch a movie.” I suggest thinking of all the possible movies.

“I guess, what do you want to watch?” She asks
“I don’t know, I only brought so many from the US. Lets see what Harry has.” I jump up digging through the shelf of movies, Alex helps by digging past all the crappy movies. 
“Oh what about this one!” she pulls out Skyfall. “Wait hold up.” she stops looking in the empty stop where the movie was. “What is this?” her voice fills with joy. 
“What?” i try to pear in.
“Why did you hide Moulin Rouge behind Skyfall?” she asks.
“I didn't. Thats not my movie.” I begin to laugh. 
“That means.......” She trails off into laugher. 
“Harry!” I call trying to catch my breath. 
“What?” His accent is muffled through the door.
“Come here! I have a question!” I call trying to get him in here. The door opens to a cocky Harry.
“Yes, I will snog you.” His smile almost curves in a U, his teeth are all showing and his dimples large and hard to miss.

“That was almost funny.” I roll my eyes. “Anyways, why do you have this?” I point over to the movie in Alex’s hands. He quickly got nervous, his smile gone and his eyes grow large.

“Thats not mine!” He shakes his head making his curls bounce.

“Well its not mine.” I try with every ounce of my body not to burst into laughter.

“I..It’s....No!” He objects.

“Then who’s is it?” I raise my eyebrow.

“Harry, just admit it. You have a Vajayjay.” Alex nods and Harry starts to turn red.

“I do not! I have man parts! Grace has seen them!” He points at me reminding me of what happened a while back.

“Grace! Naughty girl!” Alex makes fun of me.

“It..He.. He sleeps naked! How am I supposed to know that!” I most likely look like Harry now.

“Back to the point is this yours?” Alex questions again.

“Fine its mine! Just put it back!” He admits, “Don't tell the guys!” He pleads.

“Now, Now Harry. What would we get from humiliating you! What kind of people do you think we are?” Alex shows off her sweet smile.  




“Please don’t!” Harry pleads

“I’m sorry, I must Harry.” I open the door to where all the boys are. “Want to watch one of Harry’s movies with us?” I ask a smile on my face.

“Sure what movie?” Louis pipes in with his loud voice.

“Grace.” Harry whimpers.

“Moulin Rouge.” Alex quickly says, noticing my hesitation.

“Isn't that a girl movie?” Niall asks.

“Don’t worry Niall, its so good you might puke blood.” Alex laughs.

“Satine! No! Tell me you don’t love me!” I shriek.

“Christian, I make men believe what they want to believe.” She mocks the movie while fake coughing.

“So you in? It is Harrys movie.” I try not to laugh, this movie is really sappy.
“Sure I’m in.” Louis shrugs. 
We all gather on the couch. “how excited are you harry?” I laugh sitting next to him. 
“Can I go?” he asks.
“why of course not.” I say. 

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