more then just butterflies

Grace Sanders used to live in a small town where she knew everyone, and everything that's going on. Well everything changes when she decides to make a life changing decision- moving from her small town to the big city where everything is a mystery.
Just when she finds everything is looking up she discovers who her new roommate is. A curly haired, cheeky boy who seems to use every chance he gets to get under her skin. But what if in the midst of this chaos she begins to look at Harry as more than just an annoying roommate? Even though she feels a sudden flurry of butterflies whenever she sees him, there's still those moments that make her want to slap the nippples off of him. Through the rollercoaster of emotions Grace feels whenever she's with Harry, will love conquer all? Or is Harry's cockiness too much for her?


4. best night ever!

"My god Grace you take forever to get ready." Alex stands in the middle of the living room ready to go when I'm still brushing my teeth.

"I don't have to brush. If you want I can just have bad breath." I say between the toothbrush in my mouth.

"Liam won't care about the smell of your breath now hurry!" She complains throwing herself over the couch.

“Alex! we are going to class.” I try to say through the toothpaste.

“Yes, classes with LIAM!” She sings out his name. I just roll my eyes as I spit into the sink.

“Can we go now?!” Alex’s eyes grow.

“Yes.” I laugh grabbing my black victoria secrets backpack with large floral print covering every inch.


“Grace, lovely to see you again.” Amy calls from the back off the class, everyone in the large room looks back at me.

“Miss. Carder, please take your seat.” The professor says. He was so posh, but also so old. He reminds me of a proper albert einstein.

“sorry.” I smile walking to the back and sitting down next to Amy. Her light brown with soft curls rest on her chest. Her large light blue eyes shine bright.

“Hey Amy.”  I smile pulling out my sketchbook flipping to the next empty page.

“Hey did you draw anything last night?” she asks flipping through her many many drawings.

“Yeah, one I woke up at one am from a dream and had to sketch out the couple” I say showing a quick drawing of a man and a woman hugging. I felt like I knew them.

“Thats really good.” Amy says scanning the paper.


I walk into my last class of the day exhausted. The times seems to move at slug like rates and my eyelids feel heavy. I sit down towards the back and place my bad beside my feet.

“Grace have you have you seen Katerina?” Liam joggs into to the back sitting next to me.

“No I haven't seen her all day, she might be home sick.” I say, “why?”.

“She has my essay I need to turn in.” He leans back in the chair as exhausted as me.

“Hello Liam, Grace.” Alex winks at me and take the open seat to the other side of me.

“Hey Alex!” I take a curl and pull it making it bounce like a spring.

Ax suddenly runs into the room breathing heavily, He stops in front of the door placing his hands on his knees trying to catch his breath. He finds us with his eyes and makes his way back, “ I made it.” He says between breaths.

“Its college Ax, you can be late.” I explain.

“ yeah but if I’m late then Mrs. Green will know me and ask me questions I don’t know the answer to.” He says

“where's Zayn?” Liam asks looking throughout the room.

“I bet dinner hes somewhere between Neverland and late.” Ax laughs at his own joke, if thats what you want to call it. What seems like seconds later Zayn walks into the room taking a seat next to Liam.

“Hey Zayn dinner at my place tonight, Ax’s treat.” I lean so I can see Zayn who was blocked by Liam.

“Sure, that’d be great.” Zayn laughs.

"Awesome, Liam will you give him my address?" I ask.

“yeah sure.” he smiles turning the other direction

"Liams very willing to help.” Alex whispers into my ear.

“He’s simply closer.” I whisper back.

“Whatever makes you feel good Grace.” She snickered to herself.

“Alex!” I try to stay quit.

“You will thank you later.” she winks.

“I hate you sometimes.” I pout sitting back in the chair crossing my arms. As I do she just laughs at me.

“Love you too.” she smiles.


“What time do you want me to come over?” Zayn says stuffing his things into his bag.

“Really anytime, I’m going to take Ax the the story to get some food from him to cook so you can come later or hang out at my apartment until I get there.” I try to think out loud.

“How will I get in if you’re not home?” Zayn asks looking very puzzled.

“If Harry or one of his friends are not there I put a key above the door.” I shove my overly large note book into my backpack.

“Okay cool I might just hang out.” Zayn smiles, “That cool?” he asks.

“Yeah no problem.” I smile.

“I’ll go with you.” Liam says to Zayn walking out beside him.

“Oh look he’ll wait for you.” Alex puts on a ‘touched’ face and her left hand over her heart.

“Oh so funny.” I keep my straight face.

“What did I miss..” Ax stands in confusion playing with the shark tooth he always seems to have hanging from his neck.

“Well Ax, when a girl and a boy love-”

“ She thinks she know everything and has to tease me about everything.” I cut Alex off from her rant that 1.) had to do with nothing and 2.) was going to make things really awkward really fast.

“Grace likes Liam!” Alex shouts.

“What!” Ax’s eyes grow large in size.

“I- um.. Alex!” I bring this back to her.

“He needs to know!” she says taking down the hall, “see you tonight Grace.”

“So... What are you planning on making?” I hold an awkward smile on my face.


Harrys POV


Louis lays on the couch consumed in his phone, Niall srums at his guitar playing a few cords, I mentally sing the song stuck in my head that I really only know a few lines too.

Cuz I'm free, free fallin', fallin'-

"Lou what are you doing?" I ask.

"Instagram." He quickly responds.

"Who's Instagram are you looking at?" I question growing nose.

"I found Grace's and I'm just looking at her pics." He glances up at me and back down.

"She looked pretty popular." Lou smiles his eyes glued to the glowing screen.

"You sound surprised." Niall says still messing with the guitar.

"Haven't really thought about her friends in america." I speak up.

"I bet they are really hot too." Louis grins.

I take a breath in to reply but the door is opened around the corner.

"Grace, hello love." Lou chimes without taking eye contact away from his phone.

"Grace is with Ax." Liam pops around the wall.

"With?" Louis' eyes rip up and fill with anger sadness and maybe even jellicy.

"Yeah, Ax bet that Zayn would be late and he wasn't so he has to make us dinner so they are at the store." Liam laughs.

"Who's Zayn?" Niall ask laying the guitar in his lap.

"That's me." A boy with tar black hair that sticks up smiles. His olive skin and deep brown eyes with long eyelashes make him stand out.

"Hello I'm Louis! The one with the really curly hair is Harry and the blonde is Niall." Louis gushes.

"Hi.. You play?" Zayn points to nialls guitar.

"Yeah you?" Niall says.

"No I sing though." Zayns Bradford accent is thick.

"Who's coming over exactly?" Louis changes the subject.

"Us, Ax, Alex, and maybe a few of Graces friends." Liam rolls his eyes up while thinking.

"How good are you?" Niall asks Zayn.

"I'm ok." He shrugs.

"Don't sing like in those stupid clechè musicals" I worn.

“Paramore is easily the greatest band of all time.” everyone looks over to where the door was hidden.

“No theres no way.” another voice speaks.

“Does it matter.” a male voice sound

“Of course it does.” Grace says walking into veiw, “hey guys, WE GOT FOOD!” she throws her hands up.

“Ax was being a baby so we got take out.” Alex laughs going into the kitchen digging into the fridge.

“I can’t cook i would never hear the end of it if i gave you all food poisoning.” Ax pouts around the corner placing a large bag on the island

“Food!” Niall cried jumping up.

“Not for you.” Alex warns, raising her eyebrows.

Nialls expression falls as he mops back to the chair.

"Grace how many people are coming over and staying over?" I ask

"We have two more and everyone is staying over." Grace smile, "will that be a problem for you?"

"Yes ac-"I'm cut of

"Don't really care." She starts unpacking box after box of food.

"When are they coming?" Niall asks.

"Soon." She grabs a box and chopsticks eating the rice inside.

"Grace. Can I have some?" Niall pouts.

"Sure." She smiles.

"Do you have bottled water?" Alex study's the fridge.

"No we take a large water container and fill it up with water from a water fountain." Grace laughs taking a seat on the floor her rice still in her hand.

"Do you have popcorn?" She closes the fridge in frustration.

"Yeah but save it fit later." Grace takes another bite of rice.

I'm still into you! In still into yo-

"Hello?" Grace says trying to swallow rice.

"Yeah second floor." She pauses.

"Fifth door to the right."she says into her phone.

"Yeah from the elevator go right and the fifth door on the left side." She chews at her rice.

"Ok see you then." Her smile grows.

"Amy and katerina are coming up."

"Who?" I ask

"Friends." Alex replays for me.


Amy's pov


"What did Grace say?" Katerina asks while locking her black Cadillac Escalade.

"Second floor right hall and fifth door to the left." I rehire grace.

"We are so going to get lost." Katerina laughs.

"No I'm sure you will hear Alex make fun of Ax at the elevator." I giggle.

“Sounds about right.” Katerina laughs her blond hair flips a little in the wind. she adjust the brown belt around her stomach. Along with the belt she had on a navy blue skirt that when from the belt to the top of her knees with a lace navy blue shirt that is almost completely see through. But over top she has on a white button up shirt with the sleeves rolled past her elbows. I on the other hand have on a dark gray Beatles T and a pair of distressed jeans.

"If we don't hear Alex we will hear Grace." Katerina says stepping into the elevator.

"That's right Grace doesn't like her roommate." I laugh as the elevator door shouts.

Slowly the silver elevator movies but soon comes to a stop. the doors slide open to a tall man. He has dark brown hair almost black. his eyes were a bright opal none like I have ever seen. He swiftly steps into the elevator standing in front of me and Katerina. his smile almost outshines his eyes. Standing with a form of confidence he looks at Katerina.

“Hi, I’m Dalton.”is body faces Katerina.

“Katerina you can call me Kate.” she slightly smiled.

“I love that name why would you ever want to go by kate?” His smile is smug.

“I don’t know?” she kinda blushes. The silver door opens to Graces floor. I step off and wait for Katerina.

“Hey can I get your number?” Dalton asks blocking the exit.

“Um sure, its 483-9003.” she smiles walking off the elevator.

“I’ll call you soon.” he winks as the door’s shout.

“Pizza Hut’s number?” I question raising my eyebrows.

“He had lipstick in the very corner of his mouth.” she shrugs walking towards where we think Graces flat is.


Liams POV


All hell was unleashed in the small flat. Alex and Ax are fighting about who knows what, Grace and Harry are at each others throughs, Niall was digging through the fridge as if he has not eaten anything in forever while Zayn and Louis scream at the Liverpool game on the tv. A knock just hardly audible makes everyone stop dead in their tracts. we all had a feeling in the bottom of our stomach that made us think it was someone complaining about the noise. opening the door Amy and Kate stand at the door.

“you guys are loud!” Amy laughs walking into the cluttered flat.

“Girl across from you told us to keep it down.” Kate laughs fallowing Amy into the middle of the chaos.

“What did Ax make?” Kate wonders into the kitchen.

“Ax wimped out.  we have chines” Grace walks away from Harry who looks a little steamed from the argument.

“Yum!” she digs through the large carry out bag pulling a box of sweet and sour pork.

Amy is quickly digging through the bag the second she saw what Kate pulled out.

“so what was all the nose about?” Kate says with a fork and a chunk of pork in her mouth.

“The liverpool games on” Zayn points to the screen.

“Harry disagrees with my hospitality.”  Grace raises her eyebrows and crosses her arms.

“Why?” Amy asks.

“Because he thinks I should not have boys spend the night.” she rolls her eyes.

“But hes a guy..” Kate tries to comprehend what he’s getting at.

“Axis being Ax." Alex languages.

"We'll then. I want to watch a movie." Kate walks to the tv.

"We are watching the game." Zayn says almost pouting.

"Liverpool wins by one. It wasn't a great game." She sits down a arching the remote.

"You used their iPhone app. You didn't have to ruining for us." Zayn goes into full pouting mood.

"We'll now you know. I say we watch grease or the godfather!" She flips through the tv.

"I say breakfast club or the Violet Eden story's!” Grace runs to Kate sitting down next to her.

“Team Lincoln!” Kate laughs. All the guys, including me looks around like we are missing something.

“What no! Team Phoenix!” Grace gives her a look as though shes crazy.

“Phoenix is evil he wants to kill her!” Amy quickly adds making her way for the tv.

“Thats what he wants you to think, he is in love with her!” Grace smiles, “and hes HOT!”

“Hes the exile of seduction, of course hes hot!” Kate laughs while rolling her eyes.

“What are you even talking about?” Harry jumps in trying to make sense of everything they are saying.

“A tv show based off of Embrace by Jessica Shiverington about a girl named Violet Eden who becomes half angel. Her crush, Lincoln, is her half angle partner so they can heal each other. Half angles have a job to kill all exiles.” Everyone in the room falls silent. I look over at Louis, who just explained what the girls were talking about.

“how did you know that Lou?” Grace looks so amazed.

“googled it.” He laughs holding up his black Iphone.

“breakfast club it is.” Niall laughs, talking for the first time since Amy and Kate walked in the door.

"Niall the movie is not about breakfast, or food." Grace takes a handful of popcorn.

"I'm hurt Grace, I do more then eat." He holds his hand up to his heart.

"I'm sorry, you're right you sleep, eat, watch soccer and eat." She laughs "and it seems to all take place in my apartment."

"Just put in the movie!" Kate wines.

"Calm your tits!" Alex says jumping up to put in the movie.

"No." Kate's expression is emotionless.


Grace's pov


Breakfast club is my all time favourite movie. Well I love super troopers too, but breakfast club holds favorite.

Somehow during the movie I ended up laying on the couch taking up half the couch while Liam took the only open stop on the couch.

Louis and Harry shared a chair while Zayn, Amy, Alex, and Ax shuffled into a couch. Kate and Niall sat on the ground.

Half way the ought the movie my eyelids got really heavy and the light from the screen hurt.

I close my eyes, I won't fall asleep I will just listen while I rest my eyes.


I woke up to the soft whisper of Kate "Liam do it! Come on!"

I can hear Liam take a deep breath beside me.

"Yeah Liam! She likes you and you like her, so ask her out." This time it sounded like Ax.

"What if she says no?" Liam says softly.

"Oh my god! Liam I can see your vigina from here! Just do it!" Alex's comment makes me almost laugh but I hold it in.

"Sh" Liam warns "don't wake her up."

Oh- is- is- is SHE.. Me? Does Liam like me?

"Dont push him to do anything. Grace may say no." Louis? What is he all grumpy about?

"Shut up Louis, you don't know grace like we do." Ax says from the other side of the room.

I could tell Lou was going to say something but before he could say anything Kate speaks up

"Ok it's time. All boys are now going to the bedroom where each and every one of you will stay until morning." Kate orders.

I love Kate and her ability to desire for everyone.

"What!" Harry wines.

"That's right. Everyone out." She made it very clear none of this was up for discussion.

One by one I hear people getting up and leaving into the bedroom.

"Grace wake up!" Alex screams in my ear then producing by sitting on me.

"Ok ok! I'm awake get off me." I say.

"It's girl time! The boys are out."  Kate says from the kitchen. How did she get there?

"I say we play truth or dare!"  Amy was a bit quiet around people she doesn't know but the second you get her around people she knows she is loud and super fun.


"Ok I want to go first!" Alex jumps up scanning each one of us picking her target.

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