Based on the popular song, Radioactive (By Imagine Dragons) The world goes into utter chaos and an apocalypse begins. A new power rises determined to take over the world and run things their way. A small band forms together to fight against them.


2. All is Lost

The map laid out before General Trytis was a map to be fearfully concerned about. It was all red with just one state-sized section of green. The Red Hand was everywhere. Nowhere to turn. They had been completely blocked off from anything or anyone. The Red Hand had even blocked off the ocean. The Survivor's didn't even have a beach. just a section of sand and no ocean.

"What to do . . ." General Trytis thought to herself silently.

"ma'am. They are ready for you now." A young soldier shocked her back to the sad reality that was her life. As she was led down the sketchy light, dark, dank, and bug infested hallway, she couldn't help but feel nervous, though she had done this a million times.

Jean Carter Trytis had black shoulder-blade length, wavy hair that was almost always pulled up into a high ponytail. She had a heart shaped face with small, but full lips and the brightest green eyes one could ever see. She was also very tall, 5'11''. Most people she looked down on.

She was always in uniform, day in and day out. A neon green jumpsuit with a huge black zipper up the front. It had enough pockets to fit anything they needed times eight. There were five from the waist up on the left and right side on the front and back, and eight going up either side of the pant leg. So thirty-six pockets total, each pocket bearing the Fighter's sign, two emerald green wings.

Her life was not a happy one either. She was there when the Great Crack (as it was commonly called these days) Appeared. She remembered every detail of that day. She was with her two friends at a coffee shop in Manhattan when the earthquake hit the unsuspecting population. The whole earth shook. And later on, all scientists would have said there was no warning at all, everything was normal. But not just China suffered, so did the rest of the world. All of Manhattan's buildings were destroyed in some way, and not to many lived. Both of Jean's friends died instantly, along with her mother and baby brother. Her father lived, but only to be killed by The Red Hand later. She joined the revolution When she was 15. And now she's 18. She was a natural born leader, which easily showed. It didn't take her long to become a general.

She walked down the hall fiddling with the watch that had all the information that she was going to present to the council.

She entered the double doors to a room with a very high counter, highest in the middle, getting lower as they went out. There were Nine people in total, one at each counter. The counters were a faded shade of brown, with stains all down the front. The floor was stain covered as well, but was concrete. There was already a table all set up for Jean. She walked to the center of the room and began the usual greeting.

She stomped one foot down, gave a salute, and said the greeting to any official.

"HAIL, THE FIGHTERS AND ITS LEADERS!" Any sort of greeting was always shouted. Kinda cheesy, but she hadn't decided the greeting, just followed it.

Jean immediately walked over to the table and removed her watch and placed it on the table. The watch began spin faster and faster until a holographic projection the size of a wall popped up, displaying a map of the world. Jean began her speech.

"As you know The Red Hand has taken over almost all of planet earth, and just left us a small piece of land to build a civilization. We have used all of land, digging deep into the ground for houses and using the upper part of the world as farmland. However, the civilians here are constantly hungry, sick, and exhausted. The only known solution at this time is to gain more land."

The man on the front counter spoke up. "Why not try to make amends with them again? They surely must be tired after such a long wait."

"The last time we tried that we sent out a good soldier, only fourteen years old with a white flag, they shot him down immediately with a message bullet. The message said that if we were to try that again, they would do the same. We are not willing to take the off chance that they might not shoot and take them in for questioning." Their eyes looked like someone lit a fire in them. "Now what I suggest should take no lives if everything goes according to plan." The watch changed to a map of just The Fighters land without her ever turning around. "What I propose is that we lower the defense system which is keeping The Red Hand at bay for just a few minutes, and emit the same frequency from another electronic device. Within those few minutes, a small group consisting of eight soldiers trained to kill will be let out here, here, here, and here." Jean lazily turned around and flicked her wrist to show a green x at the two corners and right between those two corners and the ocean. "The second they are all out, we will put the defense system back on. Those people in the small groups will go silently to the camps and kill all the soldiers there. We will be waiting for them so we can have our defense system follow them as we go. All this will be done in the dead of night." All the chairman's faces seemed to really like the idea. Jean had done this a thousand times before, and all her plans have been a success, so she was already on good terms with them. Plus, they weren't the sharpest knives in the drawer, and how they got to be chairmen will forever be a mystery.

"We will start making preparations immediately." The head guy exclaimed, saluting Jean in the process. She saluted back, grabbed her watch and pushed open the double doors to see her best friend waiting for her. The presentation took longer than usual, 30 seconds was actually a long lime to present any plans to the incredibly dim-witted chairmen.

"Hey, how'd it go?" He asked, pulling her into a hug. Once they split up, she gave him the thumbs up. "You do realize that something has to go wrong." What Jean hadn't told the group that there was a one in four chance that everything was going to go according to plan.

"Jamie, I am perfectly positive almost everything will go according to plan." Jamie was a boy that she had known since she was little. He was just about four inches taller, with scruffy blonde hair and grey eyes that always seemed to sparkle. They both loved each other, and both knew that. It just never seemed to hit off. It was a constant battle of 'are they or are they not'. Neither ever asked the other on a date. They had hooked up right after they met at a party once, but were both drunk, and the sex was just to blow off some steam.The red hand hadn't taken over enough to where they could still party and go to school and do stuff like that within a one year window.

He put his arm around her in a friend sort of way and walked down the hall in silence. that was how most of their walks were, and they both liked it like that.

At the end of the hall was another set of double doors, which Jamie pushed open. Once they were it was a marvel all in itself. Since everything was underground it was just one massive hole. It was a column of a hole with one giant white metal column inside of it that which was the main connector for everything. around the walls of the hole were dug out with railings so people could walk around in them. there were bridges connecting everywhere from every floor in several different spots to the main column. the military floor was on the very top and the very bottom floors, the one Jean and Jamie happened to be on was the bottom, so everything could be seen. It was so far down that you couldn't see the end of the tunnel. There were always people about. Normal citizens to top secret military branch representatives. today happened to be the farmers market, so it was more crowded than usual.

Most of the farmers markets consisted of small, poor, and gross food, but it was one of the only ways to get food.

Jean and Jamie walked over to the main column in a straight line. Down at the bottom there were no restrictions on walking. It was just a very very large open circle, about 200 yards across. You could walk freely anywhere down there.

The military levels had their own personal elevators, but you needed a card to get in and if you tried to ride it without, the whole system would shut down while the SWAT team would be breaking in using brute force. Two boys had once thought it was a good idea to try and get down there, and they both got shot. they were both 10. Security was taken very seriously.

Jean hit the 100 and 156 floor button. The elevator didn't do anything. The doors opened, and they had done something. They moved from floor 0 to 100 in one second flat. Military elevators always moved much much faster than civilian elevators in case of an emergency.

Jean hugged Jamie and left without a word.

Jean pushed her way through crowds of people to get to her street. she made it through 50 yards straight forward to get to her street. she was the first one on the block. Each level had a clearing of about 50 yards with streets every 10 feet. those streets connected back up at the end of each, which was about 100 yards. all these streets held houses made out of carved out dirt. the inside did have wooden paneling though,but the floors had the tackiest pink carpet a person would ever lay eyes on. Jean opened her door (there were no locks on any door, but there were security cameras everywhere) to see her 6 best friends waiting on the 2 couches. I was immediately welcomed with a very loud, HEEYYY! She waved and sat down on her friend Gabby, who shoved her to her right where there was almost no space. How'd it go? They all asked at once.

"You guys are on! Good luck." All of her roommates, who were her besties were part of the assassins group mentioned in her plan. As soon as the revolution had began, certain people were recruited for assassins. They had all been selected not just because they were natural fighters, but because they were naturals at lots of other things. They not only had the ability to filter and control emotions, they could also easily block them as well, which was essential. They also could easily keep their wits about them, and think and make decisions quickly. All of these were a requirement to get them where they were, there was more to being an assassin than just being able to snipe someone. None of them had any family, nor did Jean, which was why they were all housed together.

After some fruit, bread, and grape juice (a luxury not many could afford) had gone down, everyone went to the backroom to go to bed. Everyone shared a room, there were just 2 bunks, 1 person on each and everyone else slept on a pad on the floor. Their day was so jam packed people would need a nap by 10 in the morning, but since that didn't happen, they would just fall asleep the second their head hit the pillow.

The head of their department said they would pay for water, housing and electric bill, but everything else they had to pay for out of their paychecks. It was also their job to be fit, get a good nights sleep and eat healthy, if these requirements were not met, they would be dropped and someone else would be found to fill their position. Not many would come across a job this nice, so those requirements were not only met, but exceeded.

Some people had sleeping bags and some just a simple crocheted blanket. All the blankets had been traded around a lot to ensure everyone got their full nights rest.

As usual, their alarm clock went off in the morning. But what was unusual was that it went off 2 hours earlier than normal. Any alarm clocks owned by anyone who worked for the government was controlled by the government. For them it wasn't so much as a wake up call so much as a 'get your ass down here you're needed'. The alarm clock was right next to Mia's head, therefor it woke her up first every morning. And as usual, she would swing her pillow into Jeans head and yell wake up, Jean would immediately turn around and do it to Emma, who would do it to Lily, then Ally, to Gabby to Alicia. The second you swung your pillow, you got up and made your way to the cramped bathroom, where robot arms would pop out of the wall and would do everything except brush your teeth, it was ancient technology, but cheap and still useful. But while you were brushing your teeth they would be putting on make up for you (any foundation or concealer would wash your face while you were wearing it, therefor both genders used it) and do your hair. The whole process took less than 3 minutes. You would really only get a shower about every 2 weeks. Water was expensive, and you really only needed one about every week anyways.

Breakfast was never eaten in the house either. There wasn't enough time, they would all just buy something from a stand on the way down. There was always 1 or 2 open all the time. Everyone bought a pear and filed into to the elevator which immediately took them down to floor 1. They were all greeted by the head of the assassins department, a note taker, and oddly enough the president. The president had so much to do she only got about 4 hours of sleep a night, which meant that the dumb plan Jean had described was much bigger than she had originally anticipated. It would take quite a bit of convincing and perfect planning to convince the president. She was very far from an idiot, unlike the chairmen. She had obviously gotten a copy of the plan, and knew it wasn't likely going to work. Later on, everyone would find out she would personally make sure every possible option was covered, which would just be a pain in the ass.

They all filed out and bowed. The president bowed back. She had always been so courteous, and understood that without the people, she would be nothing, and she was not a leader, she was a representative of the people, and would do what they asked for, regardless of what she thought of the matter.

They waited there for Jamie and Jesse to get down, the other 2 assassins used for this plan. They were led into a dark, dirty room filled with computers, where everything started to get planned out. President Cassidy had put her VP in control of all other problems so she could supervise everything. Everyone found her incredibly irritating, making them check, double check, and triple check, though they all knew it was for the best so they did what she asked without complaining. The whole planning process took about 3 weeks, no breaks, 15 hour days. It was exhausting, but time was running out. people were running out of basic human needs. Gaining land was crucial to survival.

After all was planned out, everyone who was going out suited up. Their suits looked rather like the suits from halo. Old technology, but still served their purpose well. A machine was specially made to create a frequency the exactly like their force field. This took the longest to create, it had to be identical, or they would be discovered and killed. Everyone ran out through the presidents personal tunnel incase she needed to get away in a hurry, and the defenses were put back up.

Everything was going as planned. The Red hands' soldiers were being picked off one by one silently by being pulled into the jungle bushes and strangled. Sometimes the oldest ways were the best. The force field was following them nicely, just as planned, In total, about a mile worth of land was gained, but more was needed. 1 million crammed into what used to be Oregon needed more than just a mile more. Oddly enough, everything was going perfectly. To perfect.

About an hour into the plan, alarms started going off like mad, and people started to come running towards the group. They had to clearances to run back into the force field, which was 2 feet behind them. Their suits allowed them to see it, so they did. When they got behind it, they took off their helmets And just smirked at the Red Hand soldiers. it was useless to try and shoot at them, their bullets would rebound and hit them instead. But for whatever weird reason, they opened fired, but instead of rebounding, they went through the force field and hit everyone square in the head. Mia, Emma, Alicia, Gabby, Lily, and Ally died instantly. The only ones who didn't were Jesse and Jamie. They had both kept their helmets on. But for whatever reason, the bullets had just missed Jamie's helmet altogether. Jesse turned around and just took off running. Other bullets were fired at him, and he fell. Back at base they had lost connection with everyone.

Red Hand soldiers began surrounding The base, Helicopters began dropping bombs, and fires were springing up everywhere. It didn't take long for the message to reach the population. People were running anywhere and everywhere. Doors were being burst open and people dragged out like rag dolls with bloody heads, even children as young as 5. Anyone who resisted instead of running into the cages that had been lowered were shot on site. Anyone who ran to get the people who were shot were met with the same welcome.

Down in the computer room, all 27 of them were just frozen, silent tears slipping down their cheeks. Everyone knew it was just a matter of time before they got down here, the elevator guns wouldn't be able to stop them. Finally President Cassidy broke the silence. "Everyone grab a gun. I'm sure as hell not gonna die in one of their prisons. I plan dying honorably fighting for what I believe. You are more than welcome to join me outside." Everyone grabbed a gun off the wall (there was a gun rack in every single government room) and went outside. The group was met by every other person who was down there with them, which was about 115 people. They all seemed to have the same idea. Every single person just sat there waiting for them to come down through the elevator. It smelled like sweat and adrenaline, everones guns were pushed up to their shoulders prepared for the worst. When they heard the ding people started firing. Everyone began running around the giant circular area around the elevator. It was just as big around as up above but without the houses, which made about 11 times more open than any civilian area. There was bullets firing everywhere. People could be just as easily killed by bullets fired by people on their own side as well as the enemy. Jean ran out bullets very quickly and switched to her hand gun.

None of this added up, she thought. "How could they get in? And this easily? They would need someone on the inside . . . " Her thoughts and questions stopped right there as she gazed across the room to see Jamie. It was as far from admiration as you could possibly be. it was pure and complete hate, in its truest form.

Jamie just stood there, no longer in his metal suit, in his normal clothes, no symbol or identification of any kind. He had a gun in his hand, but it was relaxed. He just stood there and watched it all unfold. "Someone on the inside . . . " The whole world seemed to slow down. She slowly realized it was Jamie the whole time. He was a whiz with computers, and had volunteered to oversee the force field frequency. He also took care of fixing up the suits, no wonder they could see the force field. No wonder he didn't get hit with a bullet in the field. Jean raised up her gun to shoot him, but immediately lowered it and began running to him. He had to know that she fired the shot, and why she did. She ran up behind him and pushed her gun to the back of his neck and said, "Don't move." Jamie slowly turned around.

As he did, Jean grabbed his gun. "You did this didn't you?" Jamie looked at her with his grey puppy dog eyes and said, "I had to." Jean gave him this look that read, what the fuck? They had known each other long enough for Jamie to know that look. "They didn't threaten me or anything, but look around, things were getting bad, order was needed. This isn't living, this is just existing.  Do you think that this tiny little club could go up against the Red Hand and even come close to winning? No." Jean pushed her gun harder to the temple of his head. Jamie started up again, "I did this for the well being of everyone, I did this for us, so we could be together in peace." Jean knew that last part was a lie. He might have done this for the well being of others, but not for them. He knew perfectly well they were going to separated after all this if she was still alive.

"That's not your decision to make." Jean pushed even harder.

Jamie bent his head away. "Well it's not yours either. People are too stupid to realize what is good for them. We are on the same page on that." Jamie and Jean were definitely agreed on that. They had decided several years ago that people were blind to what they needed.

"But you forget, we also decided that even if they didn't know, they had to discover what they needed on their own with trial and error." Jean managed to muster out through her clenched teeth.

"They will learn, I'm just starting their trial and error now." Jamie was obviously trying to sound calm and collected, by Jean knew too well he had a hard time doing that in times that threatened his survival.

"That's enough. I'm going to kill you know." Jean pulled the trigger, and Jamie flinched, but only a clicking sound was made, she was out of bullets.

Jean was then grabbed by 2 men of the Red Hand by each arm and was being pulled away. Jean struggled against them, but wasn't much of a match while trying to scream every single dirty thing she could think of to call Jamie.


Jean was cut off by the back of her leg being kicked so she fell to her knees and a hand gun was pushed up to the back of her neck. She was in a line of everyone else left alive, which was about 8. Jamie spoke up. "I can vouch for her, she won't give any trouble, pull her back." Someone grabbed her and roughly dragged her back to the line of the Red Hand soldiers and was kicked forward so she wouldn't be leaning on their leg, she winced in pain. She sat there at their feet like a dog. She looked up, but not for long, her forehead was met with a strong hit from the butt of a gun, she cried out in pain, but was once again kicked in the back. She could feel blood streaming down the side of her face.

The leader of the troop had the camera used to make public announcements. There were large TVs everywhere so no matter where you were, you could see any announcements made. He had it trained at the president, who wasn't part of the line, she was on her knees with her hands on her head 2 feet from the dirt wall.

"This is what The Red Hand does to those who resist." There was a shot and everyone who was part of the resistance jumped a bit and turned their head slowly to see a body on the ground and a wall decorated messily with a brain and blood.

"Don't resist and this wont happen to you." He then turned to the soldiers in a line and said fire at will. The Red Hand turned them into Swiss cheese. Enough bullets hit them that even though they were dead, they remained sitting up, so they kept on firing.

Jean leaned forward, "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO-". Her scream was cut off by being once again hit in the head, only this time, enough to knock her out.


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