more then just butterflies

Grace Sanders used to live in a small town where she knew everyone, and everything that's going on. Well everything changes when she decides to make a life changing decision- moving from her small town to the big city where everything is a mystery.
Just when she finds everything is looking up she discovers who her new roommate is. A curly haired, cheeky boy who seems to use every chance he gets to get under her skin. But what if in the midst of this chaos she begins to look at Harry as more than just an annoying roommate? Even though she feels a sudden flurry of butterflies whenever she sees him, there's still those moments that make her want to slap the nippples off of him. Through the rollercoaster of emotions Grace feels whenever she's with Harry, will love conquer all? Or is Harry's cockiness too much for her?


2. Harrys friends

I woke up to Harry in the bed across the room. I chose to leave him, didn't want to repeat yesterday. On top of that after talking to Niall felt bad for him, and for his ex, i surely wouldn't want to date him. I got up and took a quick shower changing into jeans and a band T. I made my way to the kitchen where I had a quick breakfast and a cup of coffee. Before i left for class I left a note:
“hey Niall told me about your girlfriend. I’m going to class if you want anything let me know, i put my number in your phone. I’m in a good mood don't screw it up! sorry for being a bitch, i will try and work on that. 
Right before my last class got out i got a text from Harry:

hey Niall what the hell did you say Grace, I got a freaking apology this morning!

I rolled my eyes and texted him back,

Wrong number idiot 

It didn't take long for him to respond

can you get taco shells?

I responded


after that he didn't text back.

I got home and threw the Taco shells at Harry. “guys, i think we all need to bond. I know just the thing.” i smile sitting on the couch. “ Vampire diaries is on tonight and I think it would be a great idea if we all watch it together.” i smirk taking the remote. 
The screen goes black and then shows what's going to be next week, Louis jumps up and on the top of his lungs screams “Team Damon!” 
Louis’s loud cheer made Niall and Harry jolt awake. 
“is it over?” Niall asks.
“yeah, I’m going to go study.” i stand up throwing the remote in the empty stop on the couch. 
I changed into sweats and walked over to the full mirror and studied myself. Dark brown curly hair with side bangs, pale green eyes, freckles across my nose and cheeks, long eyelashes and a curvy body. 
I jumped on my bed and started to pull out my intro to physics book when I hear Louis “I would snog her anyday.” who knows what they are doing, probably looking at Kate Upton photos, suprise suprise!
I started reading the chapter but after about 20 minutes i felt bags under my eyes, so I placed the book to the side and got under the covers. 

that night I dreamt of Louis with his light brown JB hair, blue eyes, and crazy cloths. I can't quite remember what happened though. As I woke up a bit more I looked across the room to an empty bed. I got up and went into the living room to not just Harry but all three of them past out on the floor. Harry was hugging a milk carton. I looked like they had a huge party while I was asleep. I quietly walked over to Harry and shaked him using my foot still not waking up I start lightly kicking to wake him up. He moaned and rolled over. I turned around to wake up another boy but Louis was laying there, eyes opened staring at me. 
“Louis get up. I want someone up when i leave for class.” i explained. 
“get up and  I will make you some coffee.” I reach my hand down to help him up.
“ let the others sleep, I just need someone awake when I leave.” I say.
He has this blank expression on his face he stares at me and grabs my hand and pulled himself up. 

By the time I had coffee made Louis was prancing and dancing around singing jungle book. His face has the same expression then before, a blank expression. It took me a second to realize he is asleep and has been the whole time. 
I was not sure whether or not to wake him up so I decided to ask harry. Slowly I made my way over to Tim and nudged him with my foot.
"Harry, Louis sleepwalking. Do you want me to wake him?" I ask.
"Just give him a good slap, he will wake right up." His voice sounds raspy tied and thick with his accent. 
I did as harry was told and movies swiftly over to Louis quickly and cleanly slapped him in the face. I didn't hit too hard but it still made a good sound. 
Louis stops where he is, his hand moves up to his cheek and he gives me a confused look.
"That hurt!" He wines. 
"You were sleep dancing." I say as though me slapping him was a favor. 
"Did you have to slap that hard!" He complains.
“Sorry, but I have school at 12 and i need you awake. There's coffee in the kitchen. But I highly recommend a shower, you smell.” i say. 
I sat down and started to eat my breakfast. After about ten minutes Louis comes out in nothing but a towel. 
“are you planning on getting dressed?” i ask raising my eyebrows.
“theres nothing to change into.” he says while pouring coffee into a mug. 
He sat down, still in nothing put a towel, and started talking. 
“So how are you liking england it's pretty great if you ask me. Did you know I'm in a band and I sing i'm going to go on x factor and be famous do you want to be famous I can be your famous friend and you're super fit I was once at a hotel and j saw this one girl and I thought she was fit but not as fit as you. Harry thinks you're fit too. Niall wants to be your girl buddy you know like your best friend that like holds your hair when puke. So we call him a girl. You're not going to puke right because that's gross. And it make’s your mouth smell and you can't smog with a smelly mouth.  Trust me I know everything.” he starts to ramble about pretty much everything. 
“Thats great Louis, now can you get dressed?” I try to stop him from talking. 
“ok.” he happily trots off into the other room. With that I left for school.
I got back to an empty apartment so I decide to take a long shower. After my  lovely, long shower i put on my black lacy bra and matching underwear, I exited the bathroom into the bedroom and realized most of my cloths are in the ‘laundry room’. Hastily i lisen to see if Harry is back, luckily no one was here.
i open the door and make my way to the dryer. I pulled out a Paramore T and some grey Aero sweatpants. As I close the dryer door I hear a voice behind me. 
“nice to see you too Grace.” My eyes practically pop out of my head when I realise Louis is standing behind me. 
“oh my god!” I shout turning to him and hiding my skimpy black lacy bra and underwear. 

I only had them because a boyfriend of mine bought them for a movie night at my house. I’m not like that though, so I dumped him right there and told him to get out. He left them there saying ‘fine. i’ll leave them here for the next guy you decide to hit.’ He was also really drunk. 

“Lou! get out!” i yell still standing here feeling really awkward with him just glancing me up and down. 

“those are really small don’t you think?” he ask still standing there. 
“oh my god!” I finally give up quickly jogging to my room and shuting the door hehind me.
I looked in the mirror, my face was bright red and my underwear where ‘sexy’ which only made my face go brighter red. I put on the cloth i went through so much truble for and stayed in my room all night, I refused to talk to anyone except i did text some friends from the university.

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